Tell Me Again, My Love
203 A stupid and rude man
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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203 A stupid and rude man

Harry looked at his phone in shock. He was still unable to comprehend what just happened. Did she just end their conversation in the middle of talking?

Why did she do that when they were not done yet?

He groaned, throwing the phone onto the bed and stood up. He stormed toward the kitchen, shocking the other servants when he walked so fast passing them. A maid almost fell down when she almost tripped on her own foot. All she could feel was cool wind and she was so stunned she stepped backwards.

Harry ignored them. He needed something to soothe the fire in his heart. He did not want to lose his temper toward Ryn but he was so frustrated with her inability to understand his feeling.

He thought he had shown quite a direct signal to her but she kept playing dumb. He tried to break into the topic but she quickly changed into another topic.

As if she refused to get into the idea of them together.

But how could it be? 

His walking suddenly stopped. He frowned.

It would not be like what he just thought, right? She would not avoid him, would she?

No. She would not deliberately ignore him and his feeling. It must be because she was so focused on her study and work that she did not notice all the signals he sent. That must be it.

He nodded at the thought, now a bit happy because he decided she was not trying to avoid him but was too absent-minded to understand. She was that kind of innocent girl.

Instead of heading toward the kitchen to get the drink, Harry changed the direction toward the living room, not, he was not going to sit there but more like checking whether his mother was there. He wanted to ask whether she could help him with something.

But his mother was not there. In fact, the living room was full of girls. 

He tried not to groan seeing so many sparkled eyes looking at him. He gave a sheepish smile and quickly headed out of the house. 

"Harry, where are you going?" Mia asked, standing up to catch him but he was faster.

He needed to escape before her friends started to surround him with their small squeaky voices and weird attitude. They spooked him out. All of Mia's friends spooked him out.

He randomly chose a car and quickly drove away. 

Need to stay out of the house until tonight. Then it was safe to return home.


Ryn rested her hands on her laps. She watched Mika worriedly. Her best friend was still angry. Ryn looked down at her hands. They were clutching tight, whitened. She was worried about Mika's mental condition.

Had Jeremy lost his mind? Had he gone crazy? Had he forgotten about Mika's mental health?

"Are you okay, babe?" Ryn asked carefully when Mika finally reduced the car speed. She did not dare to comment when Mika drove quite fast, like her usual speed.


"If you are still angry, we can go to the mall and eat ice cream.... or play bowling..." Ryn suggested. She would rather lose in the bowling game rather than watching her best friend dangering herself driving like a devil.

"Don't want," Mika replied shortly.

"Why don't we go to the hill or a beach so you can scream your heart out?" Ryn suggested again. She tried not to hold onto the dashboard in worry. She did not want Mika to notice how anxious she was right now.

Oh, how she wished she could turn the time back so she could call Jeremy first before they left so he would not come 'barking' like just now. She should tell him not to come disturbing Mika's mind and emotion.

Who was the one having to sooth Mika's temper? She. She was the one who had to do this and she also could not guarantee she would succeed. It was a 50-50.

"Mika, I know you are angry right now and I admit he can be stupid sometimes..." Ryn tried again. "But don't you think it is better to find an outlet to let go of all your frustration?"

Mika glanced at her but did not give any answer.

Ryn sank her white upper teeth to the bottom lip. What should she do now?

She took out her phone, but before she called the person, she looked back at the fuming Mika. 

"Do you... want to talk with Jason?" she tried again.

No answer. Mika did not bother to say anything. All she could see right now was haze so red, everything turned red. That stupid brother thought he could order Ryn around. Ryn did not belong to him. Even if they became boyfriend and girlfriend, Ryn still did not belong to him. 

"Mika?" Ryn looked at her best friend worriedly when she felt something wrong.

"Mika, please. Stop ignoring me like this." Her voice quivered as she begged desperately.

The grip on the steering wheel loosen a bit and Mika no longer had the stubborn look on her face. But she still refused to say anything, afraid that once she opened her mouth, she would hurt Ryn's feeling. She was so furious at Jeremy for ruining her mood. 

At a time like this, she wished she was the only child, just like Ryn. Ryn must be happy not be ordered around by any sibling and she could do anything she wanted.

"I know you are mad at Jeremy right now. I am too. He can be stupid sometimes and just not he is just being stupid and rude," Ryn started again, weaving her words carefully.

Mika listened but did not say anything.

"But he loves you, Mika. He will never hurt you or make you in pain, right?"

Still quiet from Mika's side.

"Remember how worried he was when you had an accident and had to undergo the operation?" Ryn reminded. Of course, she herself did not want to remember those painful time but in order to coax Mika and break her from her 'world', she had to do this.


Finally, there was an answer from Mika. A reaction from her regardless of how small it was but a reaction nonetheless. It was an improvement from the silent treatment Ryn received for several minutes before.

Ryn blew out a silent sigh secretly. She was relieved now but she could not celebrate so soon. 

"Did you know he never failed to come to visit you even though he was busy at work and remember, he did have to cover your work too during your hospitalized," Ryn pointed out.


"Of course that bulldog ruined his image by urging you to work quickly even though you just got discharged from the hospital," Ryn crossed her arms and frowned unhappily.

The grip on the steering wheel tightened back. Mika almost forgot about that. How could her big brother do that to her! She was the baby in the family. The princess. She should be spoiled rotten by everyone!

"How's the scar? Have you finished all the magic cream that you gave me last time?" Ryn suddenly changed the topic.

It was time for Mika to frown. Scar? She glanced down quickly and pursed her lips a bit. Although she sometimes felt weak, the pills the hospital provided did help a lot for her to continue her life without worry. And the magic cream Ryn mentioned about was slathered thickly around the scar. It was still fresh and she was a bit worried to slather the cream on it.

"I think it heals well."

"Good. When is your next appointment? I'll clear my schedule for you," Ryn said absent-mindedly but it broke huge grin on Mika's face.

"Really? You are going to accompany me to see the doctor? Really, Ryn? You would do that for me?" The questions came without stopping but luckily for Ryn, all was the same. Ryn smiled seeing the eagerness in Mika's face and voice.

"Of course. You are my best friend," Ryn patted Mika's thigh to show her sincerity. She was glad that Mika no longer angry. She was happy to see Mika smiling happily now. 

Mika nodded. 

"Focus on your driving. Later, you can send me the date," Ryn did not want Mika to get distracted while driving. 


Now, the car's speed was reduced to what it was supposed to be, which made Ryn so glad she asked the question.

"Oh no," Mika suddenly gasped when Ryn was celebrating her successfulness in her mind. 

Ryn looked at Mika questioningly.

"We need to hurry or we'll be late for our dinner," Mika cried in distress.

Uh oh... 

Ryn's eyes looked at the speedometer while its number getting bigger and bigger in such a short time. Ryn gulped nervously. Not again.

This time, ignoring what Mika would think of her, Ryn's hands reached to hold at the dashboard. She did not like this. One of these days they would get into an accident, Ryn thought unhappily.

"Slow down a bit. It's okay if we're a bit late," she cried.

Mika ignored her. She skillfully weaved between the cars in order to get to the restaurant in record time.

Ryn's eyes widened in horror all the way.


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