Tell Me Again, My Love
231 The cooking lesson 1
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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231 The cooking lesson 1

Harry quickly kept his belonging into the bag and stood up once Magnolia left the room. Although yesterday he planned to skip this class and went straight to the market. But this morning when he woke up and was having his shower, he suddenly thought about the 'punishment' he might receive from Miss Lee. This lecturer was known for her coldness and heartless treatment especially toward those students she deemed as 'naughty'.

Harry did not want to be in the 'naughty' list. He wanted to score in this subject. No 1 of all his classmates and even coursemates.

He was not only the visual and wealthy but have a brain as well. And that was what he wanted to prove himself to everyone.

"Hey, Harry, wait up," a friend of his called when he was rushing toward the door.

"Where are you going?"  another friend asked.

"I have something to do. Bye," Harry refused to explain and just waved his hand as he walked through the door. He did not want to waste any time. The market was waiting for him.

Ryn was waiting for him.

He walked as fast as he could to the exit but it seemed the road to his car was full of challenges. Every few seconds he would be stopped by some of his friends. All of them were asking him either to hang out together at the mall or a club or play a game or two.

Each time he just smiled, apologized and told them he already had another plan. Never once he revealed that he would be spending time with Ryn.

The usually five to ten minutes journey from his class to his car turned into almost an hour before he could reach his car. Without wasting another moment, he quickly unlocked the door and got into the car.

He started the engine and drove the car away before more of his friends came to interrupt him.

Instead of the market, he headed toward the largest supermarket in town. It was already too late to go to the market and all the fresh ingredients were obviously sold out.  It was better to go straight to the supermarket than wasting his time looking for ingredients at the market.

He quickly found himself an empty parking lot and parked the car in the basement. Then, he headed toward the entrance while checking on the list he prepared earlier.

It took him almost an hour to do the grocery shopping. He chose carefully for each ingredient, not caring at all how much it cost. Even though Ryn repeatedly told him she would reimburse back the price, he would simply throw the receipt away and pretended to be dumb. She would not be able to do anything if he insisted to treat her. 

He pushed the cart full with his shopping to the car. He could not stop grinning happily. He could not wait to see her. It felt like ages since the last time they met.

He put everything into the bonnet and then pushed the cart toward the cart's holding section. He almost skipped happily like a little boy but managed to control himself. There were still people at the carpark. He did not want to be seen as a crazy man.

He was just a man in love who was going to see the love of his life.

He started back the engine. Instead of driving out of the parking lot, he took out his phone and scrolled it to get her address. He put it in his GPS system and waited for a while. The system only took several seconds to locate the address. He didn't play a song at all. The music in his ear was enough for him.

"Ryn, I am coming," he murmured, holding onto the steering wheel firmly with his eyes shone brightly.


Ryn adjusted the dress she was wearing while still lining up, waiting for her turn. The show was starting and she heard the emcee was talking, hyping the place with his jokes and sly words. Ryn lifted her head up and smiled at the model standing in front of her.

"Alright, it's your turn," the floor manager told them and waved her hand to signal the first model to start walking to the stage.

Ryn rubbed her hands to warm herself up a bit, then, pasted a professional smile and started walking on the stage.

The show for today was the latest collection of luxurious watches from the LD brand. 

Instead of the usual rectangular shaped stage, it was a T shaped stage and each one of them would need to walk two by two before separated at the end to go to each side individually before exchanged their position before returned back to the start of the stage.

Then, once it ended, the models would mingle with the guests. Each one of them knew the watch they were wearing so it was easy for them to explain it to the guest.

When the party ended, everyone was happy. The models did a good job promoting and showing off the watches. The company was happy the launch party was a success. Even the guests were happy to be among the first to see the new collection. They even ordered it to make the watches their own collection before others could do the same. 

Mei Li quickly handed a cup of hot cocoa to Ryn when she returned to change her clothes. Ryn murmured her thanks and sipped it slowly. Finally, her stomach felt warm enough. The whole time she was working she had to cover her coldness. The sleeveless green dress could not protect her from the coldness of the air conditioner. It was heaven once she sipped the hot drink.

"Are you alright? Tired?" Mei Li asked as she took back the half-empty cup from Ryn. "Hungry?"

"I'm okay. Wait for a while, please," Ryn said as she went into the room to change her clothes. When she returned, she was in her usual black jeans and a green top. Her hair which was gelled for the party was ruthlessly pulled into a ponytail and covered with a cap. Her eyes were covered with sunglasses.

She was also wearing a black sweatshirt to protect her from the cold.

"I'm ready. Let's go," Ryn said as she put her hands in the pockets.

Mei Li quickly followed her toward the door. Their job was done and it was time to return home.

"I have bought the tickets for tomorrow. I will pick you up around 8.00 a.m," Mei Li told her on the way to the apartment.

Ryn sighed. Her schedule was getting fuller and fuller. She doubted she would get a few days off to sleep. Of course, the reason why she agreed for so many works because she needed to free her time for Mika's special day. She decided to take two months off work so she could focus on Mika.

Hence, her crazy schedule these days.

"Hmm... are you sure you can leave others and follow me the whole time?" Ryn asked. She knew Mei Li was working on cultivating Harry into a top model but with her kept following Ryn around, when would Mei Li has the time to help Harry?

"Of course. You need all the help," Mei Li answered quickly. She was feeling weird about the question.

"What about our new model, then? I can do it alone but I doubt he has the experience to deal with it by himself. You should focus on him," Ryn pointed out.

"Harry?" Mei Li cocked an eyebrow. The new model was obviously Harry.


"Err..." Mei Li was speechless. When dealing and arranging with Ryn's busy schedule, she almost forgot about Harry. Deep down she felt guilty for the young man. She was the one coaxing him to sign the contract and now the one who neglected the talent he has. Her cheeks turned red with ashamed.

"I'll reimburse you back for the ticket if you want to stay here and help Harry," Ryn said. She knew Mei Li almost forgot about Harry because of her and felt sorry for the poor Harry. Of course, she did not tell Mei Li that Harry was coming to her place to teach her how to make delicious steak.

It was a private lesson, a one to one session.

She did not want Mei Li's appearance to disturb Harry's concentration.  She was used with Mei Li and did not feel anything when her manager was there but Harry was still uncomfortable with Mei Li.

As his senior in the modelling industry, it was her job to help to make him feel welcome and comfortable when working. Of course, she hoped he would not be so naive and innocent because this industry could be cruel especially to an innocent lamb like him.

"Are you sure, Ryn? You really can do it alone? You don't need me to help you?" Mei Li asked worriedly.

"I'm sure. Focus on Harry and at the same time check for more suitable work for me. I do need to pay for the house," Ryn shrugged.

"Hmm... okay. I will just pick you up and send you to the airport, okay?"

"That's good enough for me."

The car stopped in front of the building and Ryn quickly undid her safety belt. "I'll see you tomorrow. Bye."


Ryn watched as the car drove away. Then, she took out her phone and called a number. She already set it as a quick dial for her.

"Hello? Harry?"


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