Tell Me Again, My Love
255 I miss you so much
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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255 I miss you so much

\"Good… *yawn*… good morning,\" Mika mumbled sleepily at the camera. She was still wrapped in a blanket and in fact, was still on the bed. Her face was not swollen but still looked sleepy as she just woke up.

But she was alone. Her 'partner' was not with her on this bed.

Ryn was in fact in the bathroom, having her hot shower. Truthfully Mika had no idea how her sleepyhead best friend could wake up so early almost every day during their stay here. Every time she woke up, she would find Ryn who was in the middle of getting ready or busy making a cup of coffee or in the middle of sipping it while wrapped in a thick sweater.

She turned around so she could lie on her back. Ahh… that's better. She felt more comfortable now. Her phone was lifted up so the viewers could see her lying position. She blinked her eyes and yawned again.

\"Yesterday we've wrapped up the filming for the latest collection of Eclipse and I can promise you that it would look beautiful and so furious? I can't find the correct word but oh God, Ryn looked beautiful. She was full of charisma until some of us thought the character she was taking real. Of course, these two days I was also checking the quality of the make-up brand Ryn and I are going to launch pretty soon. And in the end, I am impressed with the result.\"

\"Are you recording after waking up, Mika?\" Ryn asked in confused when the moment she leaving the bathroom in a bathrobe, fresh from her hot shower, she saw her dearest best friend talking with her phone. It would not be with Jason, she thought, because of the time difference and Mika did say Jason was busy with projects.

Mika would not disturb Jason when he was so busy.

\"Why are you taking a shower so early in the morning? Isn't it so cold?\" Mika complained when Ryn took the phone from her hand and switched it off after saying \"Alright, folks. Goodbye.\"

\"I'm hungry,\" replied Ryn as she headed straight to the coffee machine for her morning fuel.

\"But a shower every single morning?\" Mika whined. She pulled the thick blanket around her, only revealing her small face while another part of her body was buried underneath the blanket.

\"It opens my eyes wider,\" Ryn replied as a huge smile curled on her face. She loved listening to the coffee machine producing the fragrant drink. It filled the room and it filled her nose. She took a deep breath and sighed in pleasure.

\"Stop moaning. I'll think I'm watching you having sex or something,\" Mika groaned as she threw a pillow toward Ryn.

\"Mika!\" her eyes widened at the teasing words. She grabbed the pillow and threw it back to Mika.

\"What?\" Mika giggled. She threw the pillow playfully toward Ryn.

\"I don't joke about things you do privately with Jason,\" Ryn muttered.

\"Well, Jeremy is my brother. I can tease him as much as I want,\" Mika shrugged.

\"But he's not here. I am here,\" Ryn pointed out.

\"Yeah, you're here, not him,\" Mika grinned happily. She pulled the blanket around herself more tightly before she reached for the fluffy slippers and skipped toward Ryn. She threw herself onto Ryn playfully.

\"My coffee,\" Ryn cried and managed not to spill even a drop. She quickly put the mug onto the coffee table without dropping the happy Mika.

\"You're heavy, Mika. Ergh…\" Ryn groaned but it only made Mika's wiggle more vigorously.

\"Get off me, please. I need my coffee and you need to brush your teeth,\" Ryn groaned again.

\"I'm not that smelly,\" Mika cupped Ryn's face and blew her breath at Ryn.


Laughing, Mika jumped onto her feet and rushed into the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. She would not take a shower. It was too damn cold for any shower, either cold and hot shower.

Ryn shook her head at her playful friend. She reached for the mug and continued sipping her hot coffee. She closed her eyes and sighed in pleasure.

Nothing could beat having hot coffee every morning.

Not even the activity she used to do with… him.

She shook her head quickly. Better not start thinking about that or she would start doubting herself again. She determined not to let the wall around her heartbreak again but it was hard day after day. Growing up with her, he knew her inside and out. And he knew what made her melt and weak.

And it was hard.

Hence, nowadays she kept making herself busy so she would not have the time thinking about him or spending time with him. She tried not to give a chance for them to meet. And most importantly, she did not want to spend time with him alone.

She pulled her long legs so they folded close to her knees. She wrapped her hands around the mug and sighed on her knees.

It took Mika about ten minutes to leave the bathroom and went straight to the coffee machine for her morning drink.

\"Ooh…\" Mika sighed happily once she had the first sip.

