Tell Me Again, My Love
224 To give in again?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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224 To give in again?

Ryn took her time to answer. She did not even realise they were standing in the public. 

Mika waited with pounding heart. Her eyes were wet with tears. She was scared this would be the end for their friendship. She did not want their friendship to end. She did not want to lose her.

"Mika, you have promised, " Ryn said with a sigh.

Mika's mind quickly worked to remember what she promised to Ryn. She promised a lot of things. She thought she did not break any of them.

Run watched her friend digging into her memory and realized that Mika did not understand what she did that make her mad.

"Come." She pulled Mika into the cafe. It was a hot day and when these two standing under the sky sweat began to wet their face and body.

Run chose the corner table to give them some privacy. Once she saw Mika has seated properly, Ryn stood up and went to buy her lunch. The selection was quite limited so Ryn just chose whatever that grabbed her attention. 

She returned to Mika holding a tray of food. She did not say a word as she sat down and started to eat her lunch.

Mika looked at the chocolate shake Ryn chose for her. She chewed her lower lip nervously, already on the brink of another session of cry.

Once Ryn was done with her lunch, she pushed aside the empty plate and leaned her back against the chair. Her eyes looked at her nervous best friend and crossed her arms.

"Ryn..." Mika choked out, trying not to sob again.

Ryn simply cocked an eyebrow. She waited for Mika's next words.

"I don't want us to separate again," Mika started to sob. She ignored the fact that they were in public. Even though now they were in a cafe, compared to before in the open, but it was still not private enough. 

"Mika, stop crying," Ryn ordered.

Mika quickly wiped her wet face with a tissue. She even blew her nose with the same tissue before handed it back to Ryn unconsciously.

"Seriously?" Ryn stared at her best friend.

Mika's wet eyes widened when she realized her mistake. She quickly stood up to throw the used napkin away.

Ryn sighed a bit. It seemed like she had to give in again... For the hundredth times.

When Mika returned, Ryn was thinking of how to tell Mika so she would understand it and this time she would understand the next time she did not think about her feeling, Ryn would rethink about their friendship.

Mika sucked her chocolate shake to control her emotion and steal some times. She must do something to change Ryn's mind of breaking their relationship. She did not want to lose her. Last time was enough.

"Mika," Ryn started. She clasped both hands together and put them on the table. Her eyes were on Mika's face without blink.

"Hmm... Yes?" Mika looked at her, eagerly but at the same time nervously. Would this be the end of their friendship or would Ryn forgive her, even though she had no idea what wrong she did to make Ryn angry?

"I think you need to understand what it means of being a friend," Ryn said.

"What it means to be a friend? But we are friends, best friends, aren't we?" Mika asked back in puzzle.

Ryn sighed. Why did she start with the meaning of friendship? Mika would be puzzled with the question because it was a weird question.

"We are best friends, right, Ryn?" Mika was getting scared when Ryn did not reply her question.

Was this the end, then?

"We are best friends. Past, present and hopefully in the future too," Ryn finally said.

Mika smiled finally. She wanted to hug Ryn in her happiness but the food and the table blocking her. She stood up and prepared to move around the table to do so. Ryn simply stood up and opened her arms, accepting the hug with a chuckle.

This best friend of hers was really spoiled and childish. Oh, what should she do with this girl?


Jeremy put another stop at the mumbling and talking. He was rubbing between his brows, already have a headache from the 'discussing'. Why couldn't they discuss this calmly rather than pointing fingers and blaming each other. Would the blame solve the problem?

No. It won't. 

Right now what he wanted was solution, not busy looking for the culprit!

Every pair of eyes were looking at him, waiting for his instruction.

Jeremy silently blamed his father who refused to come to the meeting today. He had to come to the main company on behalf of his father and surprised, surprised, there were several problems with some of the projects.

"Right now I don't want to know whose fault it was or who should take the blame. All I want to know right now is what the solution you suggest to deal with these problems," Jeremy did not even smile when he spoke. His voice was cold, sending shiver to everyone. 

At first they thought when the son came to the office, they could play with him, to show how young he was. 

And he even was a singer!

What did a singer know about company matter?

They conveniently forgot about the fact Jeremy and Mika owned a company of their own without the help from the main company. They started the company from scratch but these old geezers thought it was a game for the two kids. 

"You come to this meeting, knowing fully well there is a problem with your project," Jeremy cocked an eyebrow.

Everyone lowered their head guiltily. None dared to smirk or scoft at this young man. They were scared this 'immature' man still 'wet behind his ear 'would find more mistakes. 

"I'm giving you fifteen minutes to find a solution. Once I come back, I expect you to present your answer. Bear in mind I will not entertain stupid idea." With that, Jeremy stood up and walked out of the meeting room. He needed a fresh air to ease the headache talking with these old men.


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