Tell Me Again, My Love
206 I just want to go home
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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206 I just want to go home

The atmosphere at the table, to be the truth, was so awkward, even a few diners who were sitting near them could feel the weirdness of it.

They stole glances at the trio, wondering why these three looked so tense. Correction. Only two of them looked, well, mostly the man looked tension, the woman sitting on his left looked slightly tension while the other woman, sitting on his right side trying not to look tension but failed miserably. She tried to cover it by eating her food but the frown on her face and the way she kept glancing at the woman was so obvious. She was stressed as well.

Ryn noticed the look from the other customers and watched Mika worriedly. She did not want the attention from those people to affect Mika's mood. Mika was finally getting better and better after she coaxed her for long. She did not want Mika to be angry again and ruined her food. She could not bear seeing more stabbing from Mika but not eating.

Leaving it to Jeremy to make the matter worst, she thought to herself. He did not even care about his fragile's little sister. All he cared about was his own feeling.

The waiter watched them with bated breath. She was relieved seeing the food slowly disappearing from the plates, although one of them was still a bit too slow to her preference.

The woman waited for the signal and hurriedly approached to gather the plates once the same woman who helped her before signalled her to take back the plates and get the desserts. She threw her a grateful smile and hurriedly brought all the plates to the kitchen. She did not spend time there to answer the questions why the food was unfinished, instead, she gathered the dessert to send to the table. Two more waiters helped her.

Ryn dabbed her lips and placed the napkin back to her laps. She looked at the siblings, hoping one of them would give in to the other. How long were they going to be so stubborn? They were siblings. They were family members. They were a family.

It was a wishful thought. None of them wanted to lose to the other. They wanted the other to bow to them. 

"So stubborn. Childish." Ryn groaned to herself. She was an only child. So she did not understand about this rivalry between siblings. Even with Andy, her god-brother, she still did not face the same feeling of rivalry or jealousy. Their likes and habits we're totally different but they could tolerate each other's preferences. It did not matter what or where but they helped each other without question and without hoping for 

She quickly smiled when the waiter returned with their dessert. Finally, the last course. After this, they could go home. 

She could not wait to return home and go back to sleep. She did not have enough rest earlier and tomorrow she had an assignment to go.

Although Mika was the one arranging for the dinner when it was time to pay, Jeremy handed his credit card to the waiter. He did not even look at his little sister but toward Ryn.

"What's your plan later?" He asked.

Ryn frowned and looked at Mika. They would not ask her to follow them, would they?

Mika's eyes widened hearing the question. She stared at her big brother with a scowl. 

"She's coming with me," Mika growled.

"No,  she won't be," he stated in a matter of fact.

Ryn's brows lifted even higher. She was being treated as an object again! 

"Actually," she started but the siblings were so into their 'conversation', they did not even notice her interruption.

"I want to go home," she continued firmly. She knew if she started to slow down the tone, these two would take advantage and she would either follow Mika home or Jeremy home. She wanted neither. All she wanted was to go home to sleep.

They ignored her.

She put the napkin beside the plate with a beautiful glass bowl used to fill with a scoop of chocolate chip with mint ice cream and a lot of tropical fruits. She cleared her throat to gain their attention.

It took her a few minutes to manage to get that. With a sweet smile, Ryn repeated again, "I want to go home."

They frowned.

"My home,"  Ryn clarified in case they deliberately misunderstood her words.

"But... But..." Mika clearly was unable to understand it. Her big eyes looked at Ryn with desperation. She still wanted to spend more time with Ryn. She did not want to go to her own home alone.

"Ryn," Jeremy started, wanting to change her mind but Ryn shook her head.

"I am busy tomorrow so I need to rest tonight. I really am tired right now, Mika. Please?" Ryn's eyes begged for understanding from both of them, especially from Mika. 

Mika threw a glare at Jeremy, blaming him completely for this. If he did not come here and ruined their dinner, Ryn and she would spend the time happily. And Ryn would follow her home so they could continue spending their time together. This was all Jeremy's fault!

Jeremy, unaware of the anger and accusation in Mika's heart, just gave his most sincere look, hoping his face would help to coax her heart and to change her mind. He still was not ready to part with her. He still wanted to spend time with her.

Why was she being so difficult today?

Didn't she say she would give him a chance?

So why she kept running away when he tried to do what he promised? Wooing her heart?

"I really am sorry. I want to go home to rest. Please, guys. Please understand me? I am still tired from the trip," Ryn was begging for their understanding of her decision. They always claimed they loved her and cared for her. So they should respect what she wanted. Of what she needed.

"I just want to go home."


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