Tell Me Again, My Love
248 I need more money
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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248 I need more money

Ryn dropped the clothes she used into the rattan basket and tightened her bathrobe.

"I'm done. You can take your shower," she told her usual roommate, Mika.

Mika jumped to her feet and dropped her phone onto the bed. Then, she made a beeline into the bathroom. Ryn, when she entered the bathroom for her shower, already brought Mika's personal hygiene items in and arranged them on the sink. Well, her own items were not that much.

Ryn changed into the clothes Mika chose. Instead of re-wearing the same clothes she kept wearing for days, Mika brought some clothes from her brand for Ryn to wear. Of course, being in the cold country, the material Mika chose was suitable for the climate.

"And this is for dinner?" Ryn checked her outfit in the mirror. Mika chose for her to wear a red plaid dress. Underneath was a black legging. Then, there was a brown overcoat. Too much in Ryn's mind but seeing the same outfit next to hers, only in green colour, she changed her mind of rejecting the clothes and put on her usual clothes.

She sat on the couch and checked her phone. Her diary was opened on the current month as she checked her schedule again. With the additional date for filming, she needed to recheck none of her work, including the pre and post-filming, would interrupt the wedding preparation.

Mika was not yet a bridezilla so far but she would turn into a bridezilla once they started to work on this officially. Of course, what was left was not a lot with so many decisions were made by the Dowager Long and Madam Long. But what was left would still give pressure to poor Mika and as her sole bridesmaid, it was Ryn's job to help lessen the stress.

"Are you going to be busier after this?" Mika asked. She was wrapped in the fluffy white bathrobe. Her hair was wet and her hands were busy drying it with a towel.

"Hmm… I guess I need more money in order to upgrade the house. You know I plan to buy a freezer just for my steaks."

"Do you even need a freezer for meat? Don't you fill your refrigerator with steaks?" Mika groaned, rubbing the spot between her brows. Why would her stingy best friend want to buy a freezer just for steaks?

"Well, I have to take consideration when my parents return to live with me and they… well… mom always complain about the livestock ruining the smell of her healthy ingredients," Ryn pointed it out.

"They are moving back?" Mika cocked an eyebrow as she dropped the towel into the rattan basket and grabbed her legging to put on.

"Of course. One day."

Mika stopped her movement and pursed her lips thoughtfully. "You… haven't moved into your new house, right?"

"Not yet. The renovation hasn't finished yet," Ryn replied. She put both her phone and diary onto the round rattan coffee table. She stood up and walked to the vanity table. She reached for the hairdryer and connected the cable.

Then she crossed her legs, showing off her long legs. She waited for Mika to be done putting on her clothes before approaching her with her towel-dried hair.

"Sit down," she told Mika, pointing for her best friend to sit on another chair. She did not give the hairdryer to Mika, wanting to help Mika drying the hair faster.

"Why are we wearing so nicely for dinner?" Ryn asked, already turning into another topic.

"I just want to be as pretty as you when having dinner tonight," Mika shrugged. She played with her phone then an idea hit her mind. She quickly opened the camera application and set for the video.

"Hi, we're preparing for… Ryn, switch off the dryer for a while. I need to record this," Mika told Ryn, patting her thigh with one hand while another holding her phone.

At first, Ryn did not notice it. Her focus was solely on helping to dry Mika's hair. Her hair was getting longer now so it would take more time to dry. Then, she noticed the pounding on her thigh and quickly shut down the hairdryer. "What is it?"

"Hi, after days didn't post a video, today I've decided to do one for all my viewers. You can see behind me is Ryn. She's helping to dry my hair because both of us will be going down for our dinner. You are invited to join us," Mika ended it with a wink.

Ryn shook her head in bemused. She watched as Mika quickly went to her handbag to take out a tripod to set her phone.

"Can we continue now?" Ryn asked. She was still holding the hairdryer.

"Yes… yes… Let's go. We need to hurry up," Mika quickly sat back and let Ryn continue drying her hair. She managed to grab her essential for her skincare routine. She started to do her hair while Ryn got busy drying her hair.

"I thought we're getting late," Ryn frowned when once she was done with Mika's hair, Mika stood and reached for her huge make-up bag.

"This will take a short time. I promise," Mika reached for another bag containing the make-up brushed she brought along.

Ryn's shoulders dropped, giving up already. Mika would be Mika. And with her here wearing the same set of dresses like Mika, she should just guess this would happen when she put the dress on earlier.

It took them another half an hour to get ready and added another fifteen minutes for Mika to explain to the camera where they were and why they were there. Ryn even leaned against the wall waiting for Mika to be done with her video recording.

"I don't think this is a good idea," Ryn murmured as she closed the door of the room. Mika was still holding her mobile phone, wanting to show off the area a bit.

"I'm still recording," Mika hissed at Ryn but still maintaining her smile at her phone. She refused to stop the recording, thinking the make-up session was still short for a video. Too short for her like.

"And I'm starving," Ryn flipped her hair. For the dinner, Mika even curled her hair a bit. It felt so extra for Ryn, especially when they were only going downstairs to the restaurant to eat dinner with the whole team.  


Ella sat on the chair, crossing her arms in anger. In front of her was her resume. Her mother helped her preparing the resume and assured her Jason would help roping her into the company. So right now she was waiting for him. But it had been 30 minutes passed the time her mother told him to meet at the café, but there was not even his shadow anywhere. She sent so many messages, even trying to call him but there was no reply. Where could he be?

She pushed the iced watermelon juice aside and reached for her phone again. Still no reply from him. She quickly called her mother, wanting her mother to call him. Just scold him to quickly come. She could not keep waiting here like an idiot. She swore she saw the male waiter snorting at her just now.

"Mummy~" she cried when her mother answered the call.

"What's wrong, Ella? Aren't you supposed to be at the company?" her mother asked wonderingly.

"He's not here yet. I've been waiting here like an idiot, mummy, like an idiot," Ella cried.

"What do you mean he's not there? His mother assured me he would help to bring you into the company today."

"Well, I'm still at the café and he's not here. I feel stupid holding my resume here."

"Then… then… why don't you go straight to the company? Maybe he forgot about the appointment or too busy. You just go there and meet him… and remind him what his mother promised," her mother suggested.

Ella's eyes shone at the suggestion. Why she did not think about this? Instead of wasting her time here waiting for him like an idiot, it was better for her to go straight to the company. She could even introduce herself as the soon to be Mrs Jason to the workers there and put her stamp on the company. Hmm… Ella, you are such a clever girl. No wonder you were destined to marry a handsome and rich man and live in a wealthy life.

Once she disconnected the call with her mother, Ella grabbed her small mini handbag and her resume. She quickly walked to the door with the resume clasped to her chest and one hand holding the bag while another hand tapping the screen on her phone. She was searching for the address of the company. She needed to catch a taxi to go there. Taking a bus? Not her class at all. Her choice of vehicle now was either a taxi or Jason's many expensive cars. She could not wait to ride in another car of his. They must be beautiful and expensive. She loved expensive cars. Next time she would take a selfie when she got into his car. He would not be mad if she took a picture inside the car. She was after all his future wife so everything he owned would belong to her.


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