Tell Me Again, My Love
245 Crashing the party 3
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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245 Crashing the party 3

"Are you ready, Jason?" Jeremy asked with a grin.

Everyone was shaken when they realized who it was coming to their table. The girls were staring starry-eyed at the handsome Jeremy while Ella was trying hard not to show how excited she was.

Wow, Jason did not only obeying his mother's instruction of coming here but he also brought a superstar along. So perfect.

Then, Ella's eyes widened. What did Jeremy mean by that? She turned and looked at Jason who stepped forward and pulled the woman behind Jeremy lovingly.

"Baby, are you ready?"

Mika was a bit puzzled with the situation right now but she managed to cover her puzzles and gave her sweetest smile at Jason. She even closed her eyes when he bent down to kiss her lips gently. She heard the gasp from the people sitting at the table, and the loudest was from the girl standing so close to Jason just now. She opened her eyes and slid her arm around Jason lovingly, giving an evil grin at the girl. What was this girl's problem?

"Ella?" one of the girls sitting there choked out, asking her to explain what was going in.

"Jason?" Ella asked Jason back. Her eyes went wet. Her face turned red. What was going on right now? He was supposed to be her partner, not this... kid's partner. Ella looked down at Mika, thinking she was still in school because she was so petite and young looking, and looked out of place here in the club. 

Jason wrapped his arm around Mika and looked at Ella coldly, "I've sent you. Just send me a message when you're done."

"Bye," Jeremy waved at them before turned around and left with both Jason and Mika.

Ella's body shook in anger. What... what was going on right now? Didn't he know how embarrassing she was right now when he acting like this? Was this a deliberate move from him? But why? Aunt clearly told him to accompany her to this party so why... why...?

Ella was confused. Without waiting another moment, she quickly rushed out, avoiding the people dancing on the dance floor and those who were heading toward their own seats. She managed to catch up on Jason and tried to grab him to stop.

"Stop... stop..." she cried.

The music was too loud for them to hear. She quickened her run and finally managed to touch Jason's back shirt. She pulled to stop him.

He stopped and turned around with Mika still in his arms. Even Jeremy, who already put on his mask stopped. But then, Jeremy leaned and whispered something to Jason's ear before left.

"Yes, do you have anything more to say?" Jason asked. This time his eyes were cold. There was no more smile on his face.

Unconsciously Ella took a step back. She was scared receiving that look from him when she was used with the generous and friendly look from him. SHe did not even notice even when he was giving her cold shoulders, already deep in her own fantasy of the two of them getting married one day.

"What do you want?" Jason asked again.

Mika decided to keep quiet. It seemed like Jeremy's crashing the party plan was to help Jason and seeing how this girl was acting, Jason was trying his hard to escape from this girl. Hmm... this girl looked familiar. Had she seen her before? Mika frowned, trying to remember where and when she met this girl.

Ella gulped. She tried to remain calm. Her mind was busy wheeling for a way to make him stay and follow the script she decided earlier. And also on how to kick that strange girl from being so close to her Jason.

"If you have nothing to say, we're leaving. Oh, this is the taxi fare for you two siblings to go home. I don't think I will have time to pick you two up afterwards," Jason took out his wallet and took out a couple of hundred dollars. He knew the taxi fare was less than that but he was too lazy to check the correct amount. He just handed them to her but Ella did not take it.

"What... what do you mean?" Instead of taking the money, Ella was giving him a broken-hearted look, acting as if she was the girlfriend being dumped heartlessly because of another girl (Mika).

Mika narrowed her eyes suspiciously. What was this girl planning to do? Shout rape in the middle of a club? She crossed her arms and waited for the next action. If that crazy woman started to accuse them of evildoing, she would show this woman why people called her Little Lolita Witch was not for nothing.

In fact, she was exuding the bad witch vibe but Ella's focus was on Jason, acting as if she was a victim.

 "I have a date with my fiancee. Bye," Jason pulled Mika with him toward the exit. He no longer wanted to speak with this white lotus kind of person. He would rather use the time spending romantic time with Mika. Mika would leave him for days tomorrow and he was already missing her. He grasped her hand tighter and lifted it to kiss it gently.

