Tell Me Again, My Love
244 Crashing the party 2
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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244 Crashing the party 2

Jason looked at Tank who was grinning. He tried not to show his disgust seeing the greedy eyes staring at his clothes and his car. What was wrong with this teenager? What had this family taught their children?

Jason cleared his throat and cocked an eyebrow. He then got into the car, no longer interested in coming into the house. The car he chose for today was the cheapest car he had and even it brought greedy in that boy's eyes. If he brought out his favourite, what would that boy react? Jason shuddered at the thought.

He checked his phone. Jeremy managed to coax Mika to follow him for the crashing the party plan. He could not wait for his fiancée. Just being here for a few minutes made his skin crawled. He needed his fiancée's embrace to make him feel better.

He played the radio again and waited for the siblings to get into the car. He glanced at the clock and frowned. Haven't they got ready before he came? It had been five minutes and there was no sign of the girl anywhere.

He checked the latest news while waiting. In his mind, if they still did not come in five minutes, he would just leave them and go to Mika. It was what he wanted rather than bringing the siblings to the party.

A minute before the five minutes' due date, someone opened the car's door and the siblings entered the car. Without saying another word, Jason switched the gear and drove the car away.

Ella who was sitting next to Jason glanced at him several times, hoping he would praise her. But he did not even look at her. Not even when she got into the car. She frowned. She took out her compact powder and checked her face. Her make-up was on point. Her hair was perfect. 

She looked behind at her brother but Tank was busy with his phone. She looked back at Jason, chewing her bottom lip in frustration. Why wouldn't he look at her?

Jason could feel the glances and ignored it. He was unhappy when the siblings came in. Just a minute more he could leave. Just a minute more. He was not happy with this.

In his frustration, he even hit the accelerator harder. 

It took them twenty minutes to arrive. He parked the car and looked around. This club he had never been before. He let the siblings led him, busy checking his phone.

Had Jeremy and Mika arrived yet?

Tank was happy to enter the club. He did not wait for his sister, just wanting to have fun.

Ella, on the other hand, was looking at Jason, waiting for him to offer his arm so they could enter the club as a couple.

But he seemed to be ignorant of her feeling.

He simply entered the club, even walking around her to get through the door.

Her jaw dropped. Why did he seem so slow today? If what she read in news true, Jason was a brilliant man. He was such a good businessman when he started to help his father in the company, the company went straight from the top ten company in the country to top three. And he was only helping, not yet taking over the whole company. Imagined what it would be like if Jason became the CEO of the company? She, as his wife, did not have to work at all and could spend her time travelling around the world and shopping branded stuffs!

Ella could not say anything when she caught sight of her friends. She faked a smile and quickly approached them. Her frustration lessened when she felt Jason staying close to her. Well, at least he did well following Aunt's instruction.

It was a birthday party of her ex-classmates and she and her little brother was invited. The others were already at the table. They actually combined two tables together.

Without wasting any more moment, she quickly went to them, leading the other two men behind her. She exchanged air-kisses with the girls and smiled at the guys. Tank just lifted his hand and said hi before went to the dancefloor to dance.

"Well, who is this?" a girl asked, smiling at Jason who was standing behind Ella.

Ella glanced at Jason and smiled bashfully.


"Why do I have to come? I have a flight tomorrow," Mika groaned, crossing her arms sulkily.

"Stop acting so spoiled, Mika, and just follow me," Jeremy said. He finally managed to pull Mika into the car. He did not tell Mika why he wanted to go to the club, just telling her to wear something fun and funky. He was going to bring her to a club to have fun.


Jeremy ignored her cry and glanced at the GPS system to bring them closer to the club. He had no idea the reason behind that club be chosen but oh well, it was not his problem. He brought a mask to wear to hide his identity until the moment he crashed the party.

Of course, his manager did not know his plan. He was told a few times to take care of his image, especially after the group made a comeback and he also produced a full album. And the group was preparing for a concert tour in a few months. He already told them about Mika's wedding's date and the concert's date was pushed until a few months after the wedding. Just enough for them to produce another album.

It was going to be a crazy schedule for him but he believed he could do it. He must do it perfectly.

And it also meant that he only had a very short time before the wedding to win Ryn's heart. He needed to double his effort.

They reached the club after half an hour. He checked his phone and saw messages from Jason asking the whereabouts of them. He quickly sent a message saying they just arrived. Then, he put on the mask he prepared earlier. He handed one to Mika.

He unbuckled his seatbelt and shut the engine off. "Let's go."

"Where are we?" Mika held onto the mask and looked at her brother in puzzle. What were they doing here? They never came here before. And why Jeremy kept looking at his phone?

"Just follow me," Jeremy said. He was already outside the car but his little sister was still clutching onto the seatbelt, refusing to get out.

"Mika, let's go," Jeremy leaned down and gave her a look.

"First tell me what are we doing? Why are we here?"

"Didn't I tell you?" he asked innocently.

"Didn't tell me what?" she questioned back, feeling so frustrated with his weird attitude today. What was wrong with him today? What's with all this secret?

"Oh, we are crashing a party," he said as if it was an afterthought.

Mika's jaw dropped. What the heck?

Jeremy grinned but his sister could not see it behind the mask. He put his hands in the pockets and walked toward the club.

Mika snapped back and quickly rushed behind him even though there were 1001 questions in her mind. What was in his mind? Crashing a party? Had he finally gone crazy with Ryn's refusal to accept him back?

"Jeremy," she called before quickly shut her mouth when there was people looking at her questioningly before at Jeremy who was almost near the club.

This was so frustrating. Why would he act this crazy?

She quickened her walk, now already wearing the mask, and made sure she was close enough to Jeremy. She watched as Jeremy pushed the door and asked the bouncer about something. She frowned. What was Jeremy's plan?

They entered the club and Mika had to blinked her eyes a few times to get used with the low light. It had been long since she came to a club and it was with Ryn. Ah, how long had it been? Years ago? No… months ago. When Ryn was just making a comeback. And now Ryn was so busy they did not have time to go to a club. Even when she was spending time with Ryn at night, she had to wake Ryn for a few times to chat or it would end up her talking alone with the sleeping Ryn sprawling next to her.

But she was still happy though, able to spend time with Ryn even though only at either her home or Ryn's. Just spending time with Ryn made her feel better.

Sigh. She missed Ryn so much. Luckily she would meet her best friend soon enough. Hopefully tomorrow their flight arrived at the same time or almost at the same time. She could not wait to meet Ryn and shared all her frustration with Ryn.

"Here goes nothing," Jeremy murmured to himself and stepped inside. His eyes quickly scanned around, searching for Jason.


Ella wrapped her arm around Jason's rather intimately, only to be ashamed when Jason quickly free himself from her. She cleared her throat and tried to act like nothing went wrong under the smirk from the girls.

"This is Jason, my-"

"I'm here to send them," Jason quickly interrupted her.

She looked at him in a puzzle. Why did he not follow the script? They were supposed to come here as a couple, not acting this cold?

"Anyway, this is Jason. He is my-"

"Sorry to interrupt but-" another voice interrupted her again. She groaned under her breath and turned around, preparing to lash out to this intruder for cutting her words.

It was a man, so tall and despite with the mask covering half his face, she could see how handsome he was. Her heart pounded.

"Oh my God," one girl choked out. The others repeated breathlessly.

The man took off the mask he was wearing. The woman behind him did the same, taking the mask off.

The girls all gasped.

The man grinned cheekily.

Ella's mind went blank. She did not even notice Jason murmuring "It's about time you're here." Her eyes stuck to the familiar man. Like all her ex-classmates said, "Oh my God…"


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