Tell Me Again, My Love
240 How could it be her?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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240 How could it be her?

Ryn sniffed and rubbed her nose. Luckily after the crying session, her eyes did not go swollen. They only felt dry and uncomfortable. So when he met the rest for the rehearsal, no one knew about her pitiful crying session as she came with a smile on her face, acting as a happy-go-lucky girl like usual.

She listened to the explanation of the floor manager and joined the girls walking down the S-shaped stage. They practice once walking on the stage before they went backstage to put on the makeup and hair. Time for the show was getting closer and they had to hurriedly get ready. The group of assistant designers were busy doing the last-minute alteration once the clothes were wrapping on the models' body. Even Ryn needed the adjust because her waist got smaller than yesterday.

Ryn frowned a bit. Did crying make her lose weight?

"Alright, get ready to your position," the floor manager cried, clapping her hands together as she gestured for everyone to get ready.

Ryn hurriedly ran toward the stage. She was the fourth to go and a bit worried with the heels she was wearing. The heels were quite sharp, as sharp and thin as a needle. Could it hold her weight? She looked at the other models and shared the same look. All of them were worried but this was work and they all had to be professional.

Irene found her seat. She gestured for her mother and sisters to sit as well. Although they could not sit in front but the place they were located was still okay. They still could see the stage clearly. Her second sister quickly took out her phone to take a picture of them. In fact, the four of them started to take selfie and welfie. They arrived early so not many were there, especially the VVIPs.

"I am so excited," Irene said, rubbing her hands happily.

"It's not your first show so why are you more nervous?" her third sister chuckled.

Irene shook her head. She used her mobile phone as a mirror and checked her face yet again. Her make-up was on point, thanks to her third sister. Her third sister was good in make-up and even have her own YouTube channel. She once appeared in her sister's video, being the model for a make-up tutorial for a wedding guest in a summer wedding. Even today, her third sister was recording vblog for her channel.

Irene was not interested in doing YouTube videos. Watching her sister busy editing after recording showed how time-consuming and tiring it was.

Soon enough more people came into the room. They were chatting happily and taking pictures once they found their seats.

Irene's eyes widened when a very familiar figure walking toward the front row. Her cheeks turned red when she felt his eyes landed on her. Did he just look at her? Did he just smile at her?

She looked down and checked her lipstick again, worried the lipsticks stained her teeth. Nope. Her teeth were still white and her lips were still staining her ripe lips perfectly.

Her second and third sister shared a knowing grin seeing their little sister being shy all of sudden. Only their mother did not notice it. She was busy chatting with her friends in WeChat.

They all quickly straightened themselves when the light went out. A slow music was playing with white fog filling the start of the stage. The show was finally starting.

One by one model walked on the stage. At first, none of them noticed it, too mesmerized with the dresses the models were wearing. It was until the third model almost fell down but managed to cover her mistake did they noticed the needle-sharp thin heels.

Everyone gasped, even the media who came to take pictures of the latest collection of MK dresses.

Who… how….

But Irene's eyes were stuck on the fourth model who was strutting along the S-shaped stage without any problem in her thin dangerous looking heels. Ryn even paused to give time for the cameramen to take photos of her before turned and walked back to the start of the stage.

Irene could not believe her eyes. She even rubbed her eyes, ignoring the fact she was wearing double lashes and a lot of mascaras. Her third sister who was sitting next to her opened her mouth to admonish her but paused in shock.

As the sister thought, Irene's make-up was ruined but Irene did not seem to care.

Irene stood up so she could see clearer. Her heart pounded. No, it must not be that Ryn. It should not be that…

"Baby, what's wrong?" her mother asked seeing her weird behaviour.

"Tell me that model," Irene pointed at Ryn, "not who I think she is."

The three of them looked at where Irene pointed, frowning. All they could see was an Asian model walking with other Europe models. What was wrong with it?

"Do you know her?" her second sister asked.

Irene's top teeth sank into her bottom lip. Know? Of course, she knew that liar. The question right now was how could MK chose that liar walking in the show? Instead of that liar, MK should choose her instead. She was better than that liar!

"Irene?" her third sister asked when Irene did not answer her sister's question.

"Baby, are you alright? Sit down. Don't make a scene," her mother signalled the third sister to pull Irene down back to sit on the chair.

Irene obeyed but she could not stop from staring at Ryn until she disappeared behind the stage. Her jealousy and temper flared even more. Her mind was busy thinking how this happened? Was MK blind until he chose a liar to be a model in his show?

Ryn quickly took off her heels with the help of the assistants waiting backstage before rushed to change into the next outfit. This time around she not only changed into a different dress, but she also would wear a different pair of heels. She knew the other models were relieved too. Once she was done and the make-up artist and hairstylist giving her last-minute touch-up, she joined the other models waiting for their turn to walk for the second set.

Once the last model for the second set finished her walking, every model came out again and went to their position before MK walked out holding hand with his muse, the first model, waving his hand at the loud applause from every guest watching. His smile was from eat to ear as he bowed at them after receiving a bouquet of flowers. He waved again before walked back to the backstage along with the other models.

When Ryn returned back to the backstage, she joined the others clapping their hands to MK. Then, they joined for a group photo before the media came and wanted to interview MK and his muse. Ryn went to change her clothes. She was tired and hungry.

But the other models had a different idea. They pulled Ryn to chat and take more photos. They wanted to know the latest news from Ryn, having had no time to do so during the rehearsal because it was such a short time before the show. They also wanted to know whether Ryn already has a boyfriend, sensing something was different with Ryn this time.

Ryn just grinned and said no. She did not have a boyfriend and no, she did not have the time. She had to divide her time between work and study so no, there will be no boyfriend for the time being.

The models just gave her a funny look, did not really believe her but did not want to push her more. They did see how tired she was and remembered Ryn did not have her nap when she was putting her make-up and doing her hair just now. They also did not have the time for a snack and knowing Ryn, they could guess how starving the poor dear was. They finally let her go with a repeated reminder not to be too lazy when replying their message and always update her own IG account.

She mumbled a yes, she won't forget and quickly reached for her things. She must move quickly before the other models could stop her. It took her five minutes to put her own clothes together. She thanked the make-up artist, the hairstylist and all the other crews. She also went to thank MK who was in the middle of interviewing by waving her hand at him. Then, she gave the last wave at the models whom she bumped into and quickly made her escape. Her next stop… the nearest restaurant that was still opened.

It was getting late. The show ended quite late and hopefully, no, she prayed hard, that one or two restaurants were still opened. Her stomach was growling for food and she did not think she could hold it until tomorrow morning.

"Irene, dear, are you alright?" her two sisters and her mother followed her when she rushed out. They watched in puzzle when Irene looked around frantically.

"Irene?" her mother asked, turning her around and this time, looking her in the eyes. She could not hold her patience anymore seeing how crazy Irene was looking right now. What was wrong with her?


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