Tell Me Again, My Love
242 The blame game
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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242 The blame game

Ryn dropped her backpack on the bed once she reached her hotel room. It was a long day for her. The stress for knowing she shared the same hotel as Irene, and then the flight got delayed for an hour. Then she was stuck in the traffic on the way to the hotel.

Although it was later from the time she planned to arrive but at least she still had time to rest for two hours before she had to leave for her next work.

She adjusted the temperature after checking the door. Then, she dropped herself on the bed and closed her eyes, right after she set the timer for one and a half hour later. Half an hour was enough for her to get ready and the crews would pick her up at the hotel so she was not worried of being late.

She slept peacefully at the thought that everything would be alright. Yup. Everything would be alright.

One and a half hour later she woke up and rushed into the bathroom to have a quick shower. Then, she put on another fresh clothes and contacted the crews where they were right now. She smiled when she knew she would have time to eat a real meal while waiting and told them she would be at the hotel's restaurant if she was not at the lobby.

She skipped happily to the elevator, no longer thinking about Irene. Her mind was full of food. She was hungry.

Right after she finished her meal happily, a call from the crew came in, telling her they were getting closer to the hotel. She went to pay the food and waited at the lobby, rubbing her full stomach happily. 

"Catherine, welcome to New York," a woman got out of the SUV and hugged her.

Ryn replied the hug with a cheeky grin. She greeted the others cheerfully. The nap gave her energy and clear her mind. She felt truly better and great and ready to work her cute butt out.

The SUV joined the other vehicles in the traffic. Ryn chatted with the crews, asking the theme of the photoshoot and what was expected. She also asked what they had been doing lately, their recent projects and if there were the latest funny gossips they could share.

Half an hour later the SUV stopped and the crews left, leaving only the hairstylist, the stylist, make-up artist and Ryn inside the vehicle. Ryn quickly changed her outfit while the make-up artist and the hairstylist took out their things. They were chatting while preparing, despite the director told them to make it quick.

Ryn approached the crews as they were just done preparing. She smiled as she took her place and once the director gave a signal, she started to pose.

"Quick… quick… quick… we're losing the light," the director reminded when Ryn rushed to change into the next outfit.

"What light he's talking about?" the stylist grumbled as she helped Ryn into the SUV to change into the second outfit.

"Who knows," Ryn replied.

Once she was done putting on the second outfit and heels, she went back to the set. The director was grumbling something about the light. Ryn lifted up her head to look at where the sun was and frowned.

"Ryn?" the director asked her.

Ryn looked behind, at the 'background' that they chose. Then, she adjusted her position and looked at the camera with a slight smile.

The director looked at the screen and his eyes lit up. The new position gave the feeling he wanted for the pictures. With a huge smile, he told the cameraman to continue taking Ryn's picture.


Mika put down the phone with a sigh. She only had today to finish handling everything before she took a flight tomorrow. So many things to do. So little time.

She reached for her phone again when she could not get through her assistant via direct line.

"Stephanie, where are the jewellery and the clothes for the shoot?" Mika called her personal assistant. She did not see any box in her office even though the flight would be tomorrow. They have to get ready by today. Everything must get pack quickly.

"They're on their way, boss," Stephanie replied. She raised her hand to make the others worked quickly. The boss was losing her patience by now and nothing was ready.

"I want to see them here in my room in less than 15 minutes. Times are ticking, Stephanie and I am not amused," Mika muttered and disconnected the call without waiting for Stephanie to reply.

Mika read another file while waiting for her team to gather everything she wanted. Her brows furrowed when the document still has mistakes. She thought she already told the officer in charge to redo it back during the meeting but she guessed this man refused to listen.

She threw the file onto the floor and reached for another file. Her mood was getting worst but she still needed to finish all these whether she liked it or not.

Luckily the next one was done perfectly. She put down her signature for approval before it would return back to the officer in charge for the next step.

While she was reading the third file, a knock on the door broke her attention. Without lifting her head, she muttered "Come in."

Stephanie led the team of people bringing dresses wrapped in plastic and accessories. There were two women bringing boxes. Inside the red satin boxes were the latest collection of the jewelleries.

Mika finally stood up after she put down her signature on the third file. She gestured for Stephanie to take the files back to its respective department.

"What… what about that one?" Stephanie asked, gesturing at the papers scattering on the floor.

"Burn it," Mika replied with a wave. She did not even look at the papers.

Stephanie gulped. She gathered the papers and arranged them neatly. It was a proposal for a huge project and Miss Mika wanted to burn it? Stephanie looked up at her boss in shock.

"If he comes and asks, tell him to forget about the project," Mika said firmly. Her eyes were now on the clothes, checking each one of them carefully.

"Arrange everything to each look," she said and everyone quickly did what she ordered. They were so scared of making her angrier. They knew her mood today was bad and wondering where Young Master Jason was at the moment. Only Young Master Jason could make their boss feel better. Or Miss Catherine.

But Miss Catherine was not here. She was not even in this country.

So they could only pray for Young Master Jason to come and save them.

Mika checked the jewelleries, narrowing her eyes as she checked them for the last time.

"Pack them," she ordered, rubbing her hands to starve off the coldness of the air conditioner. She reached for the remote control and adjusted the temperature.

"What about the flight?" she asked Stephanie while watching the team packing everything carefully.

"I have arranged everything including the resort. I also have contacted Mr Jack's team and everyone will gather at the airport at 2.00 p.m." Stephanie reported as she read her notepad.

"Good. What about Ryn?" Mika crossed her arms and looked at her assistant with a cock of her eyebrow.

"For Miss Catherine, I have contacted with her manager, Miss Mei Li. The flight for Miss Catherine will be the day after. But she will arrive maybe half an hour later from yours because the distance is closer," Stephanie reported.

"Hmm… good…" Mika went to sit on her chair, no longer watching her workers packing. She needed to finish all the files.

She finished everything in half an hour, no longer want to deal with these anymore. She told Stephanie to bring them back to the managers. She checked the packing team and finally a smile curled on her face.

But her smile made the others more nervous. They told themselves not to make any mistake and handle every single item carefully like a newborn baby.

"Oh, I think I almost die inside," a woman choked out when she was finally free to leave Mika's office. She even wiped the tears on her face, no longer care about the make-up on her face.

"It was all your fault. If we gather everything early in the morning, her mood would not get this bad," another woman blamed the third woman.

The third one, the timid one in the group, just cried silently. She was not the one in fault but she was scared to tell them. She wiped the tears on her face but the tears would not stop.

"Stop blaming each other. For tomorrow, the team that will follow has to be at the airport thirty minutes before 2.00 pm. Do not be late," Stephanie reminded. She had no time to listen to this blaming game. She still had more works to do.

Mika, on the other hand, was rubbing her stomach. Because of work, she skipped her lunch. Now it was almost 5.00 p.m. and her stomach was growling in hunger.

She checked her phone. No message from Jason. She frowned. It had been four days since the last day they met. Was her fiancé that busy until he did not have time contacting her?


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