Tell Me Again, My Love
227 The right amount of sugar
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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227 The right amount of sugar

Ryn unlocked the door and stepped into her house. Mika followed behind happily. She was happy to get to sleep with Ryn and also did not bump into that weird girl.

"Go wash your face first. I don't understand why you have to wear makeup when you're not even working," Ryn said, walking to the kitchen to get something to drink. It was a hot day and she was getting thirstier as the time past.

Mika nodded dumbly. She went into the bathroom with her handbag. Inside her bag was a make-up remover. She always brought a mini set of her make-up for touch up and even when she needed to spend a night somewhere.

She started by taking off the makeup before she reached for the tube of face cleanser Ryn left on the sink thoughtlessly this morning. She frowned seeing the tube was squeezed almost dry and knowing her best friend, Ryn might not have a new one to replace it when it was completely empty.

Mika wiped her hands dry and tapped furiously on her mobile phone. She then checked other things in the cabinet, checking what else that was almost finished. 

When she walked out of the bathroom, she was grumbling about Ryn's laziness of making sure she has enough stock. She went looking for Ryn and found her best friend checking the refrigerator.

"Do we have enough for dinner or are we taking a take-out?" Mika asked when she saw nothing on the counter. Ryn usually piled the ingredients on the counter before she cooked. But there was none.

"Hmm... almost enough but I'll order just in case," Ryn replied and reached for her phone. She quickly downloaded a food delivery service the make-up artist told her this morning when she heard she always had no time to cook or buy outside especially when she had so many jobs. Once she reached home, she was too exhausted to go out to buy food even though she was hungry. Maybe that was why recently she lost weight.

"See what you like?"

Unlike Mika who always decided on both of them, Ryn showed the options of the food they could order to Mika. She let Mika looked through the menu while she turned back her attention to the refrigerator to check what she could make while waiting for the food ordered to be delivered.

Mika chose what she wanted and wanted to hand back the phone to Ryn but paused when she was Ryn was taking out three packs of steak. Mika paused. Steak again?

Could Ryn choose another menu for dinner? Wouldn't she feel sick eating the same thing over and over again?

Ryn washed her hands and took the phone from Mika. She scrolled quickly and chose her food. Then, she put down her address.

"Cash on delivery?" Mika asked before added with a frown, "Or a card?"

"Cash," Ryn replied as she continued preparing her steaks. 

"You have freshened up or just washed your face?" Ryn finally noticed Mika was still wearing the same clothes she wore this morning.

"Later I'll take a shower. Why don't you take a shower first while I wait for the delivery?" Mika suggested. She looked at the spices Ryn retrieved from her spices drawer. 

Ryn was going to make a spicy steak?

"Besides, the steaks need to defrost first before you can work with it," Mika pointed out. She would not be able to make the steaks Ryn wanted to make. She hated cooking and usually, Ryn was the one doing all the work.

"Wait for the delivery," Ryn reminded before she walked into her room. Her body was so sticky and she could not wait to wash all the sweats and make-ups off her body.

Mika sat on the cushion, waiting for the delivery. She suddenly jumped forward, "Oh no, my youtube channel."

It had been long for her to record something for her channel. She did not even have the chance to make a Q&A session which her fans asked frequently. 

She looked around, looking for a suitable corner to do her video.  She was getting so excited but something poured cold water on her enthusiasm. The lighting was unsuitable for the recording and she did not even bring the tripod! 

She was too excited to spend time with Ryn she forgot about her own Youtube channel!

She crossed her arms and sulked quietly. She could not believe how clumsy she was. Why? Why she could bring a whole bag of make-up and necessities but she did not bring her tripod?

The bell rang.

Mika quickly jumped onto her feet and reached for her wallet. She opened the door and smiled at the man wearing all pink holding a bag. She asked for the price and quickly paid it before she took the plastic bag the man holding.

She brought the food to the table and went to get bowls and plates for them. It seemed like Ryn's food arrived first. She quickly arranged them neatly on the table.

"Hmm... what should I make for the drink?" Mika quickly headed back to the kitchen when she remembered about their drink. How could they eat without drinking?

Mika decided to make iced strawberry tea. It was quite hot lately and iced tea could make them feel better and fresher. Of course, she wanted to drink red wine with the food but Ryn did not have a bottle of it!

And Ryn did not like to drink liquor that much, especially when she was busy working. Ryn only allowed herself to drink when she was on holiday or when she had nothing to do the next day.

"I can enjoy having a hangover the next day without worry being late or do badly in my work," Ryn's answer when Mika asked her last time about her 'rule' regarding drinking alcohol.

Her rule was even used when she was having dinner outside. She did not even compromise this rule even when she was having lunch or dinner with clients. She did not care what they think of her as long as she could deliver her best when working.

And so far, none of her clients complained about this rule because she always produced a result better than what they imagined. 

Ryn came out as Mika's food was delivered. Again, Mika paid for it and brought it to the table.

"How much? I'll pay back," Ryn said as she took the bowl from Mika and poured Mika's noodle into it. She brought the empty container to the kitchen.

"Why are you being so calculative? No need to pay back," Mika replied with a giggled.

"But you paid for lunch," Ryn frowned.

"You can always treat me the next time," Mika shrugged. She brought a jug of iced tea to the table, happy with the way it turned out. It was rare for her to cook and even this tea, it had been years for her to brew tea. She was a bit worried it did not taste good but she did her best with what she remembered. Hopefully, Ryn liked it.

"Is everything here?" Ryn asked when she looked at the table. Her lips curled into a smile seeing the food she ordered was already there.

"Hmm... but the steaks are not ready yet. Do you want to keep them back in the fridge?" Mika asked, pointing at the kitchen.

"My steaks," Ryn finally remembered about her steaks. Ignoring the fact that she was still wearing a robe after the shower, she went to the kitchen to check on her steaks.

She sighed a bit seeing they were still frozen. It seemed like she had to wait for more time to eat the steaks. 

Instead of putting them back into the freezer just like Mika suggested, Ryn left them on the counter. Maybe she could eat them later if she got hungry again.

"Why don't you put them in the chiller? If you are hungry back, you can cook them," Mika suggested as she watched her best friend checking the steaks.

Ryn turned slightly at the voice, then, looked at her steaks. She chewed her bottom lip, deep in her thought.

"Quickly make up your mind or our food will get cold," Mika urged.

Ryn tapped the counter with her fingers before made up her mind. She took all the packets into the chiller, praying if she gets hungry in the middle of the night, the steaks were ready to be cooked.

Mika smiled when Ryn returned to the table. She poured a glass of iced tea for her best friend and raised her own glass.

"A toast?" Ryn smiled.

"Hmm... For our friendship. Let our friendship last forever and ever," Mika said loudly.

"Amen," Ryn clicked her glass with Mika's and gulped it down. She covered the wince when the sweet drink touched her tastebud. Oh God, she needed to teach Mika how to make a good iced tea next time. This friend of hers was still unable to measure the right amount of sugar for the tea.


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