Tell Me Again, My Love
222 Blacklight and another mask
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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222 Blacklight and another mask

When both of them arrived, the whole studio was such a busy place Mika and Ryn had to step closer to the wall to give way for them to move. Mika cocked an eyebrow at Ryn but her best friend just shrugged. Ryn was so used with this, nothing could shock her anymore.

Mika was wondering silently seeing all the crews were women. Even the one handling the camera and the lighting were women!

Ryn's eyes looked around until she saw a quite familiar woman. She nudged Mika to follow her and quickly made a beeline toward the woman.

"Hello, sorry we're late," Ryn greeted the woman as she hugged and air-kissed her.

"Catherine. You're not late," the woman claimed. Her name was Jewel and she's the director for this photo shooting. "Go and put on the make-up. And then come back so I can tell you what I want."

Ryn turned to look at Mika who was looking around. "You can wait at that chair or at the nearest cafe. You can also go back to work."

"Are you trying to kick me out from here?" Mika gasped dramatically, placing her hands against her chest.

"Stop being so dramatic, Mika. It's going to take a long time and I don't want you to waste your time. If anything, I will call you," Ryn coaxed gently. Although she was happy to have such a good friend but she did not like seeing her best friend wasting her time for her.

Mika made a face, only to be turned around and pushed gently toward the door. Mika groaned but did not fight against the treatment. With a dramatic sigh and wave of her hand, she walked toward the door.

"I'll see you for lunch," she said and quickly rushed out before Ryn could reply.

Jewel smiled seeing the friends' interaction. That was a friendship goal. She recognized Mika as the heiress of the Long as well as the owner of Full Moon Fashion and Eclipse.

And also the little sister of Jewel's favourite singer!

Ryn went to the other section for her make-up and outfit.  She greeted and hugged the women there, smiling and giggling when one of them commented she seemed to lose weight again.

"I don't know about my weight. I eat a lot," Ryn replied.

They gave her a weird look. They all knew how much she loves eating especially meat. They wondered where all those fat food go whenever Ryn ate because they wanted to have that metabolism as well.

Ryn quickly changed into the outfit chosen and then sat on the chair for the make-up artist and the hairstylist to do their job. The outfit was quite skimpy, almost revealing her breasts. Ryn did not feel anything about it and none of the other women commented upon it seeing the nipples trying hard to get through the slip.

"Have you ever taken a picture in blacklight?" the hairstylist asked.

"Never. This is my first time," Ryn confessed truthfully. The reason why she agreed to this job because of the dark light shooting. She really wanted to test her ability in portraying the mood by playing with the neon make-up under the black light. 

"I think you can do it," they all said without a doubt. They knew she was known as a one-shot model and was so talented, she could even make 20 different poses using an apple without wasting a single click from the camera. They honestly were excited to see her performance today.

Ryn put on a robe and made her way back to the director. Jewel was giving last instruction when she saw Ryn. Jewel smiled widely seeing the make up on Ryn's face. She already told the hairstylist to make it simple, neat and clean. She did not want it to overshadow the make up on Ryn's face.

Ryn listened carefully to her, even asking question to parts she did not understand just to ensure what she understood was what the director wanted.

Then, Ryn took off the robe and stepped forward to the set. She familiarized herself first with the surrounding, which Jewel appreciated. Then, once Ryn was ready, she gave a nod for Jewel to start.

"Alright, camera ready," Jewel pointed at the camerawoman. The woman gave a thumb up.

"We can start now, " Jewel said and Ryn started to pose.

It was fast and the cameraman was clicking her camera like crazy.

"Done. Change to another make up, " Jewel ordered, satisfied with the process.

Ryn went to the director first to check her work in the monitor. It was good but she knew she could do better.

"Stop frowning and go change your makeup, " Jewel reminded with a chuckle. She could almost guess what was in Ryn's mind. It was better to let her change the makeup rather than standing here fretting about her performance.

