Tell Me Again, My Love
219 Is there anything I should forgive you with?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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219 Is there anything I should forgive you with?

Rebecca gave her a pleading look. Must she say it out loud?

Ryn kept giving her a puzzled look. She did not understand what Rebecca meant by it. Was she apologizing on behalf of Irene for what Irene said that day? Had she become so muddleheaded and just followed whatever Irene wanted?

"Ryn... I..."

"Is there anything I should forgive you with?" Ryn cut her words and asked her back.

Rebecca sank her upper teeth onto her plump bottom lip. Her mind quickly arranged words for her to speak.

"I'm sorry for what Irene... and all of us said," Rebecca said finally, after taking another deep breath to gain her courage.

Ryn shook her head in bemused. She was right. Rebecca took it upon herself to apologize for Irene. Where was Rebecca dignity and pride? Why would she lower herself just for the sake of Irene?

"Don't you think it is more appropriate for her to apologize in person rather than having you throwing away your dignity and pride for that selfish woman?" Ryn rested her chin on her hand and looked at the flustered Rebecca with twinkling eyes.

Rebecca jerked backwards at Ryn's words. Her jaw dropped. Her watery eyes even went wider, which Ryn thought was impossible. Ryn subconsciously wondered if Rebecca's eyes could go even wider but she did not say anything about it.

"I didn't know you've got to be her faithful follower when you're joining her," Ryn made a quote sign and said, "group. You just allow her to boss you around."

"Bossing? No, I didn't," Rebbecca denied but the way her expression looked showed how in denial she was.

"Ups to you. It's not my life and it's not related to me. Do whatever makes you happy," Ryn shrugged.

Rebecca wanted to drink to cover her nervousness but she found that it was empty and she forgot to ask for a refill. She put it down awkwardly and tried to giggle to cover her nervousness.

But it was obvious.

Ryn stood up and took the glass with her to the kitchen. Without a word, she refilled the glass, giving time for Rebecca to ponder about it. 

"Just take your time," Ryn murmured. She did not quickly return to the sofa where Rebecca was. Instead, she leaned against the kitchen cabinet and started to daydream.

She was thinking about the time when she was still young. She just started to be Mika's friend and Mika, just like Irene, was expecting her to follow Mika's every whim. In the end, Mika was shocked when Ryn simply ignored her demand and ignored her completely.

Ryn was so used to be left alone, she did not feel anything when being isolated by the students in the school.. Having hippy parents made it hard for her to make friends. No one could understand her situation and no one actually cared. They did not try to understand why she was being different from the rest of them. Even the teachers who were supposed to treat their students equally and without prejudice could not stop themselves from laughing behind her back.

She knew and accepted it unwillingly. How could she change her parents to be normal like other parents when they were so determined to keep hold onto their way and belief?

She could not even eat meat because since young her parents drummed it into her head that eating anything that used to have life was like eating another human being. Life was precious and should not be treated cheaply like food. everything she wore and ate was based on plants. She did not even own a deodorant. Everything was au natural.

Luckily for her, she did not smell bad.

Ryn unconsciously smiled at the thought of Mika, once realising she could not control her, went back and apologized. Mika even promised to change herself so that her behaviour would not hurt their budding relationship.

Truthfully, even until now, Ryn had no idea why Mika was so determined to be her friend. It was weird but at the same time, Ryn was grateful for finally having a person she could call a friend. She was no longer alone.

Their friendship, of course, created rumours and such a scandalous thing happening and Ryn, being the poor student, received all the accusations. She was called a gold digger, materialistic, opportunist, and so many other names Ryn was too lazy to remember but at that time she was hurt. she did nothing but being friend with Mika and was treated like a criminal.

But it did not stop or end their friendship. In fact, it strengthened it. Mika was more determined to keep their friendship stronger and stronger. Hence the introduction to the most popular and handsome boy in the school, Mika's own older brother, Jeremy.

Ryn sighed a bit at the memory. It was full of happiness, sadness and everything in between. She really missed those moments. She wished she could turn back time and experience everything all over again.


Her reminisce session was interrupted again by Rebecca's voice.

Ryn looked at the other woman and lifted an eyebrow. Had Rebecca had enough time to process what she just said?

"You are wrong," Rebecca spoke.

She was hugging herself tightly as if she was trying to tell herself she was right and Ryn was the one in the wrong. Ryn accused them wrongly.


"We are not Irene's followers or lackeys. We are her friends. And as friends, it's our job and responsibility to help each other," Rebecca cried.

Ryn simply smiled. She turned around to pour out the already warm water into the sink. It was left out on the open quite long and no longer fresh. Ryn ran the glass under the water before pouring it with cold water from the refrigerator.

"So, as Irene's friend, it is my responsibility to help her," Rebecca put a hand against her chest to emphasize each word she spoke.

But the seriousness turned into a puzzle when Ryn handed the glass of water. She looked at Ryn in questioning.

"Is that so?"

Rebecca nodded her head rather violently. Her hands even shook a bit resulting from the movement and making the water filling in the glass until it almost drips out. Rebecca, realising her mistake, quickly put the glass down onto the counter. She did not want to make the covered floor wet.

Ryn poured herself a glass of water and walked back to the living room calmly. Rebecca followed behind. Well, she had to retrace her steps to retrieve her drink but soon enough she found herself sitting on the same sofa, facing Ryn.

"Rebecca, why are you so flustered when I said you've become Irene's follower? If you are really her friend and she treats you like a friend, why are you so nervous and frustrated when you're explaining to me just now?" Ryn asked slowly.

Rebecca was taken back with the questions. She did not realize her weird reaction.


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