Tell Me Again, My Love
232 The cooking lesson 2
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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232 The cooking lesson 2

Harry quickly tapped a button to accept the call. He smiled widely when he heard her 'hello'.

"Hello, Ryn."

"Where are you right now? Are you coming?" Ryn could not stop from being excited at the thought of the delicious steak. If only Harry knew the excitement was not because of him but more toward his cooking talent, he would be speechless.

"Yes. I am on the way. About twenty minutes more," he glanced at the GPS system and told her.

"Cool. I've informed the security. You just tell them my name and house number," Ryn instructed.

She walked toward the security post and knocked on the door. The door opened and the security man stood in front of her. Ryn smiled.

"I'm sorry to interrupt. I'm Catherine from 5-15. A friend of mine will come. His name is Harry Si. I hope you can allow him to come in."

"Catherine from 5-15. Harry Si you say?" the security man asked, writing on his book note.


Once the security man confirmed the detail, Ryn thanked him again and walked to the elevator. Her heart was singing happily at the thought of delicious steaks.

She did not bump to any of Irene's gang, which was a relief for her. She did not have the time to face them. She was running out of time.

She simply dropped her bag on the couch before walked to the kitchen hurriedly. Her phone was placed carefully on the counter. Right now, her mobile phone was the most important thing for her. It was the only way for her to know when her delicious steak would come.

Although the kitchen was clean because she always made sure she cleaned everything after cooking, she still grabbed a kitchen towel to wipe the counter. Then, she took out dishes. Although she did not know the correct ingredients for the delicious steak, she just assumed how many bowls and plates they need. She also prepared iced lemon tea for him. He would be thirsty when teaching her, right? Better prepare everything or get flustered in front of him.

She was still checking everything when the bell door rang. She almost jerked but managed to control herself. Then, checking her appearance for the last time, she quickly rushed to the door. She opened the door and smiled at Harry. 

Actually, she was smiling at the bags in Harry's hands.

And of course, Harry thought the smile was for him. He blushed.

"Come in. Let me bring these," Ryn welcomed him in and tried to take the bags but Harry stopped her.

As a man, of course, Harry would not allow her to bring the bags. He was a gentleman.

Ryn shrugged and leaded Harry in. She brought him to the kitchen and took a glass, "Iced lemon tea?"

"Yeah, sure. Thank you," Harry took the glass and sipped it slowly. He was happy to see how caring Ryn was toward him. She even prepared a drink for him because she knew he would be thirsty.

His heart pounded so hard. 

"Why don't you sit for a while while I unpack everything?" Ryn suggested. She gestured him toward the living room.

"I can do it..." Harry quickly reached for the bags.

"But," Ryn tried to stop him but seeing how determined he was not to allow her to do anything, she sighed and let him do whatever he wanted. Besides, he knew what he was doing.

She just stood behind him and watched him arranging everything on the counter neatly. She sipped her own drink quietly.

It took him no time to be ready. He washed his hands again. And then, he turned around and smiled at her. "Are you ready?"

"We are leaning now?" Ryn asked, just want to make sure.

"Yes. It's getting late so we should start now," he explained.

"You are the teacher," Ryn shrugged. She reached for the apron and washed her hands.

He grinned. He took out his own apron and put it on. He started to explain how to marinate the meat and how he made it so that when a person eats it, it melts in the mouth.

She looked carefully. She did not know he even made use of herbs to rub on the meat when cooking it. No wonder... no wonder what she ate the steaks he made, she always tasted the herb but could not see it anywhere.

He never stopped talking. He even reminded her many times the importance of timing, no more and no less.

"We let it rest before we can eat. Now, we can start with the sauce," he put aside the newly cooked steak and took a bowl. "Do you need to take down the note?"

"Oh yeah," she quickly rushed to get her notepad and a pen. Just now, he did not remind her about the note taking because it was a simple process and he believed she could remember it. But for the sauce, as it required more ingredients, he was worried she would forget one or two ingredients or the steps.

This time, as he made the sauce and explained to her all the steps needed, she became busy taking notes of everything. She asked whenever she was not sure about something and he explained it clearly. He was not stingy with the tips, always gave extra points on how to improve it or made it her own style.

He knew she had her own taste and she would improvise the recipe once she managed to master the recipe. That was what he did once he learned this recipe years ago.

"And now, your turn," he washed his hands once he was done.

Ryn put down her book and took a deep breath. Suddenly she was a bit nervous. Could she replicate what she just learned?

Harry crossed his arms and watched carefully as Ryn repeated back what he did step by step. He did not have to say anything or remind Ryn anything because she copied everything just like how he showed her. Impressive.

Even when she was making the sauce, she did not need his help at all. Of course, her eyes kept glancing at the recipe but his presence behind her actually gave her strength. She believed that he would point it out if she made any mistake. 

"Congratulations. You really do have talent in cooking," Harry praised.

They were now sitting at the dining table. Two plates of steaks and two small saucers of sauce were in front of them. They also had two clean plates and two sets of cutleries. Two glasses of iced lemon tea were each on their right side.

If there was a crystal vase full of red roses, it would make the atmosphere more romantic. And not to forget two big plump of white candles would make the situation better. Unfortunately, it was only Harry's wishful hope.

They were not having a candlelit dinner. They were simply enjoying the fruit of their work. 

Ryn looked one of the steaks. It was made by her after she learned from Harry. Somehow she was nervous. Would it taste as good as Harry's?

"Why are you looking a bit nervous, Ryn?" Harry asked when he noticed the look.

"I... I'm a bit worried, actually," she confessed.

"Worried?" Harry cocked an eyebrow. "What are you worrying about?"

She lifted her head and looked at him with her big eyes. Unconsciously she chewed her lower lip.

He gulped. He tried not to show how arousing it was when she was doing it. He knew she was not trying to deliberately seduce him. She was just being nervous. But he could not help his own reaction.

Why was she being so beautiful today? Of course, she was beautiful every single day but after spending time cooking with her, he found another of her, the domestic side, which was adorable. She was so focused on cooking, she did not look uncomfortable at all, even when using a knife. There was no hesitation when she touched the meat and when she put it in the hot pan. She was a natural in the kitchen.

And it made his love toward her deeper and deeper. 

"Ryn?" he called her name gently.

"Erm... what if it doesn't taste as good as yours?" It would be heartbroken for her if she could not cook delicious steaks for herself. She did not want to disturb him just to make steaks for her whenever she had the craving. She wanted to make it by herself so she could eat it whenever she felt like it.

"Don't worry. Practice makes perfect. Besides, you haven't tasted it yet. How do you know it's not good enough?" he coaxed her, smiling at how adorable she looked right now.


"Now, let's taste yours first so we can see what part should we improve," he lifted up his knife and fork and slowly cut the steak into a small piece. He did not dip it into the sauce but instead, put it directly into his mouth.

She looked at him nervously, waiting for his verdict on her cooking. Would he like it?


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