Ryn was such a perfectionist when working. Sometimes they wondered her happy-go-lucky and gluttony persona was just an act from her when in reality she was a perfectionist in everything. But once they saw how carefree she was especially when eating, they just labelled the perfectionist part as a mask of Ryn when working. 

Jewel shook her head in bemused. It was no wonder all the directors and camerapersons she knew in the industry feel so happy and excited when they heard Ryn would join their set. They did not have to worry about tantrum or bad picture. Even if the picture was bad, it was in a very minimum amount, usually less than 5. Because, a director told her, when Ryn saw one bad picture, it was like seeing her eyes on fire and the result was so perfect, the director cried in happiness. Of course, then they would have a problem of selecting the picture for the project because all were good. Mostly they would hand the problem to the company or brand before they produce it. They ignored the cry and grumble of unhappiness from the company or brand when these people realize they could not use all of the pictures for the project. Better these people than them, that was what in the directors' mind when they gleefully handed the work.

Ryn returned and they continued taking pictures. It was so smooth, they finished in no time.

"It's a wrap, people," Jewel announced loudly, happily. She wrapped her arms around Ryn who hurriedly approached to check her photos in the monitor. She laughed and ruffled Ryn's head, "Don't worry. Your photos all look good."

"Are you sure? Do you want to take more?" Ryn was still a bit worried. She felt like she did not do her best and kept thinking how to improve her position and her expression to make it better.

"Stop worrying. Your photos all are good," the camerawoman assured, patting Ryn's bare shoulder.

"Go change yourself or you will get cold. Wash your face too," Jewel told Ryn, pushing her toward the small room.

"But..." Ryn was reluctant to move, still worried.

"Don't worry. Just go. Let us tidy up this place," Jewel assured Ryn. Her hand signalled her assistant to come and pull Ryn away.

Giggling, the assistant came and wrapped her arm around Ryn's. She pulled Ryn toward the room where the make-up artist and the hairstylist were chatting.

These two women did come to watch but after seeing how good Ryn was, they returned to their 'territory' to chat while tidying up their things. They knew after this another group would use the same studio so they had to keep it nice and clean for the next hairstylist and makeup artist to use.

When Ryn and the assistant entered the room, both women were chatting happily about the gossips they just heard. 

"Have we interrupt something... good?" the assistant's eyes twinkled mischievously.

"Not much. About that Karen," the hairstylist replied with a grin.

"Oooh... that new singer?" the assistant hurriedly pulled a chair as she wanted to hear the gossip as well.

Ryn twitched her lips in bemused. These women really loved their gossips so much. 

"I heard she made Jack cursed so loud, she cried when she ran out of the studio. Even her manager was crying as well," the hairstylist said.

"For her new album?" the assistant asked.

"Yes. And she thought Jack would allow her playing tantrum during the shooting," the make-up artist giggled.

Ryn shook her head. What was in the head of the company's manager to allow new singer to use the devil? Did he not know how infamous Jack was in term of his temper and patience? And the manager should know better to advising Karen to behave herself during the shooting. No diva attitude was allowed in the set, especially in the devil's set.

"And Jack almost blacklist her. Luckily the company came and coaxed him to change his mind. Lucky for Karen to be under ART. If she's under other companies, no matter how big, she would be blacklisted and forgotten by the company."

Ryn finished wiping her face with the wet towel after changing into her clothes. Then, she took out a tube of travel-sized face wash and went to the bathroom to wash her face. She needed to get ready for the next job. 

"Ryn, what do you think will happen to Karen?" the assistant asked when Ryn entered back the room with a clean face.

"I don't know. But I do think her manager has a lot of works if she doesn't change," Ryn shrugged as she walked back to her bag. "I'm hungry. Is lunch provided?"

"Ryn~" three of them cried and shook their head. How could Ryn even get hungry when listening to such a juicy gossip?


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