Tell Me Again, My Love
204 I am not a lesbian
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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204 I am not a lesbian

With a smile on her face, Mika made an emergency stop right at the entrance of the restaurant. A man wearing a valet uniform quickly went to the driver side to open the door for her. Another man wearing the same uniform also went to Ryn's side to open the door.

Both women got out of the car. Mika handed her key to the valet who opened her door. Then, she skipped toward Ryn happily.

"Let's go in," Mika wrapped her arm around Ryn's. She pulled her best friend toward the door, so happy to finally having dinner with her.

The waiter quickly brought them to their table. Ryn hid a smile seeing it decorated with a vase of fresh red roses. It felt like this was a romantic candlelit dinner instead of a normal dinner both of them had in the restaurant.

Despite her amusement, Ryn just accepted when the same male waiter pulled a chair for her to sit on. Then, he did the same to Mika.

"Your meals will be served in a few more minutes, " he announced politely. His smile never left his face.

Mika nodded her head slightly at the waiter. But the gentleness and the regal atmosphere was shattered once the waiter left them. Mika's eyes shone with excitement as she looked at Ryn.

"So, what do you think? Do you like this place?" She asked eagerly.

Ryn took her time to look around before back at Mika. 

"It looks okay. But why do we have to eat here? Why didn't we go to our usual place?" Ryn asked. She had to move the vase aside so she could see Mika's face clearly.

Mika shrugged. She then rested her chin on her hands and gazed at Ryn.

"Are you okay?" Ryn asked, a bit weird to receive such a tender look from her best friend. Of course, she was used spending time with Mika, especially those nights they were having their pyjama parties, but this time the gaze was such full of love and longing, it made her feel a bit uncomfortable.

"I'm fine. The best I feel today," Mika replied.

Ryn pursed her lips thoughtfully. Then, she suddenly announced, "I am not a lesbian."

Mika's brows lifted in surprise. 

"So don't think weirdly about me," Ryn added, a bit worriedly.

"I know, silly. I know your sex preference," Mika giggled. She was relieved when she understood what made Ryn said that. How silly could Ryn be thinking she thought Ryn prefered women? Ryn was her big brother's ex-girlfriend and soon to be her sister-in-law!

"Then... why...?" Ryn looked at her table, at the vase of rose, with worried eyes.

"Those?" Mika pointed at the rose with a grin. "Don't you think it's fun to have a candlelit dinner with my best friend?"

"It's not funny at all. You almost made me... well, I was shocked," Ryn admitted with a frown.

Mika giggled.

The waiter approached to bring them their dinner. With a smile on her face, the woman placed the two plates of appetizers on the table before excused herself. The best friends were left alone to have their meals peacefully.

Well... maybe the peace was not in their diary today.

A man wearing a waiter outfit interrupted their dinner with an apology before stepped to the side, revealing Jeremy with his cold face.

Both Mika and Ryn were so surprised with his appearance, the half-eaten asparagus in Mika's mouth fell down while Ryn accidentally dropped her fork. Their eyes widened at the sight of the man.

The waiter returned with a chair. He was a bit uncomfortable but he had to follow the order from Jeremy, as per what the manager told him. "Please have a seat, sir."

Jeremy flipped the tail of the coat he wore and sat down. Acting as if it was normal to have three people in a 'couple' table, he reached for the napkin the waiter just placed in front of him and spread it neatly on his laps.

The same waiter collected the fork that fell down on the floor and replaced it with a fresh clean fork for Ryn.

Ryn murmured her thanks, trying hard not to look at Jeremy. She decided to act as if he was not there at all. It would make her life easier.

"What do you think you're doing?" Mika hissed at her big brother. She could not believe the nerve of him coming here like a rude man... no, like a scoundrel. Had he no shame? He knew Ryn and her were having dinner together, just the two women alone. So why was he here?

"Having dinner," Jeremy replied innocently. He already informed them to prepare the same meals as what Mika ordered so they would not have different food when eating.

He did not want to look different and weird.

And of course, he wanted to have the same thing as Ryn.

The waiter who served the women came again to deliver his food. Although she was a bit taken back seeing another man at the table. And he seemed cheerful compared to the women. Well, one of the women looked so unhappy while another just eating her food like nothing was wrong.

Those people were weird, in her thought, but she would not speak out her mind. She just smiled at them and excused herself. 

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself interrupting us having dinner?" Mika groaned when Jeremy did not show any sign of leaving.

"Why should I leave when I am having dinner here as well," Jeremy replied. 

The way Jeremy returned back her words rather casually and innocently, as if nothing was wrong, made Mika crazy. This anger was channel toward her food until the asparagus and carrot turned mushy. None of them entered her mouth. She was too angry and frustrated to eat the dinner she had been planning since the moment Ryn called her today. 

All ruined. All her happiness and excitement ruined by this stupid and annoying brother of hers.

The waiter who was serving them were a bit uneasy. Two of the customers were already finished their appetizer but the other woman was mushing the food on the table. What should she do? She had never faced this kind of situation before.


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