"Jason?" Mika asked as she buckled the seatbelt. Jeremy was no longer there. Even his car was not there anymore. Without thinking, Mika simply got into the car and watched as Jason started the engine.

"Hmm... thanks, babe, for rescuing me," Jeremy leaned to kiss her gently on her lips. Then, he changed the gear and drove the car away. 

Mika glanced at the rear mirror and saw that crazy woman watching them from afar and that woman even shouted something and jumped around angrily. Mika frowned.

"Who is she? A crazy woman?" Mika asked.

Jason chuckled hearing the label Mika gave to Ella. Yes. It was a correct word to describe that woman. Also, a gold-digger.

"My cousin. Apparently mom has a long lost little sister and that family uses her guilt to take advantage of everything."

"Why would your mother has guilt? Did she make her sister run away?" Mika frowned. She finally remembered where she met that woman. The day she slept at Jason's, she saw a family sitting at the living room but she did not put much focus on them. She was too tired to think of anything else and just wanted to go home. She did not even remember the name they gave when Jason had to introduce her to them before he sent her home. So, they were his relative, huh? 

"If according to her story, she did try to change her mind but you know how mother is. She gets guilty easily. She thought she did not work hard enough to coax her sister not to run away," Jason sighed heavily.

"Aunty is very kind," Mika murmured, knowing perfectly how his mother would react in this kind of situation.

"Hence why their gambling debt is paid and I have to help improve their children's social status," Jason muttered. His eyes narrowed at the thought of how that family reacted when they were in his house. And then how Tank looked when he saw the car. Greed. Full of greed. All of them were gold-diggers!

"Gamble, huh? So there is a huge possibility for your family to pay the next debt as well... for the rest of their life?"

Jason froze. Luckily he managed to stable the car. He glanced at his fiancee, did not expect her to share the same thought as him. Why didn't his parents think about this too? 

"Your parents didn't think about that, right?" she asked him. She could see how he reacted and did not believe it was because he did not think about it before. If he did, he would not think of this family as greedy and eager to show his disgust to the family behind his parent's knowledge.

"Jeremy and you think the same thing too," Jason murmured. He was unhappy knowing how deep his mother's guilt until unable to think instead of saving her little sister's family but in the long term or maybe in just a short time will ruin the family. 

"Jeremy and I are siblings. Of course, we will think alike," Mika pointed it out dryly. "And because we are soul mates and true love, we share the same thought as well."

He smiled. He reached for her hand in one hand to kiss gently while another hand holding the steering wheel firmly. "No wonder I love you so much. You understand me."

"True mates and soul mates, remember," she smiled widely.

He smiled. The frustration from having to spend time with the siblings already disappeared. In fact, he could not wait to spend more time with Mika alone.

"Where are we going anyway?" Mika asked. She looked at the road but still could not figure out where they were heading to.

"Somewhere we can spend the time together without any interruption," he grinned.

"Like that explains a lot. But I don't mind. I love surprises," Mika clapped her hands excitedly.

"And I love surprising you, my love."


Ella did not know how to handle this. All the girls saw Jason left her for another woman. And Jason did not even care he was embarrassing her in front of her ex-classmates.

She stood there for almost fifteen minutes before slowly made her way back to the table. Whether she liked it or not, she had to face them.

"So he's not your rich boyfriend, huh, Ella?" a woman asked dryly.

"So it was all your fantasy that he's your boyfriend?" another asked and others giggled.

"Haven't you learned from school, Ella? You should stop pretending to be someone you're not. It's embarrassing even to us," Jojo, the birthday girl laughed. 

Ella kept her arms down but her hands were gripped tightly. She was ashamed. She did not know where to put her face. Jason should not treat her like this. He was not supposed to do this to her. How could he?

She held her tears desperately as the girls giggling and laughing. One day. One day she would show them who she really was. On the day she got engaged to Jason, she would hold a huge party and showed them how rich Jason was, richer than any of their husband or boyfriend. She would show them she was not a loser and a liar.


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