Tell Me Again, My Love
221 Your secret is safe with me
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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221 Your secret is safe with me

Ryn leaned back against the cool stainless steel wall as they waited for the lift to reach the ground floor."Is there anything you're hiding from me? About that woman?" Mika asked suspiciously. Somehow she could feel a weird vibe when Ryn was talking with Rebecca."Hmm...?" Ryn opened her eyes and looked at her best friend. Was Mika being jealous? Ryn smiled unconsciously. Why was Mika being so cute and adorable? "She's just my classmate," Ryn replied. Her hand reached out to pinch Mika's cheek playfully."She doesn't look like she's having a good feeling about you," Mika said while rubbing her cheek sadly."Hmm... I don't care what she thinks about me. She can think anything she wants," Ryn shrugged. She did not even care when the girls wanted to cut their friendship, accusing her of hiding so many things.The reason why she did not have friends in the university was because of this. She hated this kind of treatment. They expect you to give in everything all the time and once they find you refuse to do so, they will cut the tie. If only cut it neatly and cleanly, it was fine but the toxic that came with it... she was not ready for it. Heck, she had more important things to do than dealing with this toxic atmosphere.Well, working in the modelling world exposed her with so many masks of people and she managed to keep true to herself. She did not follow some of the models who were trying to get into the entertainment world in order to find rich men or using their connection in modelling to find a rich sugar daddy. She did not care about those offers came from those rich old men to have a meal together or something. She just rejected them without thinking long and even her manager at that time thought the same. Ryn became a model not to find a rich man. She already had a boyfriend at that time and her boyfriend was the famous and handsome Jeremy Long. And they were at that time knew each other before they entered their respective job."If any of them bully you, you can always tell me. I'll tell Jason to bully them back," Mika reminded seriously.Ryn almost laughed. Why would Mika think Ryn would allow herself to be bullied by others? Hadn't she saw how Ryn simply treated those bullies like empty air? If she found herself in danger, she would reply back the treatment without care how others saw her. "Mika.""Hmm...?""Why are you so cute today?" "I am always cute," Mika grumbled while rubbing her cheek sadly. Ryn seemed to like pinching her cheeks today. She bet her cheeks were so red now from the pinches.Both walked toward Mika's car. Ryn frowned seeing the car looked different somehow. She looked at Mika with her brow cocked a bit."I sent this one for a little bit of upgrade," Mika shrugged as she skipped to her car proudly. She just received this car this morning. Jason was the one responsible for all the upgrade. He asked her what she wanted without telling her his plan so she just told him almost absent-mindedly. And to her shock and happiness, he took the car key from the family's driver and drove the car away. She did not even notice it because he gave her so many cars as presents, just like her father the moment she received her driving licence."You or Jason?" Ryn opened the door and got in. Her eyes widened seeing the sparkling pink crystals all over the interior. "Aren't you going to blind from all of these?""That's why I have these," Mika pushed a button and a compartment opened revealing a row of sunglasses."That's so over," Ryn choked out. She even found not one or two but three cupholders! How many drinks did Mika need whenever she's using this car?"You haven't seen the bonnet yet. Jason made it so I can easily put my makeup kit and jewelleries too," Mika said eagerly as she changed the gear into Drive and drove the car away."So, where is our first destination?" Mika asked once they were on the main road. "Can we have coffee first? I'm still sleepy," Ryn mumbled but her hand was already busy tapping her phone. She was looking for the address of the studio she had to go today."Okay. I think I saw Starbucks drive-through over there," Mika looked around and then found what she had been looking. She put a signal to the right and swiftly changed the lane to turn the car toward the building."Can I have a hot latte?" Ryn asked when they reached the order side of the drive-through.Mika ordered that and her own drink. She paused with a guilty look. She just forgot about the diet!"It's just a cup of coffee. Don't worry about it," Ryn soothed her worry with a pat on her thigh."Don't tell grandmother and mother," Mika reminded."Don't worry. I won't. Your secret is safe with me," Ryn chuckled.They waited at the other counter for their drinks. Ryn put the address in the GPS machine while Mika checked her phone. There was a message from Jason.Mika blushed shyly when she read it.Ryn held herself from asking what the message was about. It must be full of mushy words that would send a shiver to her body."Let's go. Let's go," Mika said excitedly once they received their drink. Ryn sipped her drink quietly. The hot drink made her feel better and her eyes no longer threatened to close."How long do you think this shoot will take?" Mika asked suddenly."Hmm...? I don't know. I can't promise anything because anything can happen during the shooting," Ryn shrugged.As far as she could remember, even if she managed to get all the shots in the shortest time ever, there would be something that could disturb the day. It could be the other model. It could be the wardrobe malfunction. It could also be the crews or the gadgets they use. It could be anything."Then, the second...?" Mika lifted an eyebrow. Would her best friend be able to get to the second job on time?"Hmm...? Didn't I tell you? It's in the same studio," Ryn replied."Wow. Good job. I really want to clap my hands but I have to drive," Mika was shocked when she heard it. She knew Ryn had to jobs today but did not bother asking Mei Li the location. She was just focussing on the fact that she could spend a lot of time with Ryn. She was happy to be able to be with Ryn, even as her driver.


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