Tell Me Again, My Love
230 I will do anything for you
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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230 I will do anything for you

The next day...

Harry was doing his last assignment when his phone rang. At first, he wanted to ignore it but when he accidentally glanced at it, he automatically reached for it eagerly. It was her. She called him!

"He... hello?" he asked nervously. His heart was pounding.

"Hello, Harry. Am I interrupting you?" Ryn asked. She was worried about disturbing him but at the same time, she really wanted to learn how to make the delicious steak. She desperately wanted to eat those steaks again and again.

"No... no... I was just watching a movie," Harry lied. He quickly saved his work and stood up. He sat at the edge of the bed, grinning widely.

"Oh... I am not interrupting your watching?" she asked again.

"No... no... no..." he reassured her. She would never interrupt him. In fact, this call brightened up his life today. 

"Oh... I just... Actually I'm sorry for calling you suddenly. I just..."  she paused. How to start asking him without sounding weird? It was just a recipe, wasn't it? But why was it hard for her to open her mouth and ask for it?

"What is it? Is there anything you need?" he asked eagerly. He would do anything for her, as long as it could make her like him more. 

"Actually..." she took a deep breath to calm her heart. Then, she opened back her mouth and said, "Can you teach me how to make steak?"

His eyes widened. Was his hearing playing with him? She needed what?

"Excuse me?" he choked out. "Can you repeat back what you ask me just now?"

She closed her mouth immediately. Was her question too weird and sound crazy until he had to hear it again?

"Erm... I really like the steaks you cook. So... so I would like to learn how to make it," she explained slowly, wincing when at the end of the sentence she almost sounded begging. She did not sound that desperate, did she?

"My steaks?" he asked again, just to make sure.

"Err... yes. I want to learn how to make the steaks," she nodded her head like a rattle doll even though she knew he could not see her through the phone. When she realized what she just did, she winced again. Was she turning into a brainless woman today?

"Of course. You can. I can teach you. I can even give you all the tips and tricks I know," he said eagerly. This was a golden chance for him to get closer to her. He must not waste this chance.

"Cool," she said happily.

"I will do anything for you," he blurted out before he could stop himself. Uh oh...

"Huh? What?" she did not hear him clearly. Will do something... something? About the steaks? What did he want to do with the steaks?

"Nothing. My throat suddenly dry," he chuckled nervously. He stood up and started to pace. What should he do now?

"Oh..." she paused. Something sounded fishy just now but she could not pinpoint what it was. Maybe it was just her own thought. She quickly shrugged it off. Nothing else was more important than the steak recipe.

"Anyway... when do you want to learn it? Today?" he asked eagerly. He could not wait to see her.

"Tomorrow? Today I still have another job. Tomorrow after the show," she suggested, quickly checking her own schedule. In front of her was her planner. She already checked her availability and the most important thing, she must have a day off afterwards so she could practice.

Practice makes perfect, something she always kept in mind and followed thoroughly. 

She estimated to be done with her job around 4.00 p.m., adding with her travelling, she would reach home around 5.00 p.m. Then, she would need to fresh herself and get ready for the cooking lesson. 

"Can we start around 5.30 p.m.? You can tell me how much the cost of the ingredients is, I will pay them back. But I already have salt and black pepper so you don't have to buy them," she suggested. The timing was perfect for her, and she also did not have to have a headache fretting over the ingredients while working. He would prepare everything and she would pay him back.

"Okay. I am free at that time. I can... well, we will do it at your place?" he asked nervously, his heart pounding so hard he swore he could hear his heart pumping the blood. It was so loud.

Calm down, Harry. Calm down. You have to stay calm so you won't embarrass yourself.

"Of course at my place. I need to make sure the correct temperature for the stove," she nodded again, wincing again when she realized what she just did and even facepalmed herself.

She must stop nodding when talking on the phone. It would look silly and stupid if she did this in public.

She turned around when she heard her name being called. Again, she winced. Had they saw her acting like an idiot just now? She gave a wave, indicating she heard and noticed them. Her smile was a bit weird with her face turned a bit red as she blushed. This was so embarrassing!

"Okay. But..." he frowned, "I didn't know where you live. You've moved away."

She furrowed her brow at the accusation and sadness in his voice. Why did he seem like he was blaming her?

"Of course I will send you my address," she assured him. She would not let her chance of learning how to make delicious steaks go away. 

"Good," he smiled widely, it almost touched his hairline. 

"I will send you after this. Hey, I have to go now. See you tomorrow. Remember to prepare the ingredients," she reminded before she said goodbye and ended the call.

"Bye, see you tomorrow," he said cheerfully. He dropped the phone onto the nightstand and then jumped onto his bed happily. He was so happy he wanted to announce it to the whole world.

But he quickly controlled himself. He did not want due to his excitement he forgot to prepare everything he should prepare.

