Tell Me Again, My Love
250 The Ice Princess
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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250 The Ice Princess

Ryn woke up underneath the thick blanket. Mika already kicked the blanket off her and rolled almost to the edge of the bed. Ryn blinked her eyes sleepily and looked around, trying to remember where she was. It was what she always did nowadays. She needed to remember where she was so she knew what job she was doing for that day.

She walked slowly into the bathroom to empty her bladder and fresh her face. She was still sleepy. The jetlag hit her hard and she was sleepy. But she pushed herself to stay awake.

Once she was done with her business, she looked at the cupboard, looking for something. Once she found it, she quickly searched for her favourite flavour and used the coffee machine to make a cup of latte. A hot latte made her eyes widened. Finally, her brain has started functioning.

She then went back to the bed, where Mika was snoring gently. Without thinking, she jumped on her best friend, loving the fact that they could still play around like when they were young.

"Ryn~" Mika groaned, trying to push Ryn away but Ryn persisted on lying on her. Giggles and groaning filled the huge room as Mika tried to continue her sleep but Ryn refused to let her.

"Let me sleep," Mika cried.

"No. I'm hungry. Let's have breakfast," Ryn said. Although she still sleepy but food was more important.

Even with the cry, Ryn brutally pulled Mika toward the bathroom. She waited outside and then handed a mug of coffee for Mika to fuel herself. Then, she pulled her toward the door. Her hands were already holding Mika's sweater for her best friend to wear.


"Hi. Today is the first day of filming the advertisement of the latest collection of Eclipse, my jewellery brand. Right now I am going to put on make-up on Catherine. I've prepped her face with these," Mika told the camera cheerfully, showing the items she used.

Ryn, already used being a 'doll' for Mika, just smiled at the camera.

"We are going to start with the foundation. Because this is filming day, I am going to make the make-up quite thick but at the same time when in the camera, it looks natural," Mika started to put on the foundation on Ryn's face. "This is actually my favourite foundation. I can make it as light as I want or build it more and more without looking cakey. It covers all blemish, acne and everything I want to cover. But then again, Ryn's face is clear with no blemish or acne."

"And our colour match so she can use her own for me," Ryn suddenly spoke.

"Yes. It's easy for us because we can simply bring one set of make-up and share," Mika nodded. Her hand was busy applying the foundation using a beauty blender. And then, she took a tube of concealer. Then, once she was done with it, she reached for a bronzer.

"Right now I'm sculpting her face to look angelic. The theme for today is ethereal ice princess."

"I even have these ears," Ryn showed the protestics ears. They were quite pointy but looked natural when attached to her own ears.

Ryn closed her eyes immediately when she saw Mika reached for the eye-shadow palate. She could not stop from grinning seeing the pink bejewelled box. It seemed like Mika was applying a marketing tactic for their product.

"Actually this is our brand new product. Ryn and I are producing a make-up brand and this is our first product. It will be launched around next month so you, my lovely viewers, are the first to know. Of course, this palate is the full set but once it is launched you all can buy individual colour." Mika opened the palate and showed it to them.

Ryn opened her eyes without thinking and saw the colours. She gasped, "Hey, you create more colours."

"Surprise," Mika grinned cheekily. "Actually for this filming, I purposely create more colours behind your back. But don't worry. The quality is the same just like we decided."

"You better be," Ryn wagged her finger at Mika, only for Mika to try to bite it playfully. Then, both of them giggled as they hugged each other.

"Anyway, enough with our playfulness. Let's continue making you prettier for our angelic snow princess," Mika reached for the palate and signalled Ryn to close her eyes.

Ryn obeyed.

Mika started to play around the colour as she explained the colour and the technic she was using. Also, the brushes she used.

Once Ryn was done with the make-up and hair, and even put on the dress with the help of two girls, she went to the set. Jack was already sitting on his chair with Mika sitting next to him. Ryn cocked an eyebrow. She thought Mika was afraid of Jack. So why would she be sitting next to the man she was afraid of?

