Tell Me Again, My Love
225 Struggling to remain calm
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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225 Struggling to remain calm

Jeremy returned to the office with a scowl on his face. No one dared to say anything. They quickly lowered down their head and pretended to be busy with their work. Once they felt his presence was no longer near them, they quickly lifted up their head and started to ask questions.

Why this young master looked so cold and serious? In tv, he looked so friendly and kind. He always smiled and joked around especially with his groupmates.

Jeremy sat on the comfy leather chair and looked at the personal assistant of his fatger's. His fingers tapped on the wooden table as his eyes stared coldly at the poor elder man.

"Are you telling me these men are the best in their field?" his cold voice surrounded the huge room, sending shiver to the assistant. 

Silently the assistant blamed these so called talented managers. If they did their work properly and prepared everything before the meeting, their young master would not have bad mood. Master already reminded them a few times before he went for his 'honeymoon' that young master will inherit everything so they all must obey and respect him. 

Now, see what happened?

Jeremy checked the message in his phone, focussing more from his father. There was no additional instruction from his father about the company's situation. Jeremy guessed this meant his father was 'handing' him the rein and wanted to test his ability of taking charge of thr situation.

Jeremy scowled at his irresponsible father. Right now all his father cared about was spending more time with his mother. He was reluctant to go back to work, preferring to spend time accompanying her at the garden taking care of her flowers.

Both of them, his parents he meant, were getting childish like their daughter. Only want to have fun and push all the burden on his shoulders, forgetting the fact that he was busy with his own company and his career as a singer. And with Mika's wedding date being decided upon, he was also busy arranging the music for the party. 

Jeremy waved his hand tiredly, signalling the older man to retreated. He needed time to calm down. He could not think rarionally when his mind was full of anger, frustration and disbelief.

He sighed, covering his face. It took him almost ten minutes to finally clear his mind. If these old geezers unable to solve the problem, he would take a drastic solution by replacing them with someone more capable. It was time for them to realize their position did not belong to them exclusively.

It belonged to someone who can do their job properly and perfectly.

The assistant quickly stood up from his seat and followed Jeremy who just walked out from his father's office. He just checked the company group chat and everyone was still in disbelief of this side of Jeremy. No one could believe the smiling and kind Jeremy could become a cold-blooded and insensitive man who did not care how older the managers were and kept pushing for answers.

The meeting room was quiet when Jeremy entered it for the second time. Jeremy cocked an eyebrow seeing everyone was looking down, compared to the smirk and smile on the first time he entered this room this morning.

Jeremy did not comment about the huge difference. He simply unbuttoned his coat and sat on the chairman chair.

"We can continue back the discussion. I want the solution for the Triangular project now," he ordered.

The assistant quickly handed the appropriate file for his perusal. 

A man around fifty two years old got up and handed a thumb drive to the girl managing the laptop. Soon enough, a familiar slide appeared on the screen.

Jeremy just looked at the monitor in front of him. His finger tapped the table impatiently. There was no smile on his face at all. 

The man stuttered and stumbled during his presentation because he was so nervous facing the serious and cold young master. He noticed he did stumbled with the figures but Jeremy did not comment about that but...

"Why are you repeating what you have told us earlier? I don't want to hear this. I want to know what solution you come out for the problem or do you want me to replace you with someone else?" Jeremy threatened him.

The man dropped the paper he was holding, too scared with Jeremy's words. He had no doubt Jeremy would do what he said. If it was before, he would treat it as a childish and empty threat but now he would notndare to put his position on the risk to find out whether this young master was a real tiger or just a paper tiger.

Everyone shivered. They lowered their head even more, hoping it could hide their presence from Jeremy.

The temperature dropped.

All of the sudden, a thud.was heard. Everyone turned to look at a man fell down from the chair, unconscious.

"Heart attack, faint or pretending?" Jeremy asked the man who was sitting next to the unconscious man who quickly kneeled down to check on him.

The man pulled back his hand from checking the breathing and looked at Jeremy worriedly.

"He... He..."

"Call ambulance. Also call his deputy to cover his place for the report," Jeremy ordered heartlessly. He did not want to waste time here.

"I have called the ambulance, sir," the assistant reported hurriedly. His shaking hand was holding his phone. This never happened before. Wait... It did happen but before his time. As far as he knew, the only person who was scarier than young master Long was his grandfather. It was no surprised when someone lost consciousness during the meeting because of the stress.

It seemed like Young Master Long was as scary as the late Mr Elder Long.

Jeremy cracked his neck and his hands. He looked at the frozen people in the room. Their eyes were full with panic.

"Take five," he said loudly and walked out of the room yet again.

He checked his watch and frowned. When would this meeting end if every one kept making problem?


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