Tell Me Again, My Love
257 Another bouquet of flowers
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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257 Another bouquet of flowers

The next day Ryn and Mika prepared for another session of happiness aka skiing. The question they kept asking and then promptly forgotten did not pop into their mind today. Their mind was full of more skiing, even Ryn who hated spending money.

Mika again helped Ryn with the equipment, laughing when Ryn mumbling about how troublesome it was putting these on, wasting her skiing time. Mika took no time to put on her equipment.

Mika adjusted the GoPro on her head before pushed the sticks to move down the slope. Ryn followed behind, carefully so she would not fall again.

Mika made a beautiful stop once they reached the bottom. She turned and looked for her best friend. She laughed seeing Ryn finally managed to stop without falling this time. The excitement made her so giddy, she pulled Ryn quickly toward the lift to bring them up the top again.

They were having so much fun they did not even realize there was a man kept following them. For those who did not know, would think that these three were a trio.

The man was smiling when he saw how loud Ryn was laughing. He grinned. Who was this Ryn? So beautiful. He did not think she came from a wealthy family. He knew almost all socialite, especially from the Eastern.

He had never seen her before.


When they headed back to the hotel, he followed behind like a good professional stalker as he was. He grinned all the time, enjoying the sight of Ryn talking with her partner. He knew both of these women were only friends, not lovers. They acted like friends, not as a couple.

Once he saw both of them entering the elevator, he took out his phone and called someone. Then, he went to the counter with a devilish smile.

\"Yes, sir, how can I help you?\" the woman who was in charged smiled at him warmly.

\"I want a bouquet of red and white roses in a beautiful bouquet and send to this room,\" he wrote the number of the room. Unknown to Ryn and Mika, he actually followed them to their room and even sent the first bouquet of rose yesterday.

The receptionist smiled and asked the price range he had in mind. He named a number and handed his credit card for her to process.

Meanwhile, Mika and Ryn who just reached their room made a beeline to the bathroom. They stopped at the door and had a quick game to determine who should use the bathroom first. Mika won and quickly entered.

Ryn groaned and started to pace right and left, right and left while waiting. Her bladder was killing her and Mika, her dearest Mika took her time in the bathroom.

\"Hurry up, Mika,\" Ryn cried.

\"Almost done,\" Mika cried back from inside.

Ryn zoomed into the bathroom once the door was opened. She did not say anything, not even closing the door. That was how desperate she was to use the bathroom.

Mika pursed her lips a bit and helped to close the door.

Once Ryn was done using the bathroom, she found Mika was busy transporting the video she recorded using GoPro into her laptop. She cocked an eyebrow but did not say anything. Since Mika started her YouTube channel, she was always busy with video editing whenever she had time. It was weird but somehow Ryn was starting to accept it.

Ryn walked to her, seeing how Mika was doing. Then, she made a u-turn to change her clothes.

\"Aren't you going to put anything on your face?\" Mika asked but her eyes were on the screen. She noticed Ryn was preparing herself to sleep and it seemed like a real sleep for her Sleeping Beauty. Ryn did say she wanted to skip her dinner.

\"Are you sure you want to sleep?\" Mika asked when Ryn did not answer about the facial routine.

\"Hmm…\" Ryn yawned and wrapped herself with the thick blanket. Her eyes were closing quickly as the sleepiness took over her mind.

Mika shook her head. She continued her editing. She no longer had the mood to tease her sleepy friends. The video she took today was quite long and she needed a lot of time to produce an exciting video.

While she was busy editing the video oblivious with the time she just spent but yet not finished, the bell rang. At first, Mika tried to ignore it, thinking it was just her own imagination, but when the bell rang again with a man calling from outside, claiming room service.

Sighing heavily, Mika stopped her work and stood up. She pulled herself to walk toward the door, thinking the reason behind this 'visit'.

She opened the door, preparing to ask a question, only to blink seeing a bouquet of roses popped to her sight.

What the…


Jeremy crossed his legs and cocked an eyebrow.

The men who were in the room gulped. They looked at each other.

\"Remind me again why you hold your position?\" Jeremy asked quietly.

Sweat wet their shirt as they gulped again. Why of all the days they had, the Young Master chose today to have an emergency meeting? They did not have the time to prepare documents to cover up their weakness and mistake.

They were desperate to defend their work but none of the excuses was accepted by this Young Master. They cursed him silently but did not show what they felt inside. Their body shook in worry, afraid what would happen to their position.

\"I believe I gave you enough time to salvage your wrong but it seems like you take me as a fool. Are you thinking that I'm young enough to be your son hence you're not taking serious about what I said?\" he stared.

None dared to say anything.

He scowled at every one of them. This was not even the first chance but the second. He gave them the second chance to correct back their mistakes but their ego was so high, nothing could stop them from being stubbornly refused to admit their mistake and continue making them.

He talked about this attitude with his father. His father told him to do what is best for the company. His father no longer interested in 'solving' the problem and told him as the one who would take over everything, Jeremy should start solving the problems occur in the company the way he wanted.

Hence, today he decided to have this meeting to check the progress of the projects. He also did look around about each department behind these managers.

So far, what he learned was not to his liking. Making use of the company's name to take a bribe, using the position to bully others. Some even participated in illegal activities by using his status in the company!

What was wrong in their head? Greed and lust took over their brain?

And despite his busy schedule, he even contacted the one in charge to deal with those dealing with the illegal activities before it could bring the company down. The company's reputation was in stake and he would not compromise with the company his father and grandfather sacrificed a lot to bring to its status now. He would not let them down.

And unknown to them, the authorities were already working on the case, checking the documents in the department.

A knock on the door made the managers shocked. They looked at the Young Master, wondering who dared to interrupt the meeting.

Jeremy just nodded at Jacob and the personal assistant stood up to open the door. Instead of letting the intruder came in, Jacob stepped outside to talk with them.

The managers shared a questioning look but still not dare to say anything. They quickly lowered down their head when Jeremy looked at them without another word.

It felt like hours but only three minutes passed when the door was opened again. Came in Jacob with four men in uniform and four men in suit.

The managers were taken back with the new arrivals. They looked at Jeremy, waiting for him to scold these men for coming in the middle of the meeting. But it seemed like Jeremy did not even notice these men.

\"Young… Master?\" one of the managers choked out, no longer could hold his patience.

Jeremy closed the file he was looking at with a scowl. He was so furious with these old men. Their ego clouded their decision skill and it almost brought the company down.

He stood up and went to the men. To the shock of the managers, Jeremy shook their hand and said \"Gentlemen, I'll hand these to you. Thank you for coming.\"

One of the men acted as the leader of both teams. He thanked Jeremy and then nodded at his team. They quickly went to the managers they were in charge of.

\"What… what are you doing?\" one manager asked when one of the men stopped at him and asked him to leave with them.

Jeremy just gave a look at Jacob before he left the meeting room. He no longer had the mood to stay here.

\"Call the PR team. We need to produce the media release ASAP,\" he told Jacob on the way to his office.

\"Yes, sir.\"

\"Also process the letter and memo for the people I've chosen to replace them. I want to meet them in ten minutes. The meeting with the PR team in half an hour,\" Jeremy said before he entered his office.

Jacob went to his own desk to call them. He also made quick work for a memo and letters for the people who were automatically got promoted after today. Today was a busy day for him.


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