Tell Me Again, My Love
253 Blacklisting her name
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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253 Blacklisting her name

Mika looked at Ryn, waiting for Ryn's answer.

Ryn cleared her throat again. She was trying to find a way to avoid this but knew by looking at Mika's expectant look, she had to answer the question.

\"As you all know I've been friends with Mika since young. We've been friends since school… since around… when we're twelve years old…\" Ryn paused. She looked at Mika for help but Mika just grinned.

Ryn sighed again.

\"I… I don't think we should talk about what happened in the past. Past is the past. It's a part of our history…\"

\"My goodness, Ryn, how long are you going to mumble around this?\" Mika asked with a chuckle. She saw how desperate Ryn was to avoid answering this question. Until now she was confused with Ryn's stubbornness to hide her relationship history with Jeremy. Was it too embarrassing to tell the world about their history? And Ryn was still thinking whether she wanted to accept Jeremy back or not and the feeling was more toward accepting back but too stubborn to acknowledge her own feeling?

Ryn groaned as she covered her face. Why was Mika forcing her to answer this? This was not a question about their friendship but toward her relationship with Jeremy, which she refused to talk about. For her, this was her privacy and she was not used talking about things she found private. Too private to be exactly.

\"Would you like me to answer the question?\" Mika asked finally when she saw Ryn still not opening her mouth to answer it.

\"I'm a bit worried for you answer, honestly,\" Ryn replied back with a heavy sigh.

\"Why? I won't lie because you are here with me,\" Mika grumbled with a teasing glare.

Ryn blew out a sigh. \"Oh my God, this is so hard.\"

\"Not that hard,\" Mika murmured under her breath.

\"Fine. Jeremy and I had a history when we were in school. It was a puppy love but now we're just friends. The end. No more talking about this. No more.\"

Mika handed Ryn's drink as a support. Then, she hugged Ryn, stroking her back gently, \"Now, is that so hard?\"

\"I hate you,\" Ryn murmured.

\"No, you're not. The one you hate is my brother, remember. You love me.\"


Mika ended the session and pulled Ryn with her up to their room. Ryn was still unhappy after answering the question and Mika tried her hard to coax Ryn.

\"Come on, Ryn. It's just a question. Even if you answer the question, nothing will change,\" Mika coaxed.

Ryn took a deep breath to calm down. It was clear the question gave so much impact to her mental condition.

Mika looked for something in the small refrigerator. She took out a bottle of milk and poured it into a glass. Then, she brought it to Ryn who was sitting on the couch. She handed the cold drink to Ryn and rubbed her back gently.

\"Are you feeling better?\" she asked once Ryn out down the bottle.


\"Is it time for us to leave. Jack is already waiting.\"

Mika had to pull Ryn toward the door with another hand holding her magic box. Although she wanted to give more time for Ryn to calm down but the thought of making the devil Jack waiting for them gave a shiver to her body.

They must not make the devil angry.


Jason kept his phone in the pocket and listened to his assistant's report about the projects his father put him in charge with.

\"And Sir, the woman called Ella Cheng came again this morning,\" his assistant reported awkwardly.

Jason turned to look at his assistant, cocking an eyebrow. She came again? Such guts. Such a thick-skinned woman.

He thought yesterday he showed her what he thought of her. Trying to work here using mother? And she expected to go straight to an important position like a manager? In her dream. If she wanted to work here, she should do it like others, by applying and going through the interview. But no. Not Ella Cheng. For her, the interview was not her style and being the niece of his parents, she should get the highest position under him.

Last night he was being nagged by his lovely and sweet mother. Apparently Ella went to talk about her 'suffer' to her mother and her mother then went to talk about this with his mother.

