Tell Me Again, My Love
226 Sleeping at her place
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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226 Sleeping at her place

Jeremy untied the tie with a heavy sigh. The meeting had finally ended and he received the solutions he had been waiting for. Even though it looked quite weak but a solution nonetheless.

He really could not figure out why these older men being given the manager position when they seemed to be more interested in looking down on others or creating troubles for the company. That was why he never let the ones in his own company to be too comfortable in their position and always strived to better themselves or get the possibility to be axed.

He dropped himself on the chair and tapped the button of the phone, calling his father. Although it was getting late he could not go home yet. He still had a lot of things to do.


"I've dealt with the problems. I'm going back to my office," he told his father without any greeting. 

"Why don't you stay for a while and look around? You are going to take over the company. I'm already old and..."

"Father," Jeremy butted in before his father could start pitying himself and pushing all the responsibilities onto his shoulders. "I have my own company to take care of. Besides, if you have time for playing around with mother, you are still strong and healthy enough to take care of this company."

"Ah... your mother just called me. She sprained her ankle," his father quickly ended the call and all Jeremy could hear later was a toot-toot sound.

Jeremy groaned to himself. Since the day his parents returned from their honeymoon, his parents were closer than ever, giving them dogfood all day long without ashamed. He even had the feeling he would receive a younger sibling in a few months looking at how intimate his parents were.

But would his mother agree with it?

He rubbed between his brows tiredly. He had the feeling starting today he had to make time to come here as well.

So troublesome.

He drew the curtain and saw a building. His eyes narrowed.


Ryn changed into the next clothes. She was not in a hurry. Once she was done, she approached the two women.

The make-up artist quickly touched up her face while the hairstylist rearranged her hair accordingly. 

She went back to the set and reached for the next bag. 

It was shooting for the latest collection of 'D' brand for summer. So the mood for the set was bubbly and cheerful. 

Ryn even had two buns on her head, giving her a youthful look. Of course, her face was stuck with colourful stickers. 

She was surrounded by bags of other colours and as she took her position and started posing, the cameraman started to click his camera rapidly. It was a quick pace but none of them said a word.

They were too busy working on getting good photos.

Mika rested her head on her hands, watching the proceeding curiously. Although she was already used with it every single time it was like a brand new experience for her.

She wanted to take pictures of Ryn working but she did not want to leak the latest collection of the 'D' brand. It would be revealed during the launch party. It did not damp her spirit at all. She was so happy to be able to be a part of Ryn's life.

Ryn decided to still be her best friend after she promised to change. Mika promised to herself not to repeat her mistake ever again. Even if she wanted to make Ryn love eating salad, she should do it slowly and not in an obvious way. She should take her time.


Mika took out her phone and read the latest message from her mother. She still had another mission to do.

Her eyes landed back on the busy Ryn working her hardest. She did have an idea for it but she wanted her big brother to work on it. Why she had to do everything?

She pursed her lips a bit. If she did not help, her dream of having Ryn as her real sister might not be a reality. She did not want that but at the same time, she did not want Ryn to be mad at her again.

Even if she wanted to help Jeremy, she had to do it subtlely and very slowly. She must not be too obvious.

She was deep in her thought until she did not even realize the shooting has ended. Ryn returned to her instead of changing her clothes first.

Ryn cocked an eyebrow seeing her best friend was deep in her thought. What was in that head of hers? More bunny food?

Ryn narrowed her eyes suspiciously. But she did not ask about it when she tapped Mika's shoulder and told her to get ready at the car. They were going to leave once she changed her clothes and said goodbye to everyone.

While Ryn went to change her clothes, Mika went to meet the director and the crews to thank them. Then, she waited with the director for Ryn even though Ryn told her clearly to go to the car. She made small talks with the director, of course just wanting to listen to the director praising Ryn.

She loved listening to people praising her best friend.

When Ryn returned, she saw the director was chatting happily with Mika, even sharing a few peals of laughter.

With a smile, Ryn approached them. She thanked the director first, then at the cameraman who was standing there too. Then, with Mika holding her arm intimately, she went to thank all the crews. 

"Are you tired?" Ryn asked Mika once they got into the car. She noticed Mika did not move a bit during the shooting, just sitting on the chair obediently. Maybe she was still worried to make a sound or move after the temper Ryn unleashed earlier.

"Hmm... I want to sleep now," Mika nodded. She already dropped the serious persona she put on in the set and revealed her childishness and spoiled brat attitude in front of Ryn.

"Then, you can send me to the nearest bus stop. I can take a Grab or a taxi to go home," Ryn said, a bit worried actually when she was how wide Mika yawned just now.

"It's okay. I'll send you home. Hmm... can I sleep for an hour or two at your place?" 

"Of course you can," Ryn did not mind at all. She was after all used to stay at Mika's place so it was no trouble at all for Mika to do the same.

Mika grinned. But then she yawned again. She was getting sleepier from all the waiting. She was not this exhausted when she was busy during the designing and preparing for the latest design on both her clothing brand and her jewellery brand. Waiting for someone was much more exhausting!

"I hope I will not meet that weird girl anymore," Mika mumbled. Although she did not mind Ryn seeing other people the thought of another girl trying to get close to Ryn made her uneasy. She did not want to share Ryn with another girl. Ryn belonged to her alone.


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