\"As I am your best friend and a good friend at that, I won't comment about the noise you made,\" Ryn suddenly spoke full of dignity.

Mika who was still drinking the coffee while leaning against the counter paused and looked at Ryn who was still sitting on the couch. Mika cocked an eyebrow before slowly a smile curled on her lips.

\"Well, I am the naughty student while you're the nerd albeit the hippy happy-go-lucky student.\"

\"Maybe we should redo the question about how we maintain our friendship with our contrast personality,\" Ryn murmured almost absent-mindedly.

Mika grinned. She had no plan to redo the Q&A session. She knew Ryn was trying to skip the question about her relationship with Jeremy. And she would not allow that. She was determined to announce to everyone that Ryn belonged to Jeremy. In the past, present and in the future. Ryn would be her true sister and that's that.

Ryn did not say another word, just watching her best friend putting fresh clothes and a thick fluffy sweater. She grabbed her own phone and Mika's and followed Mika out of the room. Before leaving, she made sure she took the key and ensure the door was locked tightly.

\"Why can't we take the room service?\" Mika whined.

\"Why do we want to waste money when breakfast has already prepared for us?\" Ryn retorted. Mika could not drop her 'rich girl' persona. She should learn that being thrift was good. The economy was unstable anyway so they should learn to save more money.

Mika wiggled her nose but did not reply. She knew regardless of what she said, Ryn was firm in her believed. Nope. Why should she argue when she would lose anyway?

They reached the restaurant. Ryn, being the unofficial leader of the duo, handed the voucher to the waiter waiting at the entrance. Then, she led Mika into the interior. Her eyes glanced seeing which empty table they could take but instead of putting the mark on the table, Ryn immediately made a beeline toward the food. Well, to be exact, toward the coffee counter.

She poured a cup and poured a generous amount of sugar and cream. Then, she went to the smoothie station to order a smoothie of strawberry, watermelon and apple. Although she hated vegetables, she loved fruits.

When Mika finally sat with her bowl of salad and a small plate of pasta, her phone rang. Her eyes widened seeing Jason's name popped up.

\"Hello, love,\" she cooed, pushing her food to the side.

\"Hey, love. Are you having breakfast now?\" he asked, sounding so excited to finally hear her voice.

\"Hmm… we're at the restaurant,\" she reported without any prompt.

\"I hope you're enjoying your stay there but babe, I miss you desperately,\" Jason said slowly.

She sighed happily hearing his words. She missed him too but she did not want to disturb him when he was busy. Besides, their wedding was getting closer and she did not want to let the pressure overcome her. By being far from her love, she managed to take a step back and take a deep breath to calm herself. Besides, spending time with Ryn was relaxing. She had a lot of video ideas to work with Ryn. Jason and her? For her, their relationship was more private and she wanted to keep it mostly to herself.

\"I miss you too,\" her finger drew circles on the table, her lips curled into a dreamy smile.

\"Then when are you going to return? Come back, please? I can book a private plane for you and Ryn,\" he said hurriedly, longing to pull her into his arms and kissed her repeatedly all over.

\"Oh, baby,\" Mika sighed.

Ryn cocked an eyebrow when she returned with two plates full of food and saw her best friend drawing doodle on the surface of the table. She put down her food and made a face at Mika, silently asking her who she was talking to.

\"Jason, baby, I don't want to disturb you from your work.\"

\"You're not disturbing me. No way. Who says that?\" he asked hurriedly.

She giggled. Of course, no one would dare to say that. Well, not in front of her, anyway. She reached for the fork but put it down. She sipped her green juice, ignoring the chuckle from Ryn who was amused seeing her acting like a teenager besotted with her first crush. Well, Jason was her first and only boyfriend and now a fiance and soon to be her husband. Of course, she still had butterfly in her stomach whenever she met him or talked with him. He was such a sweetheart and a lovable man.

\"When are you returning, baby? I miss you so much,\" he moaned again when she did not give any name. He would, of course, search this mysterious person and that person should be praying he would not find him/her. No one could say a bad thing about his Mika. No one.

\"In two more days, baby. Ryn and I are going to spend our time here skiing.\"

\"So I'll be seeing you in three days? That's too long, baby, too long,\" he groaned.

\"Won't this separation makes our love burning hotter, love?\" she asked with her small voice.

\"Who said that?\" he cannot believe she would be lied again by those evil people. Why did she learn this kind of thing?

She giggled.


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