Tell Me Again, My Love
207 Stop blaming Jeremy
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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207 Stop blaming Jeremy

Both the Long siblings looked at Ryn. Each one of them hoping Ryn would change her mind and followed them. Mika wanted to have a pyjama party with Ryn at home while Jeremy was thinking of bringing her to a hotel so they would not get interrupted by the gigantic gooseberry aka his little sister.

Ryn sighed. None of them gave in and now they were still at the table even though Jeremy had paid the food. The waiter was still standing by just in case but her face was full of questions. What should she do now? It was so awkward right now. All Ryn was hoping was that none of the other customers took video or pictures of them to put at the media social. It would harm Jeremy and Mika's reputation!"Should we move now?" Ryn asked slowly. She looked at them with begging eyes. Stop making scene now, her heart should just leave now before anyone take our picture or video to spread in the media social. Think about your reputation! They looked at her and realized what they caused her. Slowly they stood up. Ryn let out a sigh of relieved. She went to wrap her arm around Mika's arm and started to walk toward the exit. She ignored Jeremy who was frowning when she did not come to him. His face darkened but when he realized none of the women looked at him, he put his hands in his pockets and followed behind them. His mood worsened when she refused to get into his car and choosing to get into Mika's car. Was she really trying to test his patience? He got into his car and drove away. He did not plan to catch them anymore. He was afraid if he was to get to them again, he would be angry again. He did not want to lose his composure in front of her. It was best for him to get away to control himself and gather some ideas on how to woo her without the interruption from that bug. Ryn covered her mouth and yawned loudly. She was so exhausted, she could barely open her eyes. With her stomach somewhat filled but not full, she just wanted to lie on her bed and drift to the dreamland. She could not wait to have her sleep. 

"Why don't you want to follow me home? We can have a pyjama party tonight," unhappiness was dripped heavily in Mika's voice. She was not happy when her best friend insisted for her to send Ryn home. They hadn't met for days. There were so many things Mika wanted to tell Ryn, so many things she wanted to share with her. Why was their time so short today?

This was all Jeremy's fault, Mika blamed vehemently. If he did not come and interrupt their dinner, both of them could chat while enjoying their meal peacefully.

"What are you thinking about?" sensing something suspicious, Ryn asked. She cocked an eyebrow seeing the fire in Mika's eyes. Somehow she could guess what it was.

"Nothing," Mika denied, rather quickly. She did not want Ryn to know she was currently busy scolding and cursing her big brother for ruining their day.

"Stop blaming Jeremy," Ryn admonished.

"Why not? I mean... I didn't," Mika tried to cover herself but failed miserably.

Ryn shook her head. Trust Mika to push all the blames to Jeremy.

When would this best friend of her growing up? Be more responsible? 

They reached in front of Ryn's apartment with Mika refused to admit her fault and Ryn too lazy to push more."Thanks, Mika, for dinner. Send me a message once you've reached home so I know you're safe," Ryn reminded.

"Hmm... Bye..."

Ryn waved back before headed toward the building after showing her residency card. She did not notice the sad look from Mika nor the weird look from a group of women."Is that... is that Ryn?" one of them choked out."I... I don't think so. Didn't she live somewhere else?" another replied, rubbing her own eyes in disbelief.

Rebecca looked at the woman who just entered into the elevator and chewed her lower lip slowly. She had the feeling it was Ryn but she did not want to say it loud, not wanting Irene to get mad again. Every time there was news about Ryn, Irene's mood worsen. It was already late and she was so hungry to deal with a moody Irene. They were supposed to be on their way out for dinner.

"It's not her," Irene muttered. She refused to believe her rival living so close to her. 

No. That liar was not a rival for her. That liar was nothing. No one could stop her from becoming the no 1 supermodel in the world. She believed, no, she vowed, in three years time, she would be the best of the best among all the best supermodels. Nothing could stop her from being no 1.

"Let's go," she called and stormed toward the gate. The restaurant they were heading to was just around the corner so all of them decided to walk there. 

But Rebecca never thought they would bump into someone who looked like Ryn and almost ruined their dinner.

She threw her sight over her shoulder with a frown but when one of them asked what she was looking at, she just smiled and shook her head, saying nothing at all. It was best to keep silent.

They were soon joined by a group of boys.

 Rebecca was a bit uncomfortable, thinking they were just going to have dinner with the girls only but now...

"Hey, are you tomorrow?" the boy sitting in front of her asked with twinkling eyes.

Rebecca quickly reached for her drink and sucked it through the straw. She did not like where this was heading to.

"Of course she is free," Irene answered before asking for her answer.

Rebecca looked at her friend in shock. What did she mean by that? Why did she give that answer?

"Oh... then you are free to watch movie with me tomorrow," he winked.

Rebecca looked at Irene desperately but her friend was busy cooing and giggling at her 'date'.

Why was Irene behaving weirdly right now? It was as if she was drunk.

Rebecca looked at her other friends and some of them were behaving the same while the rest was giving the same weird and panic look at one another.

What should they do now?


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