Tell Me Again, My Love
212 The underwater shoot and the dragon
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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212 The underwater shoot and the dragon

Ryn took a deep breath before she jumped into the water. She quickly turned to look at the camera, smiling but at the same time ensuring her hands and legs cooperated for the poses. 

Taking pictures in the water was a difficult task, even for her whom people called a one-take model. Even she made mistakes but she tried to minimum the numbers. 

She swam back to the surface and gasped huge breath. Her lungs were hurting but she did not complain.

The director told her to change into another outfit with a huge smile. Ryn guessed she did not make many mistakes. She obeyed and with the help of one of the helpers in the set, she rushed toward a small room to change into the second dress. 

She returned under fifteen minutes with another dress and headdress, her body was wrapped in a robe and she shivered a bit but her mood was still good as she kept smiling.

Mei Li who was standing behind the director looked at the computer's screen, impressed with the photos. Only one mistake in 30 shots? And Ryn told her earlier she was a bit reluctant to accept this job because she was not sure she could do a good job for it. 

Mei Li's eyes narrowed and her brain began to spin. Ideas began to wheel in and she was so excited at the ideas, she even clapped her hands enthusiastically.

Everyone around her looked at her in shock.

Mei Li murmured her sorry sheepishly. She cleared her throat and acted like nothing happened.

Ryn, unaware of what was going on with her manager, was preparing to jump into the water for the second time. This time, she was no longer nervous. Her movement was more fluid and the smile was more mysterious as if she was a mystical sea creature.

The photographer was getting more excited as he clicked his camera rapidly. Ryn's mood gave him more ideas as instead of sticking to one spot, he even moved his position to take pictures of Ryn from another angle. He had no doubt the director would feel happier when he saw the result.

The second outfit was done and Ryn went to change into the third dress.

The director was frowning at the monitor. The pictures were great, better than he expected. Especially the second outfit. There was no mistake at all. His hands tapping on the hard wooden table as his mind began to form an idea.

He gestured for the photographer and the representative of the brand to approach. He even called Mei Li to get closer. Once the three of them were close enough, the director told them his idea.

Mei Li was not shocked at all. With the way the technology changing their life, she would guess one of these days even a simple photo shooting would require videos. And this time not just a video but two!

The person who was in charge of the campaign and the photographer immediately agreed with the idea. They were having the same thought as well and did not know how to break it to the director.

Ryn returned in the second outfit. Instead of going back to the pool, she was called to the director. She threw a questioning look at her manager but Mei Li just grinned. Still curious, she approached the man while thinking about what she did wrong during the shoot and whether she had to do it again.

Her eyes widened when she heard the director's idea. She looked at the others and they nodded, giving their approval. Even Mei Li just grinned.

"Oh. Ok. So I need to wear back the first two dresses for the recording?" Ryn wanted to ensure she was not dreaming about this.

The director gathered everyone in the set and explained what he wanted. They were not surprised at all, after watching how Ryn was doing during the shoot.

"Alright. Let's do it," the director ordered and everyone took their position.

Ryn took a deep breath and jumped into the water. The headdress did not stop her from making poses with the hairdresser put a lot of hairpins to make it stay. It was a bit painful actually but she did not show it on her face.

She was too cold to show any expression from the pain. Her only thought was to finish this quickly so she could change into a set of dry clothes and drink hot water. She also wanted to eat. Working in the water starved her to the max.


Jeremy arrival was received with a glare from his little sister. His mother and grandmother exclaimed their surprise upon seeing him because the siblings did not tell them about the plan.

Jeremy simply grinned sheepishly and leaned down to drop kisses on both elder women's cheeks before took his seat beside the sulking Mika.

"Why are you giving me that look? I'm here, aren't I?" He questioned when Mika was still glaring at him.

"Hmph," Mika looked away, crossing her arms childishly.

"What have I missed?" Jeremy asked the elders, ignoring the look from Mika. He should start doing his work helping Mika instead of getting too amused with his childish sister.

"We are in the middle of choosing the venue," her mother replied.

"What do you think of this?" his grandmother pointed at a hall that could fit around 1500 people. Her smile was sweet but at the same time full of authority.

"Isn't it too big?" Jeremy's brows lifted in puzzled. He did know his little sister wanted the wedding to be small and private. It would be an intimate party among families and friends.

Jeremy gave a questioning look at his sister.

Mika pursed her lips sadly.

Jeremy looked at his mother. His sweet mother was giving him a smile but it did not seem like his mother was on Mika's side. Well, it was time for him to start his work as a quite protective big brother.

He looked at the reason behind Mika's sulking and smiled.


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