Tell Me Again, My Love
234 A nobody like her
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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234 A nobody like her

Mika woke up the next morning finding herself protected in Jason's arms. She lifted her head and pursed her lips slightly to receive a light kiss from him. He woke up earlier than her and was gazing at her face tenderly the whole time, enjoying seeing her smiling in her sleep. And he hoped she was smiling because she was dreaming about them.

"Good morning, love," he whispered.

"Morning," she mumbled and kissed his lips again.

He smiled, rubbing a finger against her lips... and smeared the lipsticks she wore yesterday. 

Uh oh... he finally remembered about the make-up. What should he do now to avoid receiving her wrath?

She looked like a ghost right now with her eyeliners and mascara all smudged. Even the white fluffy pillow underneath her head was stained by the makeup she wore when she was sleeping last night. She was quite 'active' when she was deep in her sleep, constantly move right and left every few minutes unless she was held by him. And that time the only time she would be as docile as a little white bunny.

Well... maybe he could bring her for a day of spa? She did love pampering herself.

Jason made up his mind and gave his fiancee another kiss to wake her up from her slumber. Then, he urged her toward the bathroom, making sure she did not look at her reflection in the mirror both in his bedroom and in the bathroom.

"Why are you so naughty this morning, love?" Mika giggled when she was pushed toward the huge shower area. She did not notice at all how he was behaving weirdly, just happy to spend time with her love.

At last, he carried her tired body back to the bed, grinning to himself. Maybe he could postpone the spa session later. His fiancee was still exhausted from their morning 'exercise'.

He lied next to her and gathered her closer to him. He kissed the top of her head gently, panting hard. He was tired as well, but satisfied.

And then, he grimaced. He forgot about the protection. 

Well, no matter. They were getting married anyway and he could support her and their future children. He hugged her even tighter, happy with his own thought.

They were just cuddling happily when someone knocked on the door. Jason lifted up his head with a frown. Who would dare to disturb their romantic moment?

"Who is it?" Jason asked loudly after he kissed Mika's temple gently and coaxed her to continue her sleep.

Mika obeyed and closed her eyes drowsily. 

Jason tucked her under the blanket more securely before putting on purple shorts and a white robe. He then walked toward the door while tieing his robe. 

"What is it?" he cocked an eyebrow at the sight of the butler. 

The butler gulped. He knew he just disturbed Young Master's time with his fiancee but this was important.

"Young Master, sorry to interrupt but... but there is a group of people come and say they are your... relative..." the butler reported.

"My relative?" Jason frowned.

As far as he knew all his relatives lived far away and he recognized every one of them. They would meet once or twice a year at his grandparents' place. And he never heard any news regarding any relative needs any help or his parents would tell him.

"Young Master?" the butler asked when he saw his young master just kept quiet.

"Hmm... Bring them to the living room. I'll come later," Jason decided and closed the door.

He needed to take another shower. He did not want any smell from the activity he did with Mika just now still attached to him resulting to other guessing what he just did with Mika. Whatever he and Mika did were their private moments.

He changed into a black shirt and black pants. His wet hair was dried with a hairdryer and combed neatly. Before he left, he kissed Mika again and told her not to worry. She could wake up anytime she wanted.

When he entered the living room area, he saw a group of four sitting on the couch. All four of them were gawking as they looked around. Jason frowned.

Who were they? He did not recognize any of them.

The butler who followed behind Jason cleared his throat and announced Jason's arrival.

The four of them quickly stood up and looked at Jason. The elders and the boy was smiling nervously while the girl was staring at him without a blink.

Jason ignored them and took a seat on the lone couch. He crossed his legs and looked at them.

"I heard you claimed you are my relatives?" Jason cocked an eyebrow. There was no friendliness tone in his voice. Before he could confirm their claim, he would take whatever they said with a grain of salt.

"Yes... yes... We are your relatives. I am Uncle Cheng and this is your Aunty Min," the elder man nodded his head quickly. Then, he gestured for his children, "Your cousin Ella and Tank."

The girl blushed shyly when Jason's eyes landed on her. But his eyes quickly looked at the boy sitting next to her before Jason looked back at the couple.

"Which part of the family you come from? Why I haven't heard of you before?" he asked.

As he finished the question, the family of four started to cry and stammer. Even the girl was wailing hard.

Jason winced. This was a joke, right? He had no time to deal with this.

He gestured for the butler to approach and he obeyed. 

"Call my parents to return now," he ordered. Even if he made a call to his parents, they would not be able to give a proper answer before they could see face to face with the family to confirm their claim. Better to call them to come back quickly to deal with this.


At the airport on the same morning...

"If anything happens, call me," Mei Li reminded when Ryn leaned forward to look at her in the car.

"Of course I will call you. Don't worry. Go work on Harry," Ryn chuckled seeing the worried look in Mei Li's face. It was as if she was a mother worrying over the daughter who will move away.

"Don't forget. Bye," Mei Li said.

"Bye," Ryn waved and closed the door. Then, she stepped back and watched as Mei Li's car leaving the departure gate.

Time to go now, her heart muttered. She adjusted the cap on her head and the sunglasses. Despite her being relatively low profile when travelling, some people did notice her. She used one of the machines to check-in and then headed straight to get through the security to the departure halls.

"Catherine?" Irene's eyes widened when she saw a familiar woman pulling a bag toward the departure halls.

She and her family were on the way to Paris, France for a short vacation. She did not even expect to even meet her enemy in the airport.

"Irene dear, what's wrong? Are you in pain anywhere?" an elder woman came and asked her worriedly. The woman was her mother and she, being the youngest, was the apple of the family's eyes.

And when she signed a contract as a model, her whole family was so happy her father gave her a new sports car, her mother gave her a new set of Cartier jewellery, her big brother gave her a whole collection of the latest 'G' dresses and her two sisters gave her lingerie from VS each.

All of them even attended her first show to give her support.

But her proud moment, the feeling of being on top of the whole world was diminished by that woman.

Irene's eyes narrowed. She would not let her spot as the best supermodel in the whole world being challenged by a nobody like Catherine.

Who was she by the way? Just a daughter of God knew who, came from God knew who. She did not even own a car and came to class either by bus or depending on her own manager. It was clear she was a nobody.

Irene scoffed.

Regardless of what Catherine did in the past to make those brands rushed to work with her, now with Irene here, those brands would come to her. Soon enough, they all would forget the name Catherine and only remember the name Irene, the most famous supermodel in the whole world.

"It's time for us to leave. Let's go," her big brother announced. He pushed the trolley full with their bags toward the departing halls with the others followed. 

Ryn, unaware of Irene being in the same airport as hers, quickly headed to Starbucks to eat. She was starving and wanted to eat while waiting for her flight to arrive. It was two hours before the departure time and she had a lot of time to eat and sleep.

She checked her phone while sucking her Java Chip Frappuccino Blended Coffee happily. It seemed like she forgot to post a photo for the day in her IG account. She quickly took a photo of her second breakfast of the day and posted it online. Then, she put it down and enjoyed her sausage and eggs croissant and also banana chocolate muffin. Once she was done, she stood up and bought herself another banana chocolate muffin and sugared doughnuts. 

Now she was finally sated and ready to face the world, or right at the moment, killing her time while waiting for the departure time.


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