Tell Me Again, My Love
208 News from Mika
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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208 News from Mika

Ryn unzipped her bag and took out a water bottle. She gulped it hurriedly. She was so exhausted from the photo shooting and after working for hours here, they were finally done. The director was grinning happily when he announced "Alright, people. It's a wrap."

Although Ryn was known as a one-take model, it was not the same for the other models. They spent hours just taking the same scene over and over again until the director satisfied with the result. He did not like having to edit much during the post-production so the shooting must be perfect.

"Do you think the director likes it?" Jojo, her model partner for today asked worriedly.

She and another model kept making mistakes during the shooting, resulting for the late shooting. The director even shouted at them a few times, almost throwing the card he was holding in his anger. But Ryn saved the day by helping the models with their pose and expression. She was patient and even helpful. She was not even stingy in giving points on how to make the poses better. Her thoughtful actions actually made the director less angry and more patient. Ryn saved the day and everyone was thankful for her.

"Don't worry. You will get better. Do you think when I started I was like this? Learn from our mistakes and improves. Also, don't be scared to ask," Ryn told her.

"Is it okay if I ask questions?" Jojo asked.

"It is better to ask to understand rather than make mistakes because you are too ashamed to ask. Everyone will help if they see you are willing to do your best," Ryn encouraged. "Don't give up."

"Thank you, Ryn. Thank you for everything," Jojo hugged Ryn happily, resulting to Ryn almost dropped the bottle in her hand. Giggling, Ryn hugged her back.

"You should be a mentor or something, Ryn, to help us, new models," Jojo suggested before waved goodbye.

"A mentor, huh?" Ryn frowned, thinking about this deeply. However, after a minute or two, she shook her head with a chuckle, immediately dropping the idea. Why should she be a mentor when there were more experienced and capable mentors out there?

She finished the bottle and dropped it into the wastebasket not far from her. Then, she packed her bag. It was time to leave.

Ryn thanked everyone when she met the crews on her way out. Mei Li was not with her. This manager of hers was busy working on projects for Harry. Ryn did not mind working without Mei Li. She was used with it.

She simply took a Grab to come to the studio and now, she was busy ordering a new Grab to go home. However, before she could do just that, someone called her.

She frowned seeing Harry's name on display. What did he want this time?

This time, instead of ignoring his call, she let it connected. She put the phone next to her ear and listen to his cheerful greeting. He sounded happy, excited and a bit shocked. She had no idea why she felt this way when hearing his voice.

"Hello, Harry. What's up?" she asked, quickly stepping aside to give way for a person to walk by. She smiled at the person but did not try to chat with her.

"I just... I heard from Mei Li you have a photoshoot today," Harry started, rubbing his nape sheepishly. 


"So... how was it?" he had no idea what to say, honestly, and started to mumble whatever in his mind. 

"It was okay. You will get used with the long hours during shooting, " she replied.

"Oh..." Harry's eyes looked around, trying to find a topic to talk with Ryn. He did not want to waste this opportunity...

"Are you hungry? Why don't we go and eat steak?" He asked quickly, praying it could get her attention.

Ryn looked at her watch, frowning. Although she had nothing else in plan today but she hoped she could do a little bit of grocery shopping. Her refrigerator was in need of more steaks. 

"My treat," he tried to appeal to her frugal side. "I can send you home afterwards."

He really did sound desperate. But he no longer cared. If he kept waiting for her to notice him or doing it by the book, another man would steal her away.

Ryn waved at some crews who were walking past her toward the exit. She was still deciding whether to accept Harry's offer or reject it.

She did not want to get too close to Harry. Having a scandal with Jeremy was enough to her. Already giving her a huge headache. Not only Harry was the most popular student in the campus, with him trying to find his foot in the industry, Ryn had no doubt his fans were growing and it would make it awkward when a rumour between them flying around. As his senior, she did not want to jeopardize his future.

"It's okay, Harry. I have another plan. Maybe next time," she finally decided to reject his offer. In time, he would understand why she did that but now she would rather be thought as someone inconsiderate of others' feeling.

"But..." Harry tried to change her mind but cancelled it because he knew she had made her decision and once she decided something, it would be hard to change her mind. "Oh... Next time you won't reject me, would you?" 

Ryn frowned. Somehow she could feel that what Harry meant was more than treating her for a meal. 

Hey, she was not that slow and clueless, okay?

"Ryn?" He called when there was no answer from her side.

"Oh... Okay. Next time I will let you treat me for a meal. It's a promise," she tried not to sound awkward but winced nonetheless. God, she did sound uneasy just now.

"Great. I... I will see you... Next week? At the campus?" He clarified.

Err... I no longer need to go to class. I'll get back to you later once I have the time... For the meal, I mean," she explained hurriedly just in case he misunderstood her.

"You don't have to go to class anymore?" He asked the only thing that stuck to his mind during her explanation.

"Err... Yeah," she replied awkwardly. Why did he sound heartbroken? She was only not going to class. Why did it feel like...?

No... It can't be. She shook her head mentally. They were just friends. Just platonic friends.

"Why?" He did sound sad.

Ryn gulped. Her mind was busy trying to find something to end this awkwardness.

"Err... My ride is here. I'll talk to you later. Bye," without waiting for his reply, she quickly disconnected the call. She disliked having to face this kind of situation when she did not think anything significant about their relationship. 

She quickly put her phone in the pocket and took a deep breath to calm herself. Man,  talking with Harry really gave her a headache. It was as if she was talking with the stubborn Jeremy.

She started back toward the exit. She really needed to leave now or she would not be able to hold herself from screaming in frustration in front of everyone.

Now, she wished so much she could drive a car. She did not need to wait for anyone to pick her up, to be her driver. She also could go anywhere she wanted without any problem.

With that thought in mind, she took out her phone again and started to scroll the information she gathered about the driving school.

As she was busy looking at it, her phone rang again. She was about to tell him to stop calling when she noticed it was another person online. She cleared her throat and smiled before swiping the screen to connect the call.

"Hello, Mika," she greeted cheerfully.

"Ryn~ Are you busy? Are you free? Am I interrupting?" Mika asked hurriedly.

"I've just finished. Why?"

"Are you still there? Do you have a ride? Do you want me to pick you up?"

Ryn chuckled hearing questions after questions from her best friend. There must be something Mika wanted to share and she could not wait to do it. The excitement in her voice was the evidence.

"I'll send you my location," Ryn did just that. Then, she put back the phone to her ear. Between them, they never used Whatsapp or Telegram or Kakao or any other application to call. They only used Kakao when they did not have time to call and only have time to leave a message.

"Give me a few minutes," Mika promised and ended the call.

Ryn shook her head in amusement. She continued checking the driving school while waiting for Mika to arrive.

What could the news Mika want to share be? Would it be her wedding date? Mika had finally chose their wedding date and venue? Well, finally. Ryn did not think Jason could wait any longer to marry his sweetheart.


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