Tell Me Again, My Love
238 A family of gold diggers
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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238 A family of gold diggers

Ryn did not care how her words actually hurt the fans. She was pissed off when being accused of having an eating disorder. Why was it easy for people to think models must have an eating disorder to keep their body thin?

"Okay… okay… don't get angry, girl. They are just teasing," the owner of the IG account said, rubbing Ryn's to cool her down.

"Yes, drink this. So delicious," the YouTuber reached for her own drink and placed it near Ryn.

"It's time for dessert right, Mr Qin?" the third model looked at the director full of meaning.

The director just waved his hand. He too did not like this heaviness in the room. Even though Ryn was still smiling when she was eating, but they all could feel the temperature dropped several degrees. He only managed slightly to control himself from shivering.

"Alright, we're done with the live session. See you all later," the IG's owner winked at the phone and quickly ended the session. The YouTuber did the same, switching off her camera. They looked at Ryn worriedly.

"Are you alright, Ryn?"

Ryn sighed. She put down the fork and knife and looked at everyone, "I don't understand why people still think models don't eat. We have to eat or we will die!"

Their lips twitched at the words. Of course, some models did not eat much to maintain their body but others do. However, not one model could eat like Ryn and did so little of exercise but maintained her slim body!

A waiter quickly came in and took their dessert order. Even the director ordered chocolate mousse cake for himself when he saw Ryn ordered the same. How could he control his stomach after watching Ryn devouring two steaks? Those steaks never looked so delicious before and now he was craving one too. But he knew he could not eat steak anymore, only a small desert. Hence, when he heard Ryn wanted to eat cake, he ordered the same thing. Just in case he craved for it while watching Ryn eating it.

Some crews also had the same thought and they ordered the same thing as Ryn.

The three models decided to share one, knowing how powerful Ryn was. Luckily for them, they had a free day tomorrow so they could spend the time in the gym. How they wished they had high metabolism like Ryn so they could eat whatever they wanted without worry.

Once Ryn put a small piece of the cake using the dessert fork, the anger and frustration in her heart melted. She closed her eyes and let out a satisfied sigh. This cake was truly delicious. She wished she knew how to make it. It would be heaven to be able to eat this on every single day, right after she ate steaks.

They waved goodbye once they ate their fill. The models wanted to send Ryn back to the hotel but she declined. She wanted to walk around for a while to digest the food before returned. As the restaurant was not far from the hotel she was staying at, the models shrugged and waved her goodbye. The crews also said goodbye and returned to their place with a stomach full of delicious food.

Ryn walked slowly, following the street rather blindly. Her arms wrapped around her. Although she brought along her sweater but tonight was quite a cold night. She shivered a bit, even her nose was turning red. But it did not stop her from walking.

She needed to clear her mind. The feeling that she had been trying to forget come back and this time, it made her feel so sad. Why at the time like this she missed him so bad? Was it because of the Eiffel Tower? Was it because this place was known as the most romantic place in the world.

She lowered her head and sniffed. She tried not to let the feeling come stronger or she knew it would break her heart again.


Jason cocked an eyebrow when he heard the news. Were his parents serious?

"Are you sure you want me to accompany them?" he asked again.

His father sighed, rubbing his throbbing head. He looked at his beloved wife, seeing the uncomfortable look in her face. He felt sorry for her having this kind of sibling but they could not choose who they related to.

"Father, mother, you have given money to pay for their gambling debt and now you want me to help their kids?"

Jason could not believe what he just heard. When his parents returned, it turned out the family relative. Aunty Min was actually his mother's younger sister who ran away when she was young. They returned to ask for help and maybe because of guilt, his mother agreed to pay for the debt. Jason thought it was a one-off and later they would not need to face this family anymore. Who knew this family came again today and asked him, Jason, to accompany their children to a party? How outrageous!

And his parents actually agreed. How much guilt did his mother carry to just agree to whatever they wanted?

"I don't agree," Jason said firmly. He always obeyed his parents but this time no. He could see how greed filled in the family's eyes when they came for the first time. He could sense it but why couldn't his parents see it? It was as clear as the blue sky and the green in the forest.

"Jason, please. They are trying to be accepted in their group so I need you to give them a hand," his mother pleaded.

"Mother, they are using us. Can't you see it?" he replied. Then, he looked at his father, "Father, please tell me you agree with me."

His father sighed heavily. He could guess it but how could he make his wife understand?

She was so full of guilt. She blamed herself for his younger sister running away from home. If she did keep her watch carefully and did not let her little sister joining in the group of truants, she would not become like this. It was all her fault.

Jason looked at the both of them. His head was throbbing with this conversation. He could not believe it.

"Jason, please. For me? Just this once. You just need to accompany them for it once and that's all," his mother looked at him with tears in her eyes. She was pleading him to stop being stubborn and gave in just this once.

"Fine," he could not bear to see his mother cried so uncomfortably he had to agree with it. But he made himself take note of how many times this family would make use of his mother's guilt to take advantage of them. He, Jason, would not allow his family being used.

"Remember to pick them up at seven sharp," his mother reminded, now brushing the tears from her cheeks in relief. She went into her husband's arms and closed her eyes tiredly.

"Hmm…" Jason just gave that acknowledgement before he walked to his room. His mind was still trying to comprehend this. How could his mother simply agree to this ridiculous request when she knew as much as he does this family was using them to elevate their family to a higher place when they were nothing? This guilt thing… was it this powerful?

He locked the door and slammed himself on his bed. Then, he reached for his phone. He needed to talk about this with someone and asked for the person's opinion.


He closed his eyes when the person answered the call. "Hello, Jeremy. Am I interrupting your work?"

"Not really. Why?" Jeremy dropped his pen onto the table and turned around facing the huge window. It was hard for Jason to call him suddenly and from the voice, Jeremy knew something was not right.

"How do you deal with a gold digger? No… A family of gold diggers?" Jeremy asked in a straight forward manner. He did not want to beat around the bush, just simply want the answer to his dilemma.

"A family?" Jeremy frowned.

"My mom's little sister."

"…" Jeremy had no idea what Jeremy meant now.

As if Jason realized it was quite confusing to understand, he opened his mouth to explain, "My mother's little sister married a gambler and has a huge debt which my parents already paid. But it seemed like they are not satisfied with it."

"Ahh…" Now Jeremy understood. But then, he frowned, "I didn't know your mother has a little sister. Isn't she the youngest?"

"Apparently there is a younger sister. Grandpa already wiped her name off in the family chart and it makes mother sad," Jason sighed heavily. If this family did not come yesterday, he also thought his mother was the youngest of three. It seemed like whatever his youngest aunt did, it really made grandpa so angry until he made that decision.

"And now she is using that guilt to take advantage of our family."

Jeremy's eyes narrowed.

"Do you need my help?"

"Do you have any idea?"

Jeremy paused. This came so fast, he was unprepared for it. He was still taken back with the news. But, he knew Jason was counting on him.

"How about we have a drink later and discuss about this more?" Jeremy suggested. "Tonight."

"Okay. The usual place?"

"Yes. And at the same time."

Both agreed with the time and place and said goodbye. Now, Jason was feeling better. Two heads were better than one and he had no doubt he would be able to kick this cockroach family away from his family soon.


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