Tell Me Again, My Love
229 Don“t you have to go to work?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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229 Don“t you have to go to work?

Mika waited until Ryn was done devouring all her steaks.

It took Ryn around fifteen minutes to finish every single steak without a word in between.

The bowl of oat which was Mika's breakfast was long safe in her happy stomach.

Mika tried to be patience. She could only receive Ryn's full attention once Ryn was done with her breakfast.

She should learn her lesson and never try to 'steal' Ryn from her beloved steaks. She would lose completely.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Ryn asked as she reached for her cup of coffee and sipped it happily. The plate was clean of any trace of streaks. Both plates.

"Can I finally have your attention, Ryn?" Mika asked in a soft voice.

"Hmm... what is it?" Instead of looking at Mika, Ryn checked on the time. She was after all having jobs today and needed to prepare herself before Mei Li came to pick her up. She needed to make sure she still has time.

"Ryn~" Mika whined when again she was being ignored by Ryn. She did not understand why it seemed so hard for Ryn to even look at her without being distracted by something else today. 

What was wrong with Ryn today?

"Okay... okay... we still have time. So, what is it you want to talk about?" Ryn crossed her arms and leaned back against the chair, looking at her best friend in bemused. Why was her best friend so cute this morning? She was acting so spoiled. It was fun in a way to tease her. Of course, when eating her breakfast, Ryn was serious because she was starving to the point she could feel her stomach doing a somersault.

"What do you think about my suggestion?" Mika asked.

"What suggestion?" Ryn asked in a puzzle.

"You really don't pay attention to what I said before, do you?" Mika cried when Ryn gave her a puzzled look.

"Are you sure you want to throw tantrum right now?"

Mika pursed her lips sulkily. SHe did not want to be kicked out by Ryn. Even though Ryn was smiling at her right not but who could guess what Ryn would do next?

"Calm yourself before we start talking," Ryn said as she gathered the dishes and walked to the kitchen.

Mika groaned but did not move at all. She waited for Ryn to do the dishes and returned back with two glasses of milk.

"Where do you get the milk?" Mika asked in surprised. She swore she did not see milk anywhere in the kitchen, not even in the chiller!

"I just remembered I have some in the cabinet," Ryn shrugged. It was after all the last milk powder she had. Later she had to remember to buy another bag.

Mika sipped it slowly. She waited for her best friend to be ready before she started again.

"So what do you want to talk about?" Because it was still early, Ryn did not need to be rushing to get ready. Even Mika could still reach her office right on time even though they spent half an hour chatting.

"About your grocery problem."

"I didn't know I have a grocery problem," Ryn frowned.


"Mika, don't worry about me. You should focus more on your wedding preparation," Ryn pointed out dryly.

"I am doing everything I could for the preparation. Don't worry." Mika waved it away. With grandmother and mother vetoed almost everything, what could she do now?

"So I don't have to worry as your bridesmaid?"

"Of course you have to help me. I won't let grandmother and mother decide on my hen party. I want you to plan it," Mika cried.

She almost had a headache at the thought of both elder women planning the most important party for her before she became Jason's wife. She wanted it to be splendid and memorable. She did not want it to be either too simple and boring or too serious and formal by including those business-related people. She wanted it to be intimate with people she knew and loved.

"Fine. I'll plan it for you. When do you want it?" Ryn asked, quickly taking out her phone to check her availability.

"Of course before the wedding and after the video shooting," Mika said with a huge grin.

"What video shooting?" Ryn frowned.



"Are you really serious or just joking around?" Mika choked out, trying not to get hurt thinking Ryn did not put much importance on her.

"I'm sorry, Mika. My mind is quite blur right now," Ryn apologized. "So, can you explain again what this video shooting all about?"

Mika looked at Ryn without blink, trying to ensure thia was not a prank. Then, after taking a deep breath to gather her calm, Mika opened her mouth to explain, "the advertisement for the latest collection. Also we need to prepare for our makeup launch."

Ryn facepalmed herself. She really did forget about that. Her mind subconsciously forgot about it because she did not want to work with that devil who used the name Jack to fool others.

"You really forgot about it," Mika gasped in disbelief when she saw Ryn's reaction. Never she saw Ryn behaving like this. In term of work, Ryn was so professional.

Even her mother said so. And Mrs Long always lamented for Mika to at least learn from Ryn, or imitate her a bit, especially when it came to work.

Because, compared to the workoholic Ryn, Mika preferef to have fun and play around. She loved spending her time with holiday.

In Mika's defence, she was not that lazy but she was working smart. Besides, even the doctor told her she must not put herself under pressure and that was what she as doing.

She was simply following the doctor's order.

"Well, I was truly busy. You can see it for yourself," Ryn shrugged. She of course would not confess the reason why it slipped from her mind. Mika would be more frustrated if she knew.

Then, Ryn frowned. She looked at Mika who was still sitting on the chair without blink. Mika was still wearing Ryn's pyjama and hadn't taken her shower yet.

And did not seem to make a move for it even though the time was ticking.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?" Mika asked.

"Don't you have to go to work?"

The smile on Mika's face froze.



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