Tell Me Again, My Love
217 Her insomnia refuses to go away
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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217 Her insomnia refuses to go away

Mathew tried not to show how uneasy he was seeing Jeremy. He stood up and went to Jeremy.

"Hey. What are you doing here? Are you recording songs for the album?" Mathew asked carefully. His heart skipped waiting for the answer.

Jeremy walked toward the recording machine. His eyes narrowed at the sight of a song in the making.

"Am I interrupting you?" He asked but did not seem like he felt awkward and guilty.

How should Mathew answer this? Should he be honest and say yes?

But Jeremy would turn into a monster if he dared to say that word, wouldn't he?

Mathew was scared. 

Jeremy flipped the coat he was wearing and landed his bottom onto the leather sofa. It made a creaking sound but both of them ignored the sound. He crossed his legs and looked at Mathew who was still standing stiff.

"I need your help, " Jeremy started. He took a piece of paper out of the pocket of his coat and handed it to Mathew.

Mathew took the paper with his trembling hands. He looked at the words written and then looked at Jeremy, frowning.

"Can you do it?" Jeremy asked.

"You want to rearrange these songs?" Mathew asked.

"Hmm… for my sister's wedding, " Jeremy nodded.

Mathew finally sat down. His eyes landed on the words on the paper. He was speechless. It turned out Jeremy wanted his help for the songs for his little sister's wedding. He just scared himself silly for nothing!

"I'll pay double," Jeremy said without prompt. He took out his phone and started to tap the screen. He showed it to Mathew.

Mathew's eyes widened. What double? The amount was more than what he received for two jobs. 

"Well?" Jeremy's lips curled up. He could see the shock in Mathew's eyes and he believed Mathew would not reject the job.

"I… I accept," Mathew choked out. 

Jeremy smiled.


Ryn stretched her arms tiredly. After hours spent at the mall, she was finally home. She covered her mouth to stifle a yawn and walked slowly toward the kitchen.

Although she was tired, she was still starving. She wanted to eat something heavy before she went to sleep. Without even thinking, her hands reached into the fridge and took out whatever she could reach. 

Hmm… three chicken breasts and two drumsticks.

She frowned at the fresh white meats. What should she make?


She looked at the eggs left and pursed her lips.

It took her almost half an hour before she put two plates on the table with a huge glass of water. She rubbed her hands happily and quickly reached for the fork. There was no time to use other utensils. Not even a pair of chopsticks.

Just poke and shove into her mouth. And chew and swallow.

That was how starving she was.

She finished everything in no time. Then, with a happy stomach, she returned to the kitchen to do the dishes. Now, she could finally have her real rest.

So tiring following Mika around. But it was worth it seeing the smile on Mika's face when she looked at all her purchases. 

Her friend's eyes were sparkling and she looked so delighted at the thought of their dresses, she even forgot to remind Ryn about the shooting with that devil.

Ryn knew and remembered it but she was too lazy to remind her best friend. Let Mika be happy and excited for a few days before she broke the news and put a cold water onto Mika's excitement.

They still needed to complete the shooting before the launch of their makeup brand. The launching would be before the wedding so the time was quite short. They needed to shoot and then edit the advertisement so it could be played during the launching.

Ryn shivered suddenly. The thought of working with Jack, the devil, was quite frightening. Although Jack was the best director in the whole country, it could not be denied how miserable she would be as the main 'star' in the shooting. He would squeeze all her energy for the sake of his artistic work.

Heck, all his 'brilliant' ideas involved her being in an extreme climate. It was even frightening just thinking about it.

Ryn rubbed her arms, trying to stave off the coldness she felt suddenly when she thought about Jack. The room turned colder just at the thought of him.

God, he really was a Devil. A Devil with a capital D!

Ryn went into the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. Then, she returned to her room. Instead of jumping onto the bed to sleep, she took off her clothes and put on the shorts and spaghetti top. She went to switch off all the lights and then, finally she was ready to fall asleep.

But she could not sleep. She blinked her eyes a few times. Of course, the yawning was non-stop but her eyes refused to close and her mind refused to go to the sleep mode. She reached for a pillow and hugged it with her long leg with a heavy sigh. 

"What's wrong with you tonight, Ryn? Let's go to sleep," she told herself with another huge yawn. She was tired. She was exhausted. But she couldn't seem to be able to sleep. What was wrong with her?

She rolled herself on the bed, still with the pillow between her legs. A few minutes turned into two hours but she was still unable to sleep.

"This cannot be," she groaned loudly and threw the pillow to the floor. She could not take this anymore. She was not having insomnia, was she? She never had a problem with her sleep before. So why now? Why she could not sleep now?

Her feet made pattering sound toward the kitchen. Maybe a glass of warm milk could help with her problem.

"Or maybe I was too full," she rubbed her still slim stomach thoughtfully. She did eat a lot just now. She was too starving to even care the total amount of food she just digested.

She made a glass of hot milk and even prepared a small plate of chocolate chip cookies to go with it. 

Now, with a happy smile, she brought both the plate and glass to the table in front of the television. Maybe she could use the time finishing these two to watch any movie or series. She was so busy she did not even have the chance to watch the television lately. 

Even though she did not put much interest in the entertainment world but she did watch a movie now and then. She was not a boring person. She still knew how to have fun.

She played an old movie. It was called Moulin Rouge starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. Maybe a sad movie could make her sleep better?

Her eyes stuck to the television screen while her mouth never stopped chewing. The cookie first was dipped into the milk before it was shoved into her mouth. Her eyes never blinked. She did not want to miss any scene.

Ryn let out a sigh when the credit rolled. Her eyes finally landed on the plate and widened seeing only crumbs left. Did she eat everything during the movie? She did not even notice it.

She looked at the glass of milk and found it already mixed with the chocolate from the chocolate chip cookies. She quickly gulped everything down and went back to the kitchen to wash the plate and the glass. Then, she returned to switch off the television, the DVD player, and the light. 

Now, it was finally time for her to sleep. She must sleep this time. The night was getting late and she had plans to do tomorrow. She could not risk oversleeping!

While waiting for her eyes to get heavier, again, she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Then, she went to grab a book. Maybe reading one of the academic books she had to read for this semester could lure her into the dreamland?

Academic book was boring after all, compared to a romance novel. That was why she did not even reach for a romance novel on her quest to fall asleep. She needed something boring!

Hence, she spent the whole night reading and yawning non-stop. She even finished the whole book before her eyes finally closed and she drifted into the dreamland, still holding the book.

What did she learn from the book? Nothing. All she could remember before everything turned black was how sleepy and exhausted she was and how she wished she could sleep but her stubborn body refused.

She woke up several hours later with black eye bags. She never had panda eyes before and now she had them. She groaned to herself. Today would not be a good day for her. Her eye bags were the evidence her day would go bad and maybe worst later on.

She quickly freshen herself up. No more time to waste even though she was still sleepy. Heck, when did she ever not sleepy?

She put on her casual clothes and even put on a huge pair of sunglasses. With the cap securely on her head, she reached for her backpack and house key before headed outside. 

First thing first, she should find a place to have breakfast. Nothing could cheer her up except a huge serving of breakfast. Maybe, after having her breakfast, her clouded mind could finally work and she could instil some optimistic in her to face the world.


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