Tell Me Again, My Love
256 Who was this S?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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256 Who was this S?

It was late evening when Mika and Ryn returned to the hotel. The others including Jack had returned back to China. Ryn and Mika planned to stay for these three days for a short holiday.

\"I can't believe you fell down, oh Ryn, that was so hilarious,\" Mika choked out, still laughing.

\"Zip that mouth. It's already in the past. Besides, how on earth I would know that kid would walk in front of me suddenly.\"

\"But you can always avoid him by stopping, not hitting him and then rolling down furthermore. Luckily that man caught you,\" Mika laughed even more, even wiping the tears because she had been laughing so hard, she even cried.

Ryn rolled her eyes. Her butts still in pain. Her ego? It was thrown straight into the bin. Luckily for her, no one else witnessed this other than that man who saved her, the kid whom she hit and the kid's family.

Oh my God, why didn't she just stop instead of panicking and hit the poor boy?

They waited at the elevator with Mika still teasing Ryn. They did not notice a man was watching them with interest in his eyes.

\"Oh stop it, Mika. I've learned my mistake and tomorrow I believe I won't be that clumsy like today,\" Ryn groaned, covering her face.

\"Fine.\" Mika finally took pity of Ryn and stopped. She wrapped her arms around Ryn and sighed. \"I'm so happy today, Ryn, so happy.\"


They entered the small space and Ryn pushed the button for their floor. It was not a tall building but enough to accommodate everyone. And of course, Mika took the largest, well, the second largest room. She tried to get the presidential room but someone else was faster than her. Ryn just accepted whatever room was set up for her. She was used with all sort of room. As long as there was a small bar, a bed and a nicely worked air-conditioner or whatever that provided comfortable room, she would gladly take it.

Ryn jumped onto the bed once they reached their room. She was worn out from the excitement and the skiing. All she could think of was sleeping. She just wanted to sleep.

Mika giggled. She just skipped to the coffee machine and looked for hot chocolate in the huge crystal bowl. She found the orange chocolate and put it into the machine. She placed a mug under it and waited for the machine to work its magic. Then, she sipped it happily. Her body was warm up after spending hours outside 'playing'.

Ryn had a half an hour nap and woke up naturally. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and blinked at Mika who was busy editing her video. It was another look of Mika which Ryn was used to when they were young. Mika, despite her playfulness, was quite serious when she was working. For Mika, play is play and work/study is that. There is no such thing as playing while working.

Ryn pushed the blanket that covering her and went to the bathroom. Then, once she was done, she approached Mika.

\"You've awakened?\" Mika asked.

\"Hmm… how many videos you've been working on?\" Ryn asked. She looked at the crystal bowl and chose hot cocoa. A pure simple hot chocolate.

\"Three? I've done one,\" Mika replied.

\"When did you record the third video?\" Ryn asked with a frown. From what she remembered, Mika only recorded two videos.

\"Err…\" Mika rubbed her nape sheepishly.

\"Mika,\" Ryn cocked an eyebrow. Somehow she had a bad feeling about this.

\"Yes?\" Mika blinked her eyes innocently.

\"I don't like the way you look right now… no… I mean, I don't like the way you are behaving right now,\" Ryn muttered.

\"He… he…he…\" Mika giggled. Her eyes ran from looking at Ryn. She focussed on the laptop she rested on the wooden tray on her laps.

Ryn shook her head in desperation. Wasn't it so obvious?

\"I just hope you won't make me too… weird and… *sigh* I hope you understand what I mean,\" Ryn sighed and went to sit on the edge of the bed. Her hand automatically searched for the remote control. \"What time are we going for dinner?\"

\"I'd called for room service. Two steaks for you,\" Mika replied without running her eyes from the screen.

\"Thanks, babe.\"

Once she found the channel she liked, she dropped the remote control. Then, she hugged the pillow as her eyes glued on the television. It was an old cartoon. An old Disney cartoon. Sleeping Beauty.

