Tell Me Again, My Love
216 The wedding dress 03
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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216 The wedding dress 03

Mika was having a huge smile when they left the restaurant while Ryn was having a poker face She was not smiling at all. Heck, she could not even fake a smile right now. She was so miserable but she forced herself not to show what inside her mind or the manager and the waiters of the restaurant would feel bad.

"What do you think about the food?" Mika asked when they stopped in front of crystal shop. She did not say anything on the way because she was busy chatting about how delicious each food was and maybe she should bring her grandmother and mother there for another taste. And maybe after this, she should go to another vegetarian restaurant to try more food.

"Bearable," was the only answer Ryn could give. She was a carnivore for God sake. She hated bunny food the most and had to force herself to eat just now, especially when their table was so close to other diners as well. She could not say she did not like vegetarian food. It would make her seem like she was looking down to all vegetarians in the world. She could not do that. Although she hated bunny food, she still respected what others choose to eat for themself.

She could sum her experience in less than ten words.

It was a miserable experience for her.

"I love them so much," Mika confessed again while she walked into the shop happily. Her stomach was full and she was ready to do her shopping seriously now.

No wonder it took her quite a long time to decide during the fabric shopping. She was starving! The boba drink did not help her brain to work. She needed real food to fuel her.

Ryn rolled her eyes. She knew Mika would love them even before she confessed just a few minutes ago when they left the restaurant. Mika finished everything even though she was supposed to limit her food intake for the diet! But Ryn would not point it out loudly for Mika to realize her mistake. If Ryn had to eat in another vegetarian food, she would gladly have Mika to eat her portion of the food. She could only swallow a small spoon and then started to push the food around her plate while waiting for Mika to be done with her meal. Luckily for her, her drink actually helped ease the hunger in her. She asked for watermelon and lychee juice and the fibre in the drink stopped her from pulling her hair in frustration. She was still hungry but too scared to tell Mika.

Maybe later, after Mika send her home, she would cook whatever left in the fridge. Tomorrow, after checking the house, she would do a proper grocery shopping. She would fill her fridge with a lot of steaks. She would eat more steaks to erase the experience of eating bunny food.

Cheering up at the thought of real food back home, she finally looked at Mika who was busy choosing the perfect crystals and whatnot for their dresses. Again, Ryn found herself listening to more jargons between Mika and the salesgirl.

Whatever. As long as Mika was happy, Ryn was happy too.

Ryn adjusted her leaning against the glass display and waited patiently for Mika to be done with this one. She could not wait to go home.


Jeremy pulled the tie off his neck and let out a relieved sigh. He threw his bag into the passenger side at the back and quickly started the engine. Again, today, he had no opportunity to meet Ryn because his dearest but selfish little sister was conquering her time. But this time, Jeremy was unable to fight against Mika when she told him she needed Ryn's support and opinion for the dresses for the wedding.

Hearing the word fabric shopping stopped Jeremy's plan to follow them. He had once followed Mika during her fabric shopping and it was hell for him. She spent hours, well, more than five hours in the shop and only bought four metres of blue satin. He had no idea what she actually did during the four hours but he knew he wasted those hours waiting like an idiot!

After that bad day, he vowed not to follow Mika during her fabric shopping anymore. Once was enough. And truthfully, he felt pity for Ryn having to follow Mika during her shopping trip. But Ryn was more patience than him when with Mika.

That was one of the reasons why he fell in love with Ryn. Her patience when dealing with Mika.

He groaned. He should not start thinking or he would be missing Ryn desperately. His mind and body would be screaming for him to go to Ryn and hugged her tightly, never let go.

Jeremy, he told himself, control yourself. Ryn would not like you acting this way. She wanted you to change into a better you and you should try now. Besides, she hadn't given her rejection and until then, he still had the chance to woo her into his arms back.

He should be more optimistic and more positive. He should believe in himself and their love.

Speaking about love, he still hadn't done what Mika wanted him to do. He groaned loudly. Did Mika think it was easy to create a love song for his own little sister? He only thought of her as his little sister so how could she expect him to make a new love song for her wedding day? Had Jason's love made her so silly she could not think rationally now?

But if it was Ryn... His eyes sparkled. He could make a dozen and even more songs just for Ryn. The ideas never stopped like water running down the waterfall and going through the river until merge with the water in the sea. He always had the mood and ideas for Ryn's love songs. In fact, he already prepared more than twenty new songs, all were his confession of love toward Ryn and how he pictured their future together.

"Why can't I just reconstruct her favourite song instead?" he muttered to himself, now finally buckling the safety belt and changed the gear. He needed to go to the studio. Time was running out for him and he needed to give at least an outline for the songs for the wedding.

The traffic was not that bad so he reached the company in no time. He parked at his usual parking spot and walked into the building.

"Jeremy?" one of the men asked questioning seeing him wearing his working attire, albeit without the tie, coming into the lobby.

"Hey," he greeted each one of them before went to the receptionist.

"Is Mathew inside?" he asked the girl.

"Yes, he's in," the girl replied with a smile.

"Cool," with another nod at the girl and the others, Jeremy walked toward the studio where his trusted music engineer was.

"Jeremy is not scheduled for any album making, is he?" one of the men asked once he saw Jeremy was not within hearing.

"Not that I'm aware of," his friend replied.

"So why is he looking for Mathew?" 

All of them knew who Mathew was for Jeremy and Jeremy, as far as they knew, always used Mathew for his solo album. Even for the group, if he could, Jeremy would choose Mathew. He said Mathew could understand the soul of the song and it would make their job easier, whatever he meant by that, because Mathew, every time after he was done with Jeremy's solo album, would beg them to accompany him for beer session to release his tension. 

Jeremy was a devil in angel's face, Mathew claimed. Jeremy looked so naive and good-hearted, but during recording, Jeremy would turn into a monster. Mathew always asked them why Jeremy always chose him as his favourite victim but none could give the correct answer. They just patted his shoulders in sympathy and coaxed him with the bonus Jeremy always gave whenever the job was done. Besides, they pointed out, didn't the album come out so good even his rival could not find anything wrong with his work to jeer at. Mathew should be proud of his hard work.

Jeremy found Mathew in his usual little corner. Jeremy smiled and entered the studio, giving so much fright to Mathew who was listening to the demo by another producer. He was supposed to help make the song better.

"Hi, man," Jeremy greeted cheerfully.

Mathew spun his chair around and looked at Jeremy in shock. His eyes widened in horror. Why was Jeremy here? Jeremy was not supposed to be here. He was already done with his solo project and his group project. There was no album making scheduled in these few months. Mathew knew because he checked with the managers. Jeremy was not supposed to be here. He should be elsewhere. Do something else. He should focus on his business or whatever there was for him to do. Jeremy was not supposed to be here... not yet!

"Why are you looking at me like you're seeing a ghost? What's wrong, man?" Unaware of Mathew's frantic emotional rollercoaster in his mind, Jeremy asked with a grin.

Mathew gulped nervously. He was done for. What should he do now? Was it too late to ask for help?


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