Tell Me Again, My Love
251 A missing meal and a hot meal
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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251 A missing meal and a hot meal

Jeremy checked his messages but there was no message from her. He sighed. He should expect this. At a time like this, he missed the time when they were still together. Regardless of how busy she was, she would always send a message to him, telling him how she felt or her plan. Sometimes she just sent \"I miss you\" and \"I love you\" but when he was so busy, overwhelmed with his own schedule, he ignored her. He had no time to even reply with a simple \"I miss you too\" or \"I love you too\" even though he was the one who was pursuing her to agree to be his girlfriend.

But it was all in the past. All he could feel now was regret.

He switched off his computer and stood up. It was already 8.30 p.m., way passed the working hour. He stretched his arms and waist. Then, he walked to the door. As it was passed the working hour, a lot of workers already went home. All except for a woman.

Jeremy frowned but he did not say anything. He simply walked toward the elevator. What time any worker went home was not his problem as long as they were working during the working hour.

Unknown to him, the woman was watching his every move. Then, she groaned as she hit the table. Still not the reaction she was expecting of.

\"Is he gay?\" she murmured. She tried to grab his attention many times. From making him drink during the meeting or 'helping' Jacob making coffee for him to standing close to him whenever she could, even in the lift. But not once did he look at her. Not even once!

\"He must be gay,\" she muttered. What else the reason behind his lack of interest on her? Most of the men in the company were competing to get her attention but she refused them all. Her one interest was on Mr Jeremy Long. She believed with her beauty, he would fall in love with her.

She quickly switched off her computer and rushed to go home. Why should she stay here any longer when the person she was targeting in has gone home? It was just a waste of time staying here.

Jeremy got into his car and drove to another building. He was not heading to the mansion but to the apartment he was sharing with Mika. There was a studio for him to work his creativity.

He hadn't eaten lunch but his stomach no longer growling.

He sighed when he switched on the light and saw the empty house. He felt alone. So alone.

He dropped the keys and let himself down the couch. He was tired from work. It had been days he divided his time between the two companies and at the same time, he had to help with the music part for Mika's wedding.

He took a fifteen-minute nap before he headed to his bedroom to take a quick shower. His eyes kept closing but he had no plan to end the day yet. He had a few more things to do.

He put on his shorts and the shirt Ryn bought for her when they were still together. He went into the studio and reached for a file. In there was a list of ideas for the music composition. So far he only had about four songs with two completed.  But he hadn't recorded them yet. Once he was done with everything, then he would start record the songs.

He switched on the computer and his keyboard. He used the keyboard to help him when rearrange the songs.

He spent in the studio for hours and only remembered what the time was when his phone rang. He glared at it but could not do anything when he saw his mother's name appeared on the screen. What now?

\"Hello, mother.\"

\"Jeremy, have you eaten your dinner yet?\" as if knowing that her son skipped his meals again, his mother asked.

\"What time is it now?\" Jeremy rubbed his eyes. He felt exhausted but not yet ready to stop.

His mother sighed heavily. It seemed like her thought was right. He skipped his meals again. \"It's almost midnight. Stop your work and eat something. If not return home.\"

\"The mansion has no studio,\" he pointed out dryly. He rubbed his empty stomach with a frown. He felt windy and headache.

\"Jeremy, do you want me to go there now?\" his mother asked quietly. Her voice was cold and threatening.

\"Fine. I'll see what's in the fridge and microwave something,\" he finally saved everything he did and stood up. Then, he walked to the kitchen to look for something to eat.

It seemed like he had to do a little bit of grocery shopping later. What was left in the kitchen only two packages of instant noodles. He looked for more… well… anything more. There were not even fruits on the counter or in the refrigerator. Not even the oat his little sister was crazy for.

He sighed. He dropped the phone on the kitchen's counter and reached for a small pot to fill with water. He started the fire and let it boiled the water.

Jeremy went into his bedroom to get the power bank. His phone was running out of juice. Once he connected the wire, he dropped his phone on the couch and returned to the kitchen.

The water was boiling so he dropped the instant noddle into the pot. It took him three more minutes to pour the cooked noodle into a bowl.

He brought the bowl to the dining table. He went to get his phone and checked his messages again. And again there was no message from her. He sighed heavily.

Without thinking, he checked the social media account of hers.

A picture of Ryn with Mika with the background of snowy mountains.

He checked Mika's account. Unlike Ryn's once a day post, Mika posted a lot whenever she had the mood of.

And she seemed to have a mood of posting pictures. A lot of pictures of Ryn alone, or she alone or the both of them.

He checked one by one, smiling seeing how beautiful Ryn was. He knew the big smile was after the dinner. Ryn smiled widely when her stomach full. And he had no idea how Mika did it to make Ryn agree with the pictures because he knew it was late and Ryn would be exhausted.

But for this persuasion skill, Jeremy approved wholeheartedly. He could see what Ryn was doing because, without Mika's little hobby, he would not know what was going on with his sweetheart.

As he chewed his noddle, he checked the photos again, this time leaving some comments on Mika's photos. Of course, he did leave a comment on Ryn's photo. He was not worried when his fans commented about his 'hobby'.

And he knew some of his fans actually followed Ryn just to see what their relationship was. Of course, he would love to make their relationship official but Ryn was too stubborn.

Hmm… he needed to step-up more in wooing her but he was too exhausted to do anything else. He was preparing to hand in the company to Mika while getting used with his family's company.

He finished the food and quickly washed everything. If he left the dirty dishes in the sink, he knew he would forget to wash it. Tomorrow he had to go to the big company again.

He returned back to the studio to continue his work. Just a little bit more. This weekends he could focus on recording the songs. And he needed someone to help him with some of the songs. He checked some of the e-mails his friends from the music world sent. He quickly replied to the e-mails.

It was almost 2.00 p.m. when he stumbled into his bedroom to sleep.


Mika quickly wrapped another blanket around Ryn. She then went to make another mug of hot cocoa and gave it to the shaking Ryn.

\"Are you feeling better now?\" Mika asked. They just took a break from the filming after three scenes successfully taken.

\"Hmm….\" Ryn nodded. She could no longer speak. She sipped the hot cocoa slowly, trying to warm up her body.

\"Do you want to eat anything?\" Mika asked. The crews all had eaten something while watching or during break but Ryn was too cold to eat anything. She only drank hot cocoa each time they have their break.

\"What… what do you have?\" Ryn asked. Her stomach was growling for food.

\"Chicken soup with potato,\" Mika quickly took the container and opened the lid. Immediately a steam of savoury soup hit Mika's face.

Mika took a spoon and blew it a bit before fed Ryn. She did not let her best friend eat it by herself.

\"Feel better?\" Mika asked after two spoons.


\"Eat more.\"

The assistant who was sent by Jack to call Ryn for the next scene stopped when he saw Mika feeding Ryn. He knew Ryn had not eaten yet since the time they reached the set. He returned and told Jack that Ryn was eating and requested for a longer break.

\"She just eats?\" Jack cocked an eyebrow.

\"Yes, sir.\"

\"Hmm… then we'll take half an hour rest,\" Jack decided.

He then stood up and walked to the room where Ryn was. The food was there. It was time for him to eat too. For the second time.

He did not say anything when he saw Mika feeding the shivering Ryn. He reached for another bowl of soup and looked for breads. He loved dipping slices of bread into the soup. Made his stomach full quicker.


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