Mika just grinned behind the screen. Her right hand was busy editing the video with her ears were plugged with the earphone. She preferred not to use the earphone but with Ryn in the same room, she did not want the chance for her best friend to know what she was working on. Well, she did not want Ryn to know which scene she chose for the final work.

\"You forgot your chocolate,\" Mika murmured absent-mindedly after a few minutes.

But there was no reply from Ryn.

Mika took out her earphone and leaned to the side, only to see her best friend was already sleeping while hugging a pillow. Mika chuckled. She stood up and went into the bathroom. Her bladder almost exploded. She was just walking back toward her laptop, only to stop and head toward the door when the bell rang.

Mika adjusted her sweater before she opened the door. She was expected to see a man with a trolley of food. But instead, a bouquet of big plump red roses popped to her sight.

\"For Miss… Ryn?\" the man who brought the roses said.

\"For Ryn?\" Mika repeated, her brows almost touched as she frowned at him.

\"Can you sign here?\" he asked.

Mika signed it automatically. Well, she was so used with Jason buying her flowers but this time… but wait a minute, where did the man found roses?

 Maybe it was from Jeremy. Mika took the flowers and thanked the man. Once she closed the door, she looked for a card, just to make sure it was from Jeremy, her brother.

Her face changed when all she read was \"Another ski exercise tomorrow? Love, S\"

Who the heck was this S? Another ski exercise? What did this person mean by this?

They only spent their time together, just the two of them. They were never separated. Even when Ryn fell down, Mika was right next to her, recording and laughing her heart out. And the most important was, who the heck was this S? A man? A female? A… kid?

Mika's eyes widened. They did meet some people while skiing but none of them seems to put much attention to any of them.

Mika was still pondering over this when the bell rang again. She looked at the flowers, then at the door. With a heavy sigh, she put the flowers on the coffee table. While she was walking toward the door, she glanced at her best friend.

Ryn was still 'watching' the cartoon peacefully. The remote control was kicked off from the bed. Mika guessed all the skiing and the tumbling drained all of Ryn's energy.

Mika opened the door again and this time a waiter from the restaurant downstairs was smiling at him with a trolley of food next to him.

Mika could not help from sighing in relief. She could not take it if another bouquet of flowers arrived from a stranger. She could not think who that stranger was.

She welcomed him in and he asked where to put the food once he saw the coffee table was filled with items including the bouquet of flowers. Mika quickly gathered everything and put them on the couch.

The waiter arranged the food nicely and then smiled at Mika.

\"Wait for a second,\" Mika said. She went to get her small clutch on the side of the bed. Then, she returned with one of her credit cards.

The waiter used a machine to process the payment. Then, he handed the card back to her with a thank you and a smile. He pushed the trolley out of the room and closed the door politely.

Mika wiped her forehead. She did not even notice how sweaty she was after receiving the flowers. She blew out another sigh and rolled her shoulders. Then, she walked to the sleeping Ryn.

How peaceful she was while sleeping, unaware the chaos happening right now. Another question that was burdening her was what Jeremy would say if he knew about this and whether she should tell him about the secret admirer. She was stuck.

The face of worried Mika welcomed Ryn when she opened her eyes for the third time today. She blinked and without thinking reached her hands out to pinch Mika's cheeks.

\"Aww… so cute,\" Ryn mumbled. Then, she turned and continued her sleep.

Mika who was pinched finally 'woke up' from her thought. She quickly shook Ryn's body to wake her up again.

\"What? I'm tired,\" Ryn mumbled, pulling the blanket even tighter but Mika insisted for her to open her eyes wide. With a groan under her breath, Ryn finally sat up and looked at her best friend with a pout.

\"There is a bouquet of flowers for you,\" Mika said.

\"Wha… what?\" Ryn thought she was still dreaming so she pinched Mika's cheek again just to make sure.

\"Aww… it's not a dream. Here, let me take it for you,\" Mika jumped to her feet and went to fetch the roses. She took out the card and showed it to Ryn.

\"Who the heck is this S?\" Ryn asked immediately.

\"How do I know?\"

Both shared a puzzled look.  Who was this S?


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