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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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259 Hmph

Jason was sleeping peacefully when his phone rang. Without opening his eyes, his hand moved around to search for the ringing phone.

After five minutes and the silence and ringing back from the phone, he finally found it. Without looking at it, his finger slid on the screen to stop it from ringing again. Then, he finally lifted his head slowly.

His head felt like it was pounding by a group of elephants dancing the waltz in a salsa song. It was hurting so much, he wanted to pound his head to the wall. No wonder he hated drinking a lot of alcohol (3 glasses of beer).

It took him another half an hour before he found the energy to wake up. He made quick work of washing up and putting on clean clothes. He did not feel hungry at all. His stomach was feeling so weird but it was not a number two.

He walked down slowly, still rubbing his head. He did not even have the mood to smile.

He was on the middle of the stairs when his head snapped. Without warning, he turned around and rushed upstairs.

He was even running to his room, only to grab his phone and car key (he took the nearest key he could grab from the bowl full of car keys).

He did not even greet his parents as he rushed outside. His heart was pounding so hard he swore he could hear it beating loudly.

\"Jason, where are you going?\" his mother cried when her 'good afternoon' was not replied by her dearest son.

She frowned and looked at the two women sitting on the couch next to her. It seemed like her little sister and niece liked coming here and she seemed unable to block them from coming and telling her about Ella's plan. Today they were actually planning to pull her to go to the city or the harbour to find a cruise company to rent.

Ella glanced at the way Jason leaving, biting her lower lip in frustration. Second time. She came here for the second day but this time Jason did not even glance at her. Not even a slight glance. Her hands at the side of her dress gripped her hands angrily.

Jason did not hear the cry from his mother. His mind was full of worry. Was he late? Hopefully not.

He rushed to the row of cars and glanced at the key in his hand. He recognized the car it belonged to and quickly headed that way as he pressed the button to unlock it.

Before the driver of the family came to check what happened and helped the Young Master, Jason has already started the engine and drove the car away. The driver could only watch the car disappearing toward the main road. The Young Master seemed to be rushing outside nervously. What could be the reason? Hmm…

But then again, he was just a worker here so why should he break his head thinking over it. He shrugged it off and continued washing the car belonged to the Madam. Madam told him via the butler to do so right in front of the entrance, which was a bit weird but who was he to argue about it?

Jason kept glancing at the clock. The hand gripping on the steering wheel tightened as he tried to calm himself. Hopefully, no, he prayed hard that the flight was delayed.

He was supposed to leave for the airport half an hour ago, already setting the clock on his phone to wake him up an hour before. But his plan was not working when he spent the half-hour and more sleeping instead of preparing himself to look good in front of his fiancée. His heart pounded. Even his forehead was glistening with sweat. He was worried when the flight arrived and she saw him nowhere welcoming her, her feeling would be hurt. He promised to pick her up but…

\"Don't worry. Flights are always late. They're always delayed,\" he told himself, consoling himself to stay positive.

He did not even have the time to buy her a beautiful bouquet of white roses!

He reached the airport in record time. He knew he was collecting tickets with how fast he was driving but he did not care. The only thing he cared about was her, his Mika. He just wanted to meet her. It felt like forever since the last time they met.

He missed her desperately.

Talking with her via phone was not as good as talking with her face to face. He could not touch her cheek, hold her hand, hugging her small waist, kissing her honey lips and do whatever his mind wanted to her body. He missed her so much he kept counting the time for them to be reunited.

And today was the day for them to meet.

He parked the car rather crookedly and rushed into the huge area. His eyes ran everywhere and finally found the way to the arrival gate. He glanced at his watch and his face paled.

Would he have the time to arrive before she did?


\"There it is,\" Mika pointed at the huge pink bag on the black rolling belt.

Ryn quickly took the bag she pointed to and put it on the trolley. Then, her eyes looked for her own 'newly bought' bag. Luckily Mika had the mind to put a lot of keychain and bag tags on it in order for them to be able to recognize it easily.

\"Over there,\" Mika pointed. Her eyes narrowed at the familiar black with colourful things stuck to the zip.

\"I saw it,\" Ryn announced and quickly went to retrieve the bag. Silently she reminded herself why she hated bringing a huge bag when travelling and prefer to bring her backpack with her in the flight.

Once they found all the bags (Mika brought two bags with her), they went through the immigration station before walking through the arrival gate.

\"Where is he?\" this time Mika was looking for a person instead of an item. Her eyes narrowed as she looked for her fiancé.

\"Why don't you call him?\" Ryn asked. She reached for her own phone to switch it on. During the journey, she did not even switch on her phone once she switched it off before the departure. Her eyes widened seeing so many messages and most from her mother.

\"I need to take a call,\" she told Mika and walked to the side.

Mika did not notice her. Mika's mind was on her fiancé. Where was Jason?

Her face turned red. She crossed her arms with a hmph. He did not come to pick her up!

\"My mom did not answer the call,\" Ryn frowned when she returned to Mika. She then noticed the look on her best friend's face. \"Hey, what's wrong?\"

\"He's not here,\" Mika muttered.

\"Who?\" Ryn who was still thinking about the reason behind so many messages from her mother did not remember about Jason who was supposed to pick them up.


\"Ah… okay, I remember,\" Ryn said then noticed the coldness coming from her best friend. She lifted her head and looked at her sulking friend.

\"Hey, don't get mad for such a small matter. We can always take a taxi or I can call Mei Li to pick us up,\" Ryn said, coaxing Mika as she patted Mika's shoulder.

Mika hmphed again, still sulking.

Ryn shook her head in disbelief. This small matter could make this woman sulking. No wonder she got stressed so easily.

\"Let's go to Starbucks. I need coffee,\" she said, pulling Mika toward it while pushing the trolley full with bags.

Mika wanted to say no but Ryn insisted. Despite her slim body, Ryn was quite a strong woman and Mika was such a petite woman. She had to follow her best friend reluctantly.

All she wanted to be was throwing tantrum right there and then!

Ryn just headed toward the café with Mika, too exhausted to let her best friend did whatever she wanted. Besides, she did not care who came to pick them up. She needed her caffeine right now before she could even let her brain started to work.

\"Why don't you call him instead of being angry at him?\" Ryn asked finally after she sipped her hot Americano. Although she wanted to drink her usual frappuccino however she felt so cold, she needed something to warm her body.

Slowly Mika reached for her phone to do just that. She was not done throwing tantrum but Ryn did not even let her do whatever she wanted. She was a bit worried Ryn would lose her temper and refused to meet her ever again.

She did not have to wait long when on the first ring Jason quickly answered her call. She tried to hide her smile but Ryn caught it. She quