Tell Me Again, My Love
237 Eating disorder
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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237 Eating disorder

Ryn adjusted the heels while waiting for her turn. They were now at the park and in the middle of shooting photos for the latest collection of JC shoes. She was working with three other models and they were kind enough to give her some snacks when she arrived. It was as if they knew how starving she was after the rehearsal.

She quickly went forward to join her partner when it was time for her in the frame. With the Eiffel Tower as the background and the lights from the crews, it gave a sort of romantic atmosphere. Ryn played around with her partner and the camera. Even the other two models joined them with the cameraman busy clicking his camera.

For the four of them, they showed off 24 pairs of heels. Ryn even changed her hairstyle twice, much to the amused of her fellow models because she looked so cute with the twin buns on her head. The director then gave them a thumb up, smiling happily seeing their work.

"Time to eat," Ryn said happily. Her stomach was growling, demanding steaks she promised earlier.

"Dinner, director, are you going to treat us?" her model partner asked with a grin.

"Yes, director, our bunny girl even laid on her back just now to show off the heels," another chipped in, giggling as she wrapped her arm around the hungry Ryn.

The director looked at Ryn who was giving him her hopeful eyes. He rubbed his nape sheepishly before nodded. "Fine. Dinner is on me."

"Cool. I've booked a room for us," the third model announced.

"You… you have planned all of this, haven't you?" the director pointed a finger at the model but she simply giggled while patting the buns on Ryn's head playfully.                                                                                                                            

The crews looked at the director and when he shrugged it off, they all shared applause of happiness. The dinner would be sponsored by the director!

They all packed into two vans and quickly went to the restaurant where the model already booked. The models were grinning cheerfully, looking at Ryn with interest. Even the director was quite puzzled with the way the girls were looking at Ryn. Was he out of the loop or something? Were the girls having a secret?

"Right now we're on our way to a restaurant and we are going to show you," the model who owned a YouTube channel deliberately aimed her camera toward Ryn who was looking outside the window, "How we eat in a restaurant."

"Later I will have a live session with all my fans. Stay tuned," another model winked at her camera, also making sure the frame included Ryn who was day-dreaming.

The director frowned even more. He looked at Ryn before at the girls. Somehow he felt like the secret was related to Catherine. Hmm…

They soon reached the restaurant. The girls were making sure Ryn was not left behind while the model who booked the room in the restaurant told the waiter. The whole group went into the room led by the waiter with the girls except Ryn sharing a secretive smile, the director was gazing at the girls suspiciously while Ryn and the rest of the crews were looking around hungrily. It could be said that only four out of the group were not thinking about food currently.

The waiter handed them the menu. Every pair of eyes looked at the director. The director reached for his and looked at the menu provided. With a sigh, he waved his hand, indicating that they could order whatever they wanted.

They cheered and quickly looked for food that caught their eyes. The waiter was having a busy day taking orders as everyone started firing out the name of the food and drink.

Ryn of course quickly checked the meat section. Unconsciously she licked her lips at the sight of a juicy and tender steak. Being working abroad made her slightly understood some foreign words. Of course all the words important to her like her favourite food and drink. She did not want to accidentally eat bunny food! Once she chose what she wanted, she gestured for the waiter to come closer.

"Erm… is this steak big?" she whispered in broken French. She did not want others to hear her question.

The waiter looked at the food she pointed and nodded. The restaurant provided

4 sizes of steaks based on the customer's preference. They even provided a selection of sauces to go with it.

"Can I have 2, medium, with black peppered sauce. No salad. For drink, I want iced milk," Ryn handed the menu to the waiter. She chose the biggest and heaviest steak for herself, hopefully enough until lunch tomorrow.

The models were sharing a grin while the waiter looked at her with widened eyes and dropped jaw. Two extra-large steaks for her alone?

The director who heard Ryn's order frowned. Something was not… His eyes widened. He finally remembered. Ryn was the model famous not only for her one-take shot and always sleeping when she was getting ready, but she was also known among them in the industry for someone who loves eating so much but not gain anything from it. He glanced at the giggling models and finally understood what inside their mind, especially those models who wanted to record the dinner for both her YouTube channel and Instagram live update.

 No wonder they quickly sat beside Ryn once they entered the room. While the clueless Ryn just gave them a smile, trying to control herself.

They chatted while waiting for their food to be delivered. The director wanted to talk with Ryn, suggesting a future project with her but Ryn's attention was fully taken by all the models as they took turn chatting with her.

Soon enough a group of waiters came in delivering their orders. Ryn's eyes shone brightly at the two plates placed in front of her. She told the waiter to send them at the same time, deciding the table was big enough to hold all of their food.

The models who were ready with their camera and mobile phone quickly started recording. Ryn waved as well when she noticed the camera was pointing at her. At first, she thought it was just a second or two, just taking a picture to put into their IG account. But then she found herself in the same frame as the camera and the mobile phone as they were recording a video. Yes, a video!

The models who were recording busy eating while commenting about the taste but they could not stop from glancing at Ryn who had not reached for her fork and knife.

What was she thinking about? What was she waiting for? Didn't she know the recording was special to show off her ability devouring food?

"Erm… girls?" Ryn asked in confused.

"Yes?" the girls answered together, grinning.

"Am I missing something here?" she whispered, maintaining her smile at the camera.

"Nothing at all. You should start eating before the steaks get cold," the one who was doing Live in her IG account said, bringing the steaks closer to Ryn. The other two nodded, urging Ryn to eat.

Ryn looked at the director, uncertain with the situation.

"You better eat. It's getting late," the director waved his hand, telling Ryn to just shrug it off and eat.

Ryn glanced at her watch and saw it was late. She still needed to wash the clothes she wore during the flight. Shrugging off the girls' weird behaviour, Ryn reached for the knife and fork and started to enjoy her meal.

The girls shared a grin as they watched the first steak getting smaller and smaller.

Then, Ryn reached for the second steak and made a short work of it until both plates of steak clean.

The live session was full of comments. Some of the fans were shocked to see how quick the model next to their idol eating, while some even evilly commented that it was just a show and pretty soon Ryn would excuse herself to the bathroom to puke out everything she just ate. Pretty soon it became a bit of war and the owner of the IG account shook her head in disbelief at her fans. Did they really think Ryn was faking? This was not the first time she shared a meal with Ryn so she knew how much Ryn ate. A glutton like Ryn has an eating disorder?

What a joke!

Ryn finally lifted her head and saw the comments. Her brows lifted and she turned her head to look at the owner of the phone. The girl just shrugged.

"There are some people who have high metabolism even when he or she eats a lot, nothing will be showed," Ryn spoke in English.

Everyone looked at her in surprise.

"So far, I have yet to vomit back the food I eat so no, I don't know where eating disorder coming from. I think it is unfair for you to accuse without knowing who I am," she chewed another small piece and swallowed. Then, she smiled at the camera, "Of course, I don't think it is advisable for you to follow how much I eat because you will have to cover it with hours of exercise."

"All four of us have our own private coach and we can spend hours in the gym but can you do the same without going to work?"

The three models hid their laughter desperately. Ryn talking about exercise when she was such a glutton and lazy bum?


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