Tell Me Again, My Love
252 Answering the last question
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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252 Answering the last question

Mika put down her long hair after she put on the shirt and pants. Then, she brushed her hair and made a messy bun out of it. She reached for her bag of magic and started to put on make-up. She even hummed happily while pretty up her face.

Once she was satisfied with her make-up, she reached for her phone. Her hands were busy setting the mobile phone using the tripod. Once she was satisfied with the location. Then, she pressed a record and smiled at the camera.

\"Good morning, everyone. Today is the second day of filming in this beautiful Switzerland,\" Mika told the camera with a smile on her face.

\"Yesterday, we've completed quite a lot and today, if I'm not mistaken, we only have two more scenes to shoot,\" Mika chatted as she walked toward the coffee machine. With one hand holding the phone, she placed a mug at the coffee machine

\"The sound… the smell… This is what a good morning should start with,\" Mika sighed. She showed the mug of hot cappuccino to the camera. The froth jiggled a bit.

\"My roommate is ready with her coffee too…\"

\"Latte,\" Ryn who was drinking her hot latte slowly glanced at Mika.

She cocked an eyebrow seeing Mika was already recording for her YouTube channel. She did not remember seeing Mika editing the video she took yesterday. Would she combine these two days into one or would she made it into two sections but only posted them after they got back to China? But she was too lazy to ask. 

Ryn went to rinse the mug once she was done. Then, she reached for her sweater. She was ready for her breakfast. Her hair was in a messy bun. Her face was clear of make-up except for the moisturiser. In her bag was a bottle of mist spray. It was cold at the set but her face was so dry, she felt so painful. She also brought a tube of Vaseline for her dry lips.

She sat on the couch and waited for Mika to be ready. They were after all still early so she was not rushing Mika or anything.

\"Of course today I won't bring you to the location. Yesterday you have seen how crazy the shooting of an advertisement was and believe me, today would be the same. Am I right, Ryn?\" Mika asked Ryn, turning the camera to focus on her best friend.

\"The crazy coldness is real and you won't want to see it again,\" Ryn spoke up, looking at the camera from where she was sitting when Mika turning the camera to her.

\"I agree,\" Mika nodded. She then switched it off. She skipped toward Ryn and hugged her best friend tightly. \"I feel so sorry for you to have to go through that again.\"

\"A job is a job. I promise you I will make the best for the advertisement. I don't mind suffering for it. But, Mika, next time please don't choose this kind of theme or even if you want to, do it in the studio.\"

\"I promise.\"

Mika finished her drink before she put on her thick sweater. Ryn helped to rinse the mug for her. Then, they walked to the restaurant for their breakfast hand-in-hand.

When they arrived, Jack was not there. Cocking an eyebrow, Mika looked at one of her team. But none of them looked at her. Their focus was on their food. They were too starving to get even scared of her. They knew, deep inside, with Miss Catherine here, Miss Mika's mood would be happy all the time. Miss Catherine was their saviour.

Mika looked at Ryn. Ryn shook her head and pulled Mika to choose their food at the buffet table.

They chose another table to eat. It was not that they were arrogant or looking down on others. It was more like Mika wanted to record more and Ryn did not want the team felt uncomfortable.

\"Right now we're at the restaurant for our breakfast. Like usual, I take my favourite greens. In here there is even a smoothie station. I chose the giant green with green apple, kale, orange and so many good fruits and vegetables,\" Mika showed her glass of smoothie.

Ryn snorted. All she could see on Mika's side was green, green and green. All was bunny food.

How could Mika survive for the day with only bunny food?

\"And we can see here what a model chose for her breakfast,\" Mika focussed on the food Ryn chose.

\"Toasted bread with marmalade, some sausages, also hams, pasta, croissants,\" Mika pointed.

Ryn just maintained her smile while eating her breakfast. She did not talk much. Her focus was fully on the food. She needed to make sure she ate enough for the whole day because if what happened yesterday repeated again, she would not have enough time to eat… no, she was too freezing to eat.

Better to be extra full today.

Mika kept chatting while eating her food. She even arranged the tripod so it focussed on the both of them.

\"Why don't we make a quick Q&A session?\" Mika suddenly suggested.

\"What kind of Q&A?\" Ryn asked after she swallowed a small piece of sausage. She checked the time and saw they still have time.

\"Actually I have asked through Instagram and through the YouTube channel,\" Mika said as she reached for her phone. \"I want to use your phone to record the video.\"

Without thinking, Ryn handed her phone for Mika to use.

Mika set Ryn's phone and adjusted to her like. Then, she checked the questions she had collected from both accounts.

\"The first question is… in three words, describe our friendship,\" Mika said.

\"Sisterhood, loyal and… dependable?\" Ryn looked back at Mika.

\"Yeah, we sure do depend on each other. You have my back and I have yours,\" Mika nodded. \"For me, it's also loyal, family and…. What is the word should I use?\"

\"Why are you looking at me?\" Ryn chuckled when Mika gave her a look. \"It should be your own word.\"

\"Okay, fine. Loyal, family and love~\"

\"Yeah, I love you,\" Ryn said but ruined the atmosphere by eating another bite of toasted bread. \"Hmm… I love this marmalade. Do you think they sell it here?\"


Ryn chuckled. She cut a small piece of omelette to feed Mika.

\"So, what's the second question?\" Ryn changed the subject.

\"Let see… Why do you think your friendship survives for all these years? Have you ever fought?\" Mika put down her phone and looked at Ryn.

\"The thing about our friendship is that we both just care about our friendship. We don't look at our social status and whatnot. I know that if I have problems, I can go to Ryn and vice versa. As far as I remember we have never fought, right, Ryn?\"

Ryn shook her head. She did not remember any fighting between them. \"We don't even fight because of boys because your fiancé is not my taste. He's so in love with you, I don't think I exist when he's in front of you.\"

Mika grinned widely.

\"Did you know he asked what's my name early this year. I mean… we've known each other for years and you two are childhood sweetheart. He asked my name and my number this year just because he couldn't contact you.\"

\"Well…\" her cheeks reddened but still looked at the camera, \"Jason, babe, I love you. I wish you were here but I know you are still with me, in my heart.\"

Ryn leaned forward and grinned, \"Both of these kids are so lovey-dopey, you'll get diabetics just watching them.\"

\"We're not that bad,\" Mika cried.

\"Fine. Next question, please, before our Mika turned into a bright red tomato,\" Ryn winked.

\"Alright, for the last question because both of us need to move for the set. Hmm… Based on what I've seen, Ryn is quite close to your family and it seems like there is a history behind it. Is it just pure friendship or…\"

Ryn almost choked when she heard the question. She looked at Mika but Mika was giving her an innocent look. This clearly was a trick from Mika.

\"Are you sure it's a question from your viewers?\" Ryn asked as she took Mika's phone and checked it.

Mika hid a smile when Ryn scowled at her phone. The question was real. In fact, she received a lot of this kind of question during the rumour between Jeremy and Jennifer especially when Jennifer dropped Ryn's name as the third person in the relationship. She wanted to make it clear that Ryn and Jeremy were childhood sweetheart as well. Ryn never be the third person of any relationship.

\"So, what's your answer? I think you should answer this.\"

Ryn paused. She handed the phone back slowly. Then, she looked into the camera.

\"Do I need to be honest?\" Ryn asked.

\"Of course. This is the point of Q&A session,\" Mika replied.

Ryn blew out a heavy sigh. Was she ready for this?


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