Tell Me Again, My Love
236 A mediocre model
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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236 A mediocre model

Ryn reached the hotel half an hour after the flight arrived at the airport. Instead of buying food at the airport like she always did after a long hour flight, she quickly got into the taxi and told the taxi driver her destination. She only needed to tell the driver the name of the hotel and the driver told her in broken English he knew where it was. Ryn thanked him and quickly got into the vehicle.

All she could think of was to check in the hotel and then she would go search for food. Of course, she would contact the staff to announce her arrival and to confirm the correct locations and times for the rehearsal and fitting.

The time was running out and she needed to ensure she would not get late for both the fitting and the rehearsal. Yes, today she had to go to two places because she accepted two jobs here. The photoshoot would be tonight and the show would be tomorrow's night.

She was so fast in her movement that still she did not notice Irene and her family was using the same flight. Of course, as people who use the first class, they got out of the plane faster than those in the economy class. Irene did not have the chance to check whether her assumption was correct or not because the family was famished and wanted to find a high-class restaurant to have their meal.

A driver was already waiting for them and quickly reached for the trolley to push all the bags. Even though they were 6 people altogether but the bags they brought were more than twelves! This was not included the handbags they were carrying.

Ryn finished checking into her room and contacted the crews. She already received the address and planned to go there after having her meal. She was so starved she knew she needed to double her intake of food. She followed the bellboy to her room, musing what food should she eat today before leaving. Despite her stinginess in spending money, Mei Li actually booked her a six-star hotel to stay for these two days before she flew to another country for another job. She did comment upon it when she knew but Mei Li told her the hotel was closer to the venue of her work so suck it up and just smile. Mei Li also reminded her about the traffic problem there if she was to take another cheaper hotel within her usual budget but far from the venue. Ryn would not want to waste time in traffic, would she, Mei Li asked. And Ryn could only agree with Mei Li's decision. Besides, it was not as if they could not afford it.

Ryn thanked the man for sending her to her room and handed some tips to him. She then pushed her bag beside the bed and went into the bathroom. She felt so sticky and needed to take a quick shower to freshen herself. She also made quick work of washing her underwear and hung them at the hook. Then, she changed into another set of clothes and hung her used clothes to make them dry. If she had the time tonight, she would wash them quickly so she could wear them on the day she checked out.

"Oh my God, I'm so hungry," she murmured sadly and reached for her bag, looking for a snack or two. She did buy them before the departure, to tide her hunger at bay. She quickly ate two packets of Snickers and let out a sigh. Her hand was already holding a small bottle of mineral water provided by the hotel. She gulped twice before closing the lid back.

Much better. She no longer felt like dying. But she knew sooner or later she still needed to eat something heavy.

Now she was ready to face the world. She checked the time and smiled. She still had the time. She would stop at any food stall to eat something on the go, she decided. If she was to go to a restaurant or café, she would waste more time and might be late for the meeting.

"We'll eat steak tonight," she told her stomach, patting the slim stomach in a coaxing manner. She hoped it would not throw tantrum during the meeting and demand food. She did not want others to call her glutton (although everyone who had worked with her already called her that… and also Sleeping Beauty. She was known as the Glutton and Sleepy among them). She wanted to give a nice impression to her employer and fellow colleagues, again forgetting that some of them already had the experience working with her and even loved bringing her to a restaurant just to watch how much she devoured without worrying about her weight at all, unlike them.

And unknown to her, some of the models who learned that she would work with them already planned to bring her out for dinner, just to see how much she could eat. One of them even planned to record this to upload into her own YouTube channel. No doubt her fans would love to see the 'mukbang' video she would upload later after the dinner. The others also planned to do a live Instagram session just to record their dearest Catherine enjoying her food. For them, Ryn had the ability to make the food look so delicious without trying so hard. Even those who were on a diet tried to avoid eating with Ryn just to avoid the temptation. That was how enjoyable Ryn was when eating until it drove others to want to eat the same food too.

Ryn quickly checked her backpack to ensure she did not leave her wallet and a pair of heels. She also did not forget to bring a power bank and earphone. Now, she was finally ready and quickly walked to the door. She should not waste more time or she would not be able to eat anything before the meeting. She must eat something or she would die.

Half an hour after Ryn left the hotel to search for food and then go straight to the venue, Irene and her family entered the hotel. They did not see each other at all. Irene's brother quickly went to the receptionist to check in their rooms. Irene joined her other family members sitting at the lobby, enjoying the welcome drink provided.

"Here are the keys for our rooms," her brother finally returned from the counter and started to hand the hotel room key to them. Each one of them would have their own room while their parents would share a room.

They went into the elevator. The bellboys would follow them later. Because of how much the bags they brought, two bellboys were needed to bring everything to their respective room.

Irene entered her room and dropped her handbag onto the bed. She walked to the huge sliding door and looked outside. She could see the Eiffel Tower from her room.

"Irene Baby, are you alright?" her third sister asked, placing a hand on Irene's shoulder. She and the second sister noticed their youngest sister's mood. Instead of going into their own room, they followed their little sister into her room, making sure the door was locked so that their parents did not know about this.

"Nothing, sisters. Maybe I am still tired from the study," Irene lied as she threw a smile at her sisters. She did not ask why they were here. They were so close and she was used being spoiled by them.

Both sisters shared a look. Should they believe their baby sister? They noticed the moment they reached the airport, their baby sister looked different, as if she was thinking about something, a huge problem. As elder sisters, it was their job to help their baby sister.

"Well, why don't you have your bath first? We will go back to our room. And, remember, in half an hour to get ready. Mom wants to go shopping first," the second sister reminded.

Their itinerary during the vacation was shopping, shopping and shopping. And also tomorrow's night they all would attend a fashion show by their favourite designer, MK. So today they would go to MK boutique to buy a new dress to wear for tomorrow's show.

"Hmm… I know. Go and fresh yourself. I'm okay," Irene nudged them to go to the door. She did not want them to be in the same room anymore, feeling suffocated with questions given. She just wanted to be alone so she could gather her mind.

She slid the sliding door and sat on the rattan chair at the veranda. Her legs crossed as she rested her chin on her hand. Her face frowned.

Why until now she still could not forget that nobody? The thought of Ryn here in Paris came when she just reached her room. Ryn could not be here, could she? She had no reason to be here, right? Even if she was a model, her scope would not reach until international level. She was a mediocre model after all, not worth to remember.


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