\"She has no qualification for the position she's eyeing at,\" he replied and looked at his father for help, \"Father, you know how important each position in the company and if we give it to someone who can't do the job, who is going to be blamed if she made a wrong decision especially regarding a very important project. You can't expect me to help watching her all the time. I have my own projects to watch over and I can't just stay with her the whole time.\"

Of course, his father agreed with him. Even though he loved his wife so much but he had to think of a big picture. This was the company he spent all his sweat and money on. He did not want the company he inherit from his father and grandfather went to the slump just because of regret and guilt.

In the end, his mother had to accept that the company cannot accept Ella without her proving herself first. And she told her little sister about it. She could not do anything to help her niece. She tried. But of course, her little sister and niece could not take this quietly.

Hence, today, Ella came again to create havoc. She could not believe that she was rejected just like that. Had Jason gone crazy?

She crossed her arms and glared at the poor securities. She tried to get into the building, to meet Jason. But, she was stopped by these two burly men. She told them she was the niece of their boss, the cousin of their Young Master. And most importantly, she was their future Young Mistress.

When she told them with her hands on her hips and her eyes looked down on them, they just blinked their eyes before laughed out loud.

\"Young lady, maybe you should go to the hospital,\" one of them said.

\"Yeah. You should check your brain. Maybe you hit your head somewhere on the way here,\" another added.

\"Future Young Mistress? Has she gone mad in her crazed mind? Young Master will get married to Miss Long in half a year. Everyone knows that\" the first security had to wipe a tear from laughter.

\"She must be from another planet.\"

Ella's face darkened seeing their reaction. They thought she was crazy? They were the ones crazy. They and their whole families were crazy. Not her.

She let out a loud frustrated growl before stormed away. Later, you just wait, I will come back and fire all of you. How dare you embarrassing me in front of everyone!

She was walking furiously when something the security said hit her mind. She stopped and frowned.

Jason would get married in half a year time? Why wasn't she been told about this? Who was this Miss Long?

She took out her phone and searched for Miss Long. In just a second a lot of websites and images popped out. All about Mika's brands; Full Moon and Eclipse. Also about her YouTube channel. There were even interviews conducted with Mika.

Ella's eyes widened as she read some of the pages about Mika. Her heart pounded when she learned who this rival of love was. She remembered now... Jason did say something about fiancee when they first met and when they were in the club but she thought he was making stuff up. He was trying to blindside her.

Crazy. This was not what she had in mind when she started to search about this Miss Long. How could she go against a successful businesswoman like Miss Long?

Her shaking finger tapped the YouTube channel. It opened to the video of Jason proposing to Mika.

Ella's face turned even paler as she watched every moment. It was clear, from what she was seeing, Jason, her future husband, was head over heels over this Miss Long.

She did not accept this. Ella Cheng refused to accept that her future husband was having an affair with another woman. That cheap woman!

She must do something to kick that cheap woman out of his life! She would not let anyone ruined her wedding dream!

No one!


Jason walked toward the exit with his assistant following behind. They were on their way to visit the site.

\"Sir?\" the assistant asked when Jason suddenly stopped and turned around toward the receptionist.

Jason held up his hand and smiled at the ladies working at the counter.

\"The woman who claimed to know me came again?\" he asked them with a smile on his handsome face.

\"Yes, sir. The securities just managed to block her out,\" one of the receptionists replied. She tried not to smile too brightly even though her heart was melting at the sight of the handsome boss. Why was he taken so quickly? But then again, where would she put her husband if Young Master was still single and available.

\"Good.\" Jason gestured his assistant to approach and the woman obeyed. \"Make a memo blacklist her from entering this premise.\"

Everyone's eyes rounded at the calm order. Blacklist? No one was ever blacklisted before and Young Master just gave the order?

\"Paste it all over the entrance and I want everyone to know. Whoever helps bringing her inside will get punished,\" Jason added.

\"Yes, Sir. I will make the memo by today,\" his assistant answered quickly.

\"Good. Let's go. We can't let those people waiting for us,\" Jason rubbed his hands and walked back to the car waiting outside.

Everyone there just watched their Young Master left. They were still taken back with the brutal order.


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