Tell Me Again, My Love
209 Still delicious
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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209 Still delicious

Ryn did not have to wait long. Before she knew it,  a familiar sports car stopped in front of her.

Ryn lifted her head and smiled at the driver, "Hey."

"Hey. Come in," Mika gestured. She did not get out of the car to get her, instead, waving her hand.

Ryn waved at those who were still there before got into the car. She leaned forward to exchange air kisses with Mika before adjusted herself and pulled the safety belt.

"Where are you bringing me?" Ryn asked once the red Ferrari joined with the other cars on the main road.

"First, we will go to a cafe. I want to show you something," Mika said rather mysteriously. Her hands gripped the steering wheel quite firm but her eyes were shone brightly.

Ryn smiled. She did not mind when Mika wanted to be mysterious. Sooner or later Mika would announce it so she should just lean back, relax, and wait for that to happen.

It took almost an hour to arrive. It was not because the location was far but because of the traffic jam. There was an accident between a lorry and five cars, resulting in heavy traffic especially with most drivers slowing down their vehicle to check the accident.

Of course, Mika was cursing at those stupid drivers for slowing down their vehicle. What to watch? Just wrecked vehicles.

Ryn watched silently as Mika's cheerful expression changed to frustration. This best friend of hers was quite emotional. Mika needed to learn to control it.

"Are you alright?" Ryn asked silently. 

"Hmm…" Mika scowled.

Ryn sighed. She reached out to pat Mika's arm to calm her down.

Mika's face softened. She leaned toward Ryn, closing her eyes.

"I think I'm going to learn to drive," Ryn announced suddenly, trying to change the topic to distract Mika.

"Really?" Mika was taken back with the news. The lazy Ryn wanted to drive now? The same Ryn who would rather be sleeping than helping to look at the map when the driver was driving?

"Yes. I've looked at the driving schools," Ryn nodded. She then followed Mika out of the car. She wrapped her arm around Mika as both of them walked toward a cafe. 

"Welcome," a girl who was busy arranging freshly baked breads paused her work, lifted her head and welcomed the customers.

Mika and Ryn smiled at them and looked for a place to sit. It seemed like the cafe offered a balcony for them to sit facing the green hills. Mika and Ryn chose the table outside. Then, Mika went back inside to buy food for them. Ryn just sat on her seat and stared dazedly at the hills. Before long, her eyes grew heavier and she let the tiredness lured her into slumber.

"And you said you want to learn how to drive?" Mika mumbled, shaking her head in amusement when she saw Ryn was already deep in her slumber. How could this woman learn driving when she could sleep anytime, anywhere? There would be accidents everywhere!

Mika placed the tray full of their food and drink on the table. Then, she rested her chin on her hand, gazing at the sleeping Ryn happily. She loved spending time with Ryn. She did not know why or when she started to depend on Ryn for everything. All she knew was her day brightened when she could meet and talk with Ryn.

The food and drink were forgotten as Ryn spent the time sleeping while Mika just gazing at her best friend.

Half an hour later Ryn woke up with a stretch of her arms. Her eyes blinked in puzzled with her mind trying to remember where she was and why she was there.

"Ryn, you've awakened," Mika cried happily. She looked at the melted drinks unhappily before stood up. "I'll buy new drinks for us," she announced and did just that.

Ryn just watched her with a puzzled look. She was still bleary from sleepiness. Her eyes then landed on the untouched food and drink. Had they forgotten to eat their meal? Why didn't Mika wake her up?

When Mika returned back with another tray of food and drink, she saw Ryn was slowly chewing on the already cold bun. Her eyes widened in shock.

"Ryn, what are you doing?"

"Eating," Ryn replied after she swallowed the last bite of the coconut bun.

"But... but they're left outside for so long. They're already cold. Even the drinks are melted," Mika cried unhappily.

"They can still be eaten. Still delicious," Ryn replied, puzzled with Mika's reaction. Wasn't it too much drama for cold food?

"But... but..."

"Sit down, Mika, and eat," Ryn chuckled, gesturing Mika to sit back on her seat.

"But I bought new fresh food for us," Mika choked out unhappily as she put down the tray of food on the table. 

"We can finish everything. If we can't, we can always pack them for tonight," Ryn replied calmly.

Unwillingly Mika had to agree with Ryn. What else could she do? Ryn hated wasting money and she hated Ryn for being so frugal. Why couldn't they just enjoy the money they earned? Besides, if both of them spent too much, her parents had more money to spent.

Worst come to worst, she could just sell her cars collection and they could move to one of her villas to live happily, just the two of them.

"So, what do you want to tell me? That makes you so excited?" Ryn asked as she sipped the new drink. She already finished her first drink while waiting for Mika. Mika did take her time choosing for food and drink. 

Mika's face brightened. Her mood lifted at the thought of the good news she was going to tell.

"Oooh... you just remind me," she began as she rubbed her hands excitedly.

"What is it?" Ryn grabbed another bun to bite. After sleeping she was quite starving. On top of that, she hadn't eaten before and after shooting today. No wonder she could finish the food while waiting for Mika just now.

"Grandma has decided the wedding date after she went to the temple this morning," Mika said. Her eyes shone brightly.

"So, when is it?" Ryn smiled. She was right. It was about the wedding.

"In half a year. Mother agrees for me to design the dresses for everyone. Also, the venue will be at the Maldives Island. Jeremy will handle that. Jason will be in charge of the food and all those small things," Mika announced happily, clapping her hands excitedly at the thought of finally marrying her fiance.

"So I'm your bridesmaid?" Ryn asked with a cocked brow.

"Of course, silly. You are my main bridesmaid," Mika giggled.

"Congratulations, babe. Finally, we can hear the wedding bell," Ryn stood and leaned to hug her best friend. She was happy for the couple.

"Now, first thing first, what do you want me to help? The wedding planner?" Ryn asked once she sat back on the chair.

"Tomorrow Jason and I will go check the wedding planner with mother and grandma. You should join us too," Mika invited.

Joining them to meet the wedding planner? With Mrs Long and Dowager Long? No way...

"I have something tomorrow. Maybe I can join you for the cake tasting?"

"Ryn~" Mika whined unhappily. She wanted Ryn to follow her too.

"Sorry, girl. I have work to do," Ryn patted her hand to coax her a bit.

Even when Mika tried her spoiled little girl voice to change Ryn's mind, Ryn was determined not to follow them tomorrow. Lastly, with a heavy sigh, she had to send Ryn home. 

Of course, she tried again when Ryn was about to get out of the car but Ryn just laughed and waved her goodbye.


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