Tell Me Again, My Love
211 Too small for grandmother
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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211 Too small for grandmother

Jeremy put a stop at the thought of going to Ryn even though his heart was screaming for him to go to her. Last night when he met his little sister, Mika told him that she was okay. Besides, she muttered about Jeremy should not ignore his responsibility being her brother and protect her from their grandma. Mika already had a concept and idea for her wedding but both of them had no doubt that their grandma would veto everything and expect everyone to follow her idea.Mika was expecting him to block their grandma's attack.Jeremy had to take a half-day off, not a full day off. He had important meetings to attend and could no longer be postponed. Whether Mika liked it or not, she had to accept that he could only come the second half of the day. He could only start 'helping' her after lunch.She was angry but could not do anything about it.He sighed. When his grandma suddenly returned from God knows where, demanding him to answer immediately where her granddaughter-in-law right after she arrived, and his sweet kind-hearted mother nodded seriously, his sister and him were taken back. Of course, Mika smiled widely when their grandmother demanded Ryn's whereabouts and why she was no longer living in the mansion. He was speechless and had to look at his father for help. But, his father just ignored him and focused on his own red wine, like it was the most important thing in his life.Jeremy felt, during that time, of being attacked from all directions. He did not know how to answer and what the best answer would be to appease his grandmother's wrath. He just kept quiet or mumbled something unintelligible just for the sake of answering before quickly rushed up to his room to hide. "I have to return back to my own place. This place is too… small to hold grandma, " he muttered under his breath on the way to go upstairs after dinner and the next day, today to be precise, during breakfast, he broke the news.Mika agreed to that. She too was worried about sharing the same house with their grandma. However, both of his parents and especially grandma disagreed loudly. The mansion was big enough for all of them and he, his father declared loudly, was the heir of the family. He should learn to be responsible for his family.Jeremy just smiled weakly. He finished his breakfast quickly and left, leaving Mika giving him puppy eyes and waving goodbye. But, when he reached his office, he could not find the mood to focus on his work. He kept thinking about the question his grandmother asked. It was obvious the whole family readily accepted Ryn with open arms.Her family, in his opinion, did not have any bad opinion of him. Of course, he realized that his wealth was his weakness in her mother's eyes. But she did try to accept him that time because Ryn loved him. And because he did not look uncomfortable eating all those 'healthy' dishes she made. Her impression of him even elevated when she saw he finished Ryn's portion of the food.It took a lot of energy and force but he did manage to focus during the meetings, thanks to the good reports from every department. Even the project he had to 'help' was now on the right lane.Jeremy checked back the time and decided it was time for him to start moving. Mika had been sending messages of begging him to hurry. He did not know and did not want to know what grandmother and mother did until Mika was crying for help. But he guessed now he had to help her to block the 'attack' and let Mika do what she thought she wanted for her wedding.Jeremy told his personal assistant, Jacob, and walked toward the elevator. He simply grunted when some of his workers greeted him politely. He had no mood to smile, not even look at them.He just wanted today to finish quickly. Tomorrow he would go see Ryn and would continue his quest of wooing her heart.*~*~*~*Mika pulled a long face when again her choice was vetoed by her mother and grandmother. She looked at the picture sadly. Why couldn't she have her dream wedding at the beach? Why must in a building?"We need a venue to fit about 1000 people," the dowager told the wedding planner they chose for the wedding. Her daughter-in-law nodded.Mika's eyes widened. 1000 people? So many. She did not have that many friends, not even half of it. She also had no doubt Jason did not have that many as well."But… I thought it would be a very private and personal, a very small party," Mika murmured sadly, quickly lowering her head when she received stares from both women."Nonsense. You are the heiress of the Longs and the first to marry. Of course, we are going to have the biggest and most extravagant wedding ceremony for you," her grandmother muttered displeasedly. This Mika must be learning from that future granddaughter-in-law of hers. She should realize her status. And Catherine would also have to accept the fact that her life would change completely the day she agreed to marry Jeremy.Mika looked at her mother for help but Mrs Long nodded with her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law was right. Whether hee dearest little princess agrees or not, her wedding would be a place for the family to invite all their business partners and VIPs, especially the President. If they failed to do that, people would think they were being arrogant and thought others beneath them, which was ridiculous. But that was life.Mika lowered her head again. Her hands were furiously tapping on the screen of her phone, calling for help. Where was her stupid brother? Why hasn't he arrived yet? Was he bailing out?Her eyes widened in horror at the thought. He would not dare!Jason could not accompany her. He told her he just followed whatever she wanted. It was once in a lifetime wedding so she should do her dream wedding. He did not want his appearance to make her feel weird and slowly following his suggestion. He could not leave his office, already had a lot of meetings that he could not avoid or postpone. It was all lies, of course. Just an excuse.Once he heard about grandma, he gave her so many excuses and even had the nerve to tell her to enjoy herself.It was so frustrating. She could not depend on anyone. Not even the operation she had last time. Grandma dismissed her plea with a snort and told her to stop acting so spoiled and be more mature like Ryn. So unfair.


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