Tell Me Again, My Love
228 Nothing else matter than steaks
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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228 Nothing else matter than steaks

The next morning, Ryn woke up with an arm wrapped around her waist intimately. She blinked her eyes a few times. Her mind was still muffled from the dream she had. Once she was awakened a bit, she took the hand on her waist carefully and placed it next to the sleeping girl beside her.

She reached for the clock and blinked at it. It was still early. 

Still, her bladder could not wait anymore.

Ryn quickly went to the bathroom to relieve her discomfort. She also took the chance to wash her face and brush her teeth. When she returned back to the bedroom, Mika was still deep in her sleep.

"Sleepy pig, wake up," she called but all Mika did was mumbling something under her breath and turned around backing her. Ryn shook her head in amused. Who was supposed to be so exhausted yesterday working day until late evening?

"Well, I guess you're still tired from accompanying me working. Continue your sleep, then," Ryn patted Mika's pert bottom before went to draw the curtain even tighter to lock out the light from outside. She did not want any sunlight to affect Mika's sleep.

Ryn walked slowly into the kitchen, yawning loudly. The schedule for today was still hectic but she knew she could manage it. Now, if only she could make Mika go to work and let her do her own job would be better.

"What should we have for breakfast?" she mumbled to herself while her hands busy brewing the coffee. She found the leftover iced tea and frowned. What should she do with this over-sweetened drink?

"Maybe pudding?" She knew she would not be able to finish this but draining it in the sink was quite wasteful. 

She looked for the ingredients for making pudding and quickly arranged them neatly on the counter. She also did not forget to arrange her favourite breakfast, steaks and Mika's usual breakfast; oat. Luckily there was some oat left she could cook for Mika.

"I should have some berries for the oat," she murmured, checking the refrigerator. She found a very small bag of mixed berries. Good enough for Mika's breakfast.

She cooked some eggs along with the steaks. She became a busy bee in the kitchen, preparing breakfast for the two of them.

"Good morning," Mika wrapped her arms around Ryn from the back, interrupting Ryn's concentration cooking the steaks. "What are you making?"

"Your breakfast is ready," Ryn pointed at the table.

"What's my breakfast?" Mika quickly looked at the table. She was excited to see what Ryn prepared for her. Even though she saw Ryn busy cooking steaks, she knew Ryn would not make fattening food for her especially with her wedding day getting closer and she was under diet, well, her kind of diet.

"Your favourite oat with berries," Ryn replied as she placed the steak onto the hot pan. Her stomach was already growling and she was drooling at the sound of the sizzle. Yum. She could not wait to eat these bad boys.

Mika brought the pot of coffee to the table. She looked for milk but it seemed like Ryn forgot to buy it again. She shook her head and took the cups and saucers for the coffee. 

"Do you need me to tell the cook to buy your grocery when she goes to the market?" Mika asked as Ryn sat on her chair with a plate high with steaks.

"What for?" Ryn asked back, frowning. She placed the first steak on an empty plate, licking her lips hungrily.

Mika took out her phone and tapped on it quickly. Then, she showed what she listed yesterday.

Ryn did not even look at it. Her attention was already on the steak. Nothing else mattered.

"Ryn, look at me," Mika whined when she failed to get her attention. 

"You look the same so why should I look? The steak will get cold if I don't eat now," Ryn mumbled between her chewing. She sighed happily when the delicious beef 'melted' in her mouth. It did not matter how pricey the meat was as long as she could enjoy delicious steaks every single day.

Unfortunately, she still could not figure out the exact recipe Harry used for his steak. She would be happier to eat those steaks every single day, morning, afternoon, evening, night and midnight. Every time, everywhere.

Hmm... maybe she should contact Harry and ask for his recipe. He would not be stingy and refuse to teach her, would he?

The chewing almost stopped at the depressing thought. Harry was her friend so he would not do that, right? Besides, he did say he would make her steaks every time she wanted them.


Mika's whining really disturbed her concentration. Ryn finally looked at her best friend with a grumble. Why couldn't they just have their breakfast peacefully?

"What is it, Mika? Have you finished your oat? You want more?" Ryn asked, trying not to show her displease. She was trying to think of how to ask Harry for the recipe but this best friend of hers was so noisy, she could not concentrate!

Mika smiled. She ignored the dissatisfaction in Ryn's voice, too happy to finally get her attention. She showed her phone to Ryn with a grin.

"Do you see how desperate your situation is? You are almost out of these things and need to buy more,"  Mika pointed at the list she made.

Ryn took the phone and scrolled it. She did not give any positive reaction, more like a boring look.


"You are always busy nowadays and I bet you don't even have time to do your grocery. Why don't you just give the list of things you need and let the maid do the shopping for you?" Mika suggested. For her, the idea was rational because Ryn seriously was too laidback on this kind of thing. She did not care even if she was out of these important items as long as she could eat steaks all the time.

"Comparing meat and soap, which one is more important?" Mika asked.

"Meat," Ryn did not even need to think more than a moment. It was a no-brainer question. Of course, meat was more important. It was the main ingredients for her favourite steak!

"Ryn!" Mika groaned.

"What? Can we eat first before we talk about anything serious? My steaks are getting cold," Ryn turned back her attention to her steaks, no longer interested in the conversation.

Mika tried again to get her attention but Ryn ignored her. She was too happy indulging in her steaks.

Giving up, Mika turned her attention on finishing her bowl of oat. At the same time, she was also busy replying messages from her mother and relating to work.


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