"I must make a list," he told himself and quickly jumped back to his feet. He took out a notebook and quickly wrote the recipe.

Once he was done with the recipe, he looked at the ingredients and frowned. If he wanted everything right and proper, he must go out to the market early in the morning to get the freshest ingredients. But... he still had a class to attend.

And it was Miss Magnolia's class!

He gulped. His eyes twitched uncontrollably. What should he do now?

Should he skip the class to go to the market or should he buy the ingredients after the class?

He was stuck in the middle now and wished he could make a decision quickly... and firmly. 


Ryn quickly approached them with an apology smile. She did not expect to take quite some time to ask Harry. But at least Harry agreed to give her the recipe. That was what most important to her.

"Sorry. I have to take that call just now. Can we continue now?" she asked.

"Yes," the woman replied with a wry smile, "Boyfriend?" she asked teasingly.

Ryn's eyes widened and she quickly shook her head, "No. Not a boyfriend. Just a friend."

"Ah... just a friend," both women shared a naughty look.

They never heard her having a boyfriend before and the look on Ryn's face was full of love. It was weird when Ryn said it was just a friend. Ryn must be trying to keep it as a secret. 

"He's my senior and I need his help with my study," Ryn said, thinking that learning how to make a delicious steak can be considered a study as well because it would consist a teacher (Harry) and a student (Ryn).

Ryn gave them a smile before winced when her phone rang. She excused herself yet again and walked to the corner of the room to answer the call. It was from Mika whom Ryn managed to persuade to go to work this morning. Of course, every an hour or two Mika would call to complain about her evil brother who bullied her by dumping so many works on her poor shoulders. And poor her did not even have the time to meet Jason because her workload was too much, she felt like crying now.

And each time, Ryn would spend several minutes to coax Mika and told her to stay strong. And of course, she also promised Mika could spend the night at her place again if and if Mika managed to stay at her office until 5.00 p.m.

So far Mika managed to keep fighting although this time her voice sounded sadder than the previous call.

"What's wrong, Mika?" Ryn asked, trying to stay calm. Dealing with emotional Mika she needed to watch her own temper and patience.

And of course, sometimes her own temper flared but each time, Mika would do the job of coaxing her or at least, showing her that she understood the reason behind the temper.

"I just heard Jeremy went to HQ again and I have to chair the meeting with the marketing managers from all of our sub-companies... again. And he only gave me half an hour to prepare~" Mika wailed.

Ryn rubbed her temple, sensing a headache coming. Shouldn't Mika use the time wisely by preparing herself for the meeting? Why, of all the things, this silly girl chose to pour her heart at her?

"Mika, calm down. I am in the middle of working right now," Ryn reminded.

The crying changed into sobbing. 

Ryn let out a sigh of relieved. Finally, she could think without the noisy cry. She took a deep breath to calm herself.

"Now, are you ready to hear me?" she asked.

"Yes, help me, please, Ryn," Mika choked out, wiping the tears on her wet cheeks with her pink silk handkerchief. She tried to stop her sobbing because she did not want the noise to interrupt her conversation with her lovely Ryn.

"Okay, you should first stop your cry. Then, start by reading the report of the previous meeting. You should have the minute, right? Read it thoroughly so none of the managers could fool you because I can promise you they will try when they know you only know about the meeting at the eleventh hour. And stop calling me while I'm doing my work. Focus on your own work first. Later, once it is time to leave, you can either pick me up or I will go to your office," Ryn explained slowly, hoping Mika would realize her mistake and stop interrupting her work. Mika should focus on her own work rather than finding excuses to call her!

"But... but..."

"Mika, you are the heiress of the company. Once your brother takes over the HQ, you are the one will be in charge of everything regarding the company. You have to start learning to manage it, do you understand?" Ryn said firmly, trying to get through Mika's muddled head so she could get serious with her work. "You are not going to be in charge of only the jewellery, the clothes and yes, the make-up but the whole thing. You cannot choose, Mika, because it is your destiny."


"Mika, time is ticking. You have to get ready now or you will be the one in the loose end. You can't jeopardize the company's future just because you don't have the mood to chair the meeting."

Mika mumbled something under her breath, which Ryn could not hear. And Ryn did not ask her to repeat it back loudly. Ryn waited for Mika's reply, waving her hand at the crews who were looking at her interestingly. 

Today it seemed like Ryn was too busy with the calls. It kept coming.

"Oh. I will follow your suggestion. Bye-bye, Ryn," Mika finally said.

Ryn ended the call with a heavy sigh. Her shoulder slumped down tiredly. Would this be the last call from Mika before the working hour ended?

Hopefully, it was the last call.

Ryn quickly approached them back. She apologized profusely, hoping they would not blame her for all the calls she received today. 

They just smiled and laughed, saying it was okay. Besides, with Ryn's special ability, the shooting would end in no time in the first take so these few minutes mean nothing to them.


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