Tell Me Again, My Love
241 In the same hotel
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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241 In the same hotel

Ryn woke up with the ring of her phone. She blinked her eyes at the crying phone before turned around backing the nightstand. She reached for her pillow and buried her head with it, refused to wake up yet.

The second time she woke up, five minutes later, again because of the ringing of her phone. It was non-stop so whether she liked it or not, she had to force herself to wake up to answer it.

"Ryn, open your IG and check the comment," Mei Li told her, ignoring the usual hello and greeting. Her voice was urgent.

Ryn's eyes widened at the urgency in Mei Li's voice. She quickly disconnected the call and opened her IG account. Then, she checked the comments. Of course, as a public figure, she received a lot of comments for each of the photo she posted. She scrolled through it and frowned.

What was wrong with this girl? Accusing her of being a liar and not suitable to work with MK?

Without thinking, she clicked on the name to check who the person was. Her brows lifted up seeing a familiar face. Irene? What was wrong with Irene this time? Had she gone crazy with her quest to be the most popular supermodel in the world?

Ryn called Mei Li back. Her manager answered at the first ring.

"It was Irene, my classmate," Ryn replied before Mei Li could ask.

"Your classmate?" Mei Li choked out in shock.


"Why would she do that? I mean, spamming your photo?" Mei Li could not believe that this childish work was done by a university student. Had the requirement to enter a university being lowered down until a child could get in?

"She's crazy," it was all Ryn could say for the explanation. Irene's quest to become a top supermodel made her turned into an inconsiderate woman. Whomever she considered her rival would receive cold shoulder and Irene even pulled everyone else to make her rival a pariah. Luckily for Ryn, she did not care how others thought about her or she would turn crazy being treated so bad in the class.

"Even if we delete her comments, she kept sending more. I've tried to contact her privately, asking her what her problem was but she ignored me. She kept sending more comments until I felt like closing the comment section," Mei Li groaned. She was tired from this and wished Ryn could give her a better solution.

Ryn rubbed between her brows. She did not know how else to describe Irene's craziness. When they were starting their friendship, she did not notice it but once Irene was signed as a model, Ryn noticed her narcissist and selfishness, and even how the other girls just allowed Irene to do whatever she wanted.

"I'll post something. You keep on eyes on the comment," Ryn finally decided before she ended the conversation again. This time she checked all the photos she had taken and chose one.

A photo of her clutching her portfolio in front of MK building, looking excited but at the same time nervous.

She posted it with a caption "Behind the smile on the stage, there are hard work, determination and tears. Never give up to reach your dream. Maybe on the first try, you might fail but go for the second, the third until you get it. Believe in yourself and… have a good heart."

She watched as her phone processed the post and smiled. Irene would get angrier but did she care? The sarcasm, in the end, was clearly for Irene and it was about time someone called her out for what she was, an unkind woman full with heart so black but did not know it herself.

"What time is it now?" she checked her phone and sighed. It was still early. She still had time for a shower and pack her bag before having her breakfast. She took out the flight ticket to check the time she should be in the airport.

She quickly grabbed the towel and rushed to the bathroom. Even when the phone started ringing, her focus was on cleaning herself while planning what time she should go to the airport. Enough time for her to enjoy breakfast here and enough time for her to enjoy a snack at the airport.

She put on her clothes, the one she wore when she came here and looked at her phone with a sigh. It seemed like Mei Li was truly worried when she could not stop from calling her.

Ryn reached for her phone and dialled Mei Li with a wry smile.

"Hello, Mei Li."

"Ryn, why didn't you answer the call?"

"I was having my shower. Why? What's wrong?"

"So far that person… ehem… Irene hasn't posted anything yet but are you sure about the last sentence in your caption?" Mei Li was worried because it was so provoking it could make Irene even angrier.

"Don't worry. That's my warning to her," Ryn replied as she used one hand to put all her belonging into the backpack.

"If you say so. What time are you going to the airport?" Mei Li changed the subject.

"After breakfast, I think. The traffic was still okay right now. Better to reach there early," Ryn shrugged. She did not mind arriving early at the airport. More time for snacking and napping.

"Take care. Once you have arrived at the airport, call me."

"Okay. Okay. Bye." Again Ryn disconnected the call. She shook her head at the thought of Irene being crazy again. She had no idea why Irene always looking at her like an enemy. What did she do to Irene to make Irene hate her so much?

No matter. It would only give her a headache if she kept thinking about this useless thing. She realized whatever she did would not satisfy Irene so better for her to continue her own life without care about Irene.

The thought was still in her mind when she was heading to the elevator to go to the restaurant for her breakfast. She waited until the elevator's door to open and stepped in, only to be surprised to see the elevator was not empty and one of them was actually Irene, the perpetrator of Mei Li's problem of the day.

"I'll take the next one," Ryn said, too lazy to be in the same place as this crazy woman. She would rather waste several more minutes for breakfast than facing Irene.

Before Irene could stop her, the door was closed and the elevator went down.

Ryn rubbed her temple and without a word, turned around and walked back to her room. She cancelled her plan to go downstairs to have her breakfast. No doubt Irene would be waiting at the door downstairs or she would make a scene in the restaurant.

"I can't believe she's in the same hotel," Ryn groaned. She thought she could have a peaceful breakfast before going to the airport but because of that crazy woman, she had to change her plan… and waste her money.

She reached for the menu provided for every room and looked at the breakfast section. Her stomach was growling for food and she knew one set was not enough.

She finally decided to have three sets of breakfast. She prayed it was enough for her stomach. Silently she cried for her money's fate.

Irene was pissed. She had been waiting in front of the elevators for hours… well, for the past ten minutes. But there was no sign of that liar anywhere. Of all four elevators, none of them opened up to reveal Catherine. All she could see were strangers walking out or going into the elevator.

Where was she?

Irene crossed her arms and growled. Was that Ryn looking down on her?

She looked at her ringing phone. Her brother kept calling her, asking her to go to the restaurant for breakfast.

By the second call, Irene was no longer pretending to be calm. She even raised up her voice at her elder brother, telling him to stop interrupting her life. Didn't he know how much pressure she was right now?

She started to pace in front of the lobby, ignoring the weird look coming from the people there.

A woman approached her carefully, asking if she needed any help but Irene answered by glaring at the woman angrily. The woman could not do anything because she recognized Irene staying at one of the rooms upstairs. She could not ask the security to bring Irene out, only could pray nothing bad would happen.

It was almost an hour later and still nor Ryn. Irene now was leaning against the wall, staring at the elevators without a word. Her body was shaking in anger.

This time around, no one bothered to approach her anymore. They let her be, as long as she did not disturb other guests.

Her family finally came from the restaurant. They were chatting happily but the chat and smile dropped seeing the black on Irene's face.

"You should go have your breakfast," her father said firmly.

"I need to-"

"Irene, go have your breakfast. We are leaving in another hour," her mother said.

"Unless you can get ready in less an hour," her brother cocked an eyebrow. Irene always took more than an hour to get ready and she hadn't had her breakfast yet.

Irene opened her mouth to argue but the rumbling from her stomach stopped her to do so. With a grumble under her breath, she stormed toward the restaurant.

"Any of you want to accompany her?" her mother asked.

"We're full," the elder brother said quickly, signalling the sisters to keep quiet.

"Well, let's go back to our room and get ready," the father decided and everyone got into the elevator that suddenly opened when the brother was about to punch the button.


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