Tell Me Again, My Love
218 The house of a supermodel
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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218 The house of a supermodel

"What time is she coming?" Ryn mumbled as she pushed herself to climb up the stairs to the lobby on her way home. She just had her breakfast at the nearest restaurant and was quite happy. Full stomach made her happier.

So far, she had two jobs today. Mei Li would come to pick her up and accompany her the whole time. So how much time left before her manager came?


Ryn looked at her watch, frowning when someone called her name. She turned to her left and frowned seeing Rebecca. 

Rebecca looked uncomfortable. She kept chewing her bottom lip and her hands were wringing nervously.

Ryn lifted an eyebrow seeing her behaviour. What was wrong with this girl today?

She did not make a move to approach Rebecca, just standing there waiting for what Rebecca would do next. She was interested to see what Rebecca would do. Wouldn't it be a surprised to see Irene and the rest of the girls hiding somewhere while sending the poor girl to her?


Rebecca gulped. She was not happy but she needed to speak to Ryn. If they kept acting like nothing happen, the situation would get worst.

"Hi," Rebecca lifted her hand in a wave.

Ryn just smiled, "Hi."

Rebecca gripped the side of her dress as she gathered her courage.

Ryn was still waiting patiently for the next move.

Rebecca blew out a sigh and stepped forward, even closer to Ryn.

Ryn simply smiled. She did not plan to make the next move without understanding what Rebecca wanted.

Rebecca finally stopped her walk but still did not stop her fidgetting. Ryn was honestly getting tired of waiting and put her hands on her hips.

"What do you want?" Ryn asked.

"Do you... have a minute to spare? Can I talk with you?" Rebecca asked nervously.

"What is there to talk about? More accusation?" Ryn retorted. She did not even hide her temper in front of this woman. She was getting sick of being accused of so many things by them, she no longer wanted to care about their feelings.

Rebecca looked hurt by her words but Ryn did not care at all. 

"What else do you want to tell me? More blames?"

Rebecca quickly shook her head.

"Tell them don't bother to record this conversation. I never care about my image."

"I... didn't... No one is here to record us. I... I'm alone..." Rebecca shook her head, stuttering with shock at Ryn's words. Was Ryn thinking this was a plot to sabotage her?

"Then, why are you here?"

"I... I just want to talk with you. Alone," Rebecca clarified just in care Ryn misunderstood again and rejected her.

Ryn crossed her arms, frowning. Could she believe this woman? 

"I'm honest. I'm alone here," Rebecca said hurriedly. Her eyes running everywhere, worried that one of the girls saw her and reported this to Irene. She could not bear to imagine how furious Irene would be once she knew about this.

"Please, can we go somewhere alone?" Rebecca begged.

Ryn checked her watch and found the time was slipping away quickly without she even realized it. She gave a nod and signalled Rebecca to follow her. It was better to prepare herself while talking with Rebecca. Once Rebecca was done with whatever she wanted to talk about, Ryn would kick her out from the house. 

Ryn was not worried about Rebecca bringing the girls to 'attack' her at the house. She would move out anyway.  Once the renovation of her house was done, she would start moving into the house.

So she had nothing to worry about.

They finally reached her home and Ryn unlocked the door without another word.

Rebecca just kept quiet. But she could not help from fidgeting. She was worried.

"You can sit. You want some drink?" Ryn asked after she pointed at the sofa.

"Water is nice. Thank you," Rebecca stuttered. She did sit on the sofa and looked around with her widened eyes. This was the house of a supermodel?

So plain and simple!

Maybe she was dreaming. Even Irene had changed the furniture and decorations to suit her status as a future supermodel.

Sometimes Rebecca and the girls were worried to sit or touch anything just in case they broke anything. It was scary when they spent time at her house. That was why they all prefer to meet outside or in one of the girls' house other than Irene. It was better and safer for them.

So what actually was the correct house of a supermodel? A very extravagant and eye-catching house with full of branded items like Irene or a simple and quite minimalist house like Ryn?

Rebecca was confused.

"Here," Ryn handed a glass of water to Rebecca and took a seat on the lone sofa. She did not get one for herself so she just crossed her legs and waited patiently.

Rebecca took a hurried gulp to cover her nervousness and also to steal some times. When it was empty, she put it down unwillingly.

"So, are you ready to talk?" Ryn cocked an eyebrow.

"Actually... I..." Rebecca paused. How could she say this? She did not know how to speak without making Ryn losing her temper again.

"If you don't start to speak now, I think it is better for you to leave. I need to go out in a couple more minutes," Ryn looked at her watch deliberately, indirectly telling Rebecca not to waste her time.

"I..." Rebecca looked desperate now. Her face was already pale with worried and frustration.

"Rebbeca?" Ryn no longer holding her calm look. This was seriously testing her patience. At first, she was doing this just to test them but as the time getting away from her, she could not wait anymore. She needed to start changing her clothes and packed her things before Mei Li came. She did not want to be late for her job.

"I... I'm sorry," Rebecca finally choked out with tears gleaming in her eyes.

Ryn gave her a puzzled look. Sorry for what?


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