Tell Me Again, My Love
220 A friend or a follower?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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220 A friend or a follower?

"It is okay to be friends," Ryn started again and paused as she watched Rebecca started to look worried, "but when it makes you feel overwhelmed and trying your hard to please her, following her every whim and worried about her reaction, isn't that shows how submissive you are toward her? That's not friendship, not a healthy friendship, anyway."

Rebecca sucked in her breath. Her eyes blinked rapidly as her mind was busy digesting what Ryn just said.

"Well, I can't actually let you think over this right now. I have to go out in five minutes. Can you think over this at your own place?" Ryn looked at her blinking phone and realized the time was running out. 

Rebecca stood up and walked toward the door rather dumbly. She did not even notice how rude Ryn was sending her out. Her mind was busy thinking about the meaning of friendship. Was her friendship with Irene not considered true friendship?

She was still standing at the door, outside of Ryn's house. Her eyes glazed over. 

The elevator door slid opened and Mika stepped out of it. With a huge smile, she skipped toward Ryn's house.

The smile slipped slightly when she saw another woman standing in front of Ryn's house. Mika frowned, trying to remember. She saw this woman before but where?

Rebecca was standing there like a statue while Mika was standing behind her, staring at her with a huge frown, still trying to remember, when the door flung open and Ryn appeared, now clad in fresh clothes.

It was Ryn's turn to frown when she saw the two women standing outside her house. Why was Mika here? No, more importantly, why was Rebecca still here? Had she been standing here since the moment she stepped out of the house?


She stepped forward and tapped Mika's shoulder. "Hey, what are you doing here?"

Mika snapped back and threw her arms around Ryn without even thinking. She managed to intercept Mei Li and told the poor manager she would help with Ryn's schedule today. Mei Li, of course, had to agree with the offer.

Rebecca, finally registering the squeal and noise from behind turned around and watched without blinking how Mika and Ryn chatting with each other. Was this what Ryn meant by real friendship?

"What are you doing here, Mika? Aren't you supposed to go to work?" Ryn asked again once the squeal and the cry ended. 

"I am here as your driver. Mei Li told me you already agreed," Mika shamelessly pushed Mei Li for the blame.

"Stop trying to make yourself holy and innocent, Mika. I know you well," Ryn shook her head in bemused and knocked Mika's head lightly.

"Anyway, Stephanie has locked a date for us with that devil," Mika said, without even looking at Rebecca. She saw how Ryn treated Rebecca, as if there was no one there, so she followed suit and treated Rebecca as air. 

"Oh my God, you just want to ruin my mood today," Ryn groaned loudly, which Mika took pleasure with as she giggled.

They both walked into the house, still holding hands before Ryn stopped and turned to the still frozen Rebecca. She frowned, "What are you still here, Rebecca? I thought you're going home."

"Her name is Rebecca?" Mika asked before smiled at the poor woman, "Bye. See you next time."

Ryn did not bother locking or closing the door. She just went inside to retrieve her backpack and the cap, as well as giving Mika a glass of water. The weather was quite hot today.

"Are you sure you want to accompany me to all of my jobs today?" Ryn asked again as they walked through the door.

"Yes. Besides, we need to talk about the project with the devil," Mika nodded her head seriously.

"Ergh... can we just don't talk about him today? I'm trying to keep my mood good today," Ryn groaned.

"Whether you like it or not we have to talk about this. Or do you want him to choose?" Mika cocked an eyebrow.

"Never," Ryn gasped. Her eyes widened in horror at the thought of Jack holding the rein and can do whatever he wanted. No. They must decide which idea to use so they could at least control him... somewhat.

Rebecca who was no longer in front of the house, but rather quite close to the elevator so she could still watch Ryn saw how close both Ryn and Mika were. The women did not have the sort of relationship like herself with Irene. Neither looked worried when speaking and just blurted out whatever they had in mind. They were engaging in a playful banter and even the stiff and serious Ryn was smiling the whole time. It was actually rather weird seeing the cold Ryn having animated expression and reaction just from talking with her friend. Was this what Ryn meant by real friendship?

Rebecca closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm her racing heart. She tried to remember the moment when she had this kind of atmosphere with Irene. Her face squeezed a bit as she thought hard but she found none. She had no memory of this kind of friendship!

She opened back her eyes and looked toward the closing door of the elevator. Was Ryn right? 

The relationship between her and Irene was not considered real friendship? Was she wrong in thinking that if she made Irene happy, it would make them a little bit closer?

She pushed herself to go to the elevator. She needed to go home and think this over. She could not just simply believed in what Ryn told her and thought Irene was using her. Their friendship started long before they met Ryn so what did Ryn know about their friendship? She was just an outsider. She knew nothing about them.

Nothing at all.

With her hands gripped into tight balls at her side, Rebecca stepped into the elevator. She pushed the button for her floor but it accidentally touched the button for Irene's floor. Her brows lifted at the sight. Had her mind unconsciously wanted to see Irene to ensure that their friendship was on the right track?

Yes, it would be better to meet Irene and ask her opinion. Surely Irene would agree with her.


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