"Alright, we can start with the first scene. Ryn, do you know what to do?" Jack asked once he saw Ryn.

Everyone looked at Ryn.

"Hmm…" Ryn nodded. She sat on the huge boulder and a crew helped to arrange her dress.

"Are you ready? Everyone ready?" Jack asked, looking at everyone. Then, his eyes landed on the cameraman and he gave him a thumb up. Then, Jack looked at the monitor. "Ready in 3,2,1… action…"

Ryn's right hand played with the pendant rested on her chest before she lifted up her hand to protect her eyes from the sun, making sure the ring she was wearing was clear in the camera. Then, she pushed her hair to the back, revealing the earrings.

She slid down to her feet and started to skip around the place. When one of the crews played a slow song, Ryn started to dance gracefully. Once the song ended, she turned her head and smiled at the camera.

"And… cut…" Jack was happy. It was perfect. Ryn made use of the sunlight to show off the jewellery.

Two people quickly helped to bring a huge coat and hot drink to Ryn. Everyone was still a bit of shock seeing Ryn did not show any coldness with the snow all around her. Everyone else was wrapped in thick clothes but Ryn could still smile and dance gracefully clad in a dress.

"Are you alright?" Mika asked worriedly, helping rubbing Ryn's arms while Ryn was trying to drink her hot cocoa.

"Hmm… so cold…" Ryn choked out, shivering.

"Change into the next one," Jack barked. He ignored the glare coming from Mika, too busy watching the take just now. He was impressed with the take. Maybe they could finish the whole thing in one day if Ryn kept up giving her best.

"Get ready with the blasting machine," Jack ordered his crews.

Mika ignored the barking. She helped Ryn walking back into the small building they booked temporary for the sake of this filming. She and another girl helped changing Ryn's clothes as Ryn was too cold to untie or undo anything. Mika also helped taking out the jewelleries and replaced with the ones for the second dress. She also changed a little bit of the make-up on Ryn's face to suit the second scene. Even the hair was changed and this time Ryn was wearing a sort of helmet made from pearls and feathers. This time Ryn was not wearing a set of earrings. She only wore a necklace, bracelet and ring.

"This is quite extra," Ryn stuttered.

"What extra?" Mika asked back. The helmet only revealing Ryn's bottom half so the make-up emphasized more on the lips.

"I don't know. My mind is blank. I think my brain has frozen," Ryn choked out.

A girl quickly handed her a hand warmer. Ryn placed it close to her frozen cheeks. She really wanted to warm up herself quickly. She felt like crying from this cold but needed to maintain her professionalism when filming.

Was it possible for them to finish everything in one day so tomorrow she did not have to be in this cold place wearing only dresses?

"Mika…" she choked out.


"Next time… design thicker cloth…"

Mika nodded. She helped bringing Ryn back to the set. The jacket wrapped around Ryn was now double. She could not stop from saying sorry when she could feel Ryn's shiver. Why did she agree to this idea?

When they reached the set, there was a huge chair made of branches. Ryn was supposed to sit on it.

"Are you ready?" Jack asked.

Ryn handed the hand warmers and took off the sweaters. Then, she walked to the spot where the crews put a small X with a tape. It would be the start of the scene.

"I want a lot of anger, seriousness and charismatic in this one. No innocence at all," Jack reminded before he ordered the camera to roll.

It was as if an elf princess was possessing Ryn's body and this time the princess was angry. She stormed toward the chair and sat on it. Despite the anger, she still looked angelic.

Mika and her teams sighed in fascinating seeing Ryn. Ryn had turned into an ethereal ice elf princess, so angelic but at the same time, there was no innocence in her eyes. But despite the anger, Ryn still looked beautiful. And her every movement really gave each jewellery its spot in the camera.

The reason why Ryn was always the first person branded companies think of because she was good at showing and emphasizing the product she was in charge of.


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