Tell Me Again, My Love
249 My name is Ella Cheng
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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249 My name is Ella Cheng

Ella got out of the taxi after paying the fare. She took the receipt, planning to ask for her money back from Jason. She flipped her long hair and walked toward the building.

Her heels made a tap tap tap sound as she sashed toward the building. Her head up proudly as she ignored the look from the security. She stopped at the receptionist and flipped her hair again.

"Hello, may I help you?" the receptionist asked politely even though she could not stop from widening her eyes seeing this woman kept flipping her hair and giving her attitude.

"I have an appointment with Mr Jason," Ella leaned down and said. The neckline was quite low and exposed her bosoms. The pendant of her necklace rested at the peak of her bosoms, revealing the word 'Ella'.

"May I know your name and where you're coming from?"

"Excuse me?" Ella cocked an eyebrow at the question? What was this dumb woman doing? Trying to kick her out?

The receptionist let out a silent sigh. She maintained her smile and opened her mouth, "Just now you said you have an appointment. So I need to confirm it first before I can let you go up."

"The name is Ella, Miss Ella Cheng. I have an appointment with your boss. Tell him I am already here."

"Wait for a moment," the receptionist replied politely. She noticed the resume which Ella put underneath her handbag. A resume and an appointment with their future Big Boss? Was she trying to use her body to get a job here? Didn't she know that Mr Jason was so in love with Miss Mika, it was not a surprise for them to see Miss Mika coming in here whenever she was free?

Mr Jason's secretary was a bit puzzled when she told her about the appointment.

"Mr Jason has no appointment today. He has two meetings. One with the human resources department and another outside," the secretary said.

"No appointment with Miss Cheng?" the receptionist asked for confirmation.

"No. Not even for any day this week and next week," the secretary said after checking the schedule.

"I will tell her," the receptionist told the secretary and thanked her. Then, she put down the phone to its cradle. Then, she looked at Ella who was giving her an arrogant look.

"I'm sorry, Miss Cheng. You have no appointment with Young Master. I cannot let you go up," the receptionist still maintained her smile and spoke politely.

"Are you kidding me? I have an appointment with him," Ella increased her voice until everyone who was at the lobby looked at her in shock.

Who was this woman wearing a dress so short making loud noises here? Was she trying to create trouble?

Two securities approached with faces so fierce, some of the people there quickly rushed to the elevator to go back to their workplace or walked through the sliding door out of the building.

Ella did not notice them. Her focus was on the poor receptionist. She glared at her.

"I want to see Jason now! Tell him Ella Cheng is here," Ella ordered.

The receptionist looked at her partner, not knowing what to say. Then, she noticed the securities. She gave them a thankful look.

"Excuse me, Miss, can you follow us?" one of the securities told Ella with a firm voice.

Ella paused. She turned slowly and looked at the securities. Her brows lifted at the sight of the men in the suit.

"Who are you? Do you know who I am?" Ella questioned without fear, placing her hands on her hips arrogantly.

The securities exchanged a look. Then, they nodded at the same time. Without warning, they reached to wrap their arm around Ella's arm and lifted her up. Then, both turned and walked to the sliding door.

"What are you doing? Let me go! I am Ella Cheng. You can't do this to me!" Ella cried, struggling to free herself but the grip of the securities was tight. They never let her go even after they walked through the sliding door. Then, they threw her out.

"Don't come in if you want to create havoc," one of the securities warned before both went back into the building.

Ella slumped on the floor with a cry of pain. The resume scattered around her. Even her handbag was thrown thoughtlessly next to her body. She lifted her head and looked across her shoulder. Her eyes were red with anger and ashamed.

How dare they? How dare they embarrassing her like this? Don't they know who she is? She is Ella Cheng, soon to be Mrs Jason Wu.

"Next time… next time you will know who I am and when that time arrives, I will fire all of you. All of you!"


Ryn walked with Mika hand-in-hand as they walked into the elevator. No one else was using it. Mika leaned to rest her head on Ryn's arm.

"We will take another two days, right?" she murmured. "Just the two of us?"

"Hmm… I've cleared my schedule. You said you want to rest and maybe find an inspiration for your wedding," Ryn patted Mika's head tenderly.

"I know you love me best, Ryn."



"But what?" Ryn looked down at Mika's head.

"What do you think about my suggestion?"

"What suggestion?" Ryn was puzzled especially when Mika asked in a small voice, almost like a little kid.

"Buy shares in the company so we can work together. You are taking business management, right? So use what you've learned."

"But I'm busy with my-"

"How long are you going to be a model?" Mika suddenly cut her words.

Ryn paused. She did know this modelling world was not forever. One day she had to retire. And when that day came, what should she do?

Before Ryn could speak, the door slid open. Ryn smiled and pulled Mika's hand toward the restaurant.

"Ryn~" Mika wanted to know Ryn's answer. The waiting was killing her.

"Later. We're meeting them. It's not suitable to speak in front of them," Ryn said. A smile was always on her face as she led her best friend to the restaurant.

A waiter was waiting at the door and Ryn told the waiter about the booking. The waiter gave a slight nod and brought them into the restaurant  All of them were already there. For the booking, even though there was no private room provided, the restaurant actually put four tables together so everyone could sit around it.

Maybe because of Jack, everyone looked nervous and uncomfortable. Ryn greeted them with Mika following behind her. Mika just remembered about the Devil joining them for dinner. She quickly used Ryn to protect her from the Devil.

"Have you all ordered your food?" Ryn asked, sitting on one of the two empty chairs. She put a napkin on her laps almost immediately, unconsciously. She patted Mika's hand to calm Mika down. Then, she smiled at the waiter, asking for the menus.

She whispered with Mika on what they should order and then told the waiter what they wanted. It seemed like with the Devil sitting right in front of them, Mika lost the confidence to speak and Ryn, being her best friend, had to do it for her. Luckily this was just a dinner, not a conference or a meeting.

"I have a new idea," Jack suddenly broke the silence as they were waiting for their food.

Ryn and Mika froze.

Mika's team quickly lowered their head. It would be best for them to pretend nothing happened. With the company handling all the expenses, they could eat whatever they wanted. But in here, they could not eat what they liked. Even the name of the food looked weird in their eyes. Hopefully, they ordered something good.

"Why don't Ryn appear from a mountain of snow, holding a necklace?" Jack suggested with his eyes sparkled brightly.

"No!" Ryn disagreed immediately. She had seen the dress and knew it could not protect her from the coldness of the snow completely. And Jack wanted her to be buried under the snow? Was he trying to kill her?

"Why not?" he gave her a challenging look.

Ryn gulped. She looked at Mika for help but her best friend was too scared to say anything. Who was the one agreeing to this idea? Why couldn't they just film this in a studio?

"I thought we have arranged everything already and we can't change any schedule without disturbing the others," Ryn tried to give an excuse, praying hard Jack would accept it.

Jack looked at his assistants. None of them dared to lift up their head to look at him. He snorted and looked at Ryn. 

"Then we just film until we're done," he said.

Ryn was about to reply when the waiters came bringing their food. Ryn thanked the waiter and reached for the cutleries. She was no longer interested in speaking with Jack. All she cared about was food. She was starving.

It was a long dinner with Jack kept trying to talk about work. At first, they tried to ignore it, pretending to be focussing on their food rather than glancing at the watch, wondering when they could leave this restaurant. But later, when Ryn's plate was cleaned from any food, she waved for a waiter to approach and at the same time looking at Jack.

"I'm starving. I can't think right now, Jack," she said with a scowl.

Slowly Mika pushed her food toward Ryn but because it was a bowl of salad or bunny food in Ryn's own words, Ryn ignored it. Why would she eat bunny food when she could eat more meat?

Jack finally closed his mouth. But his eyes were twinkling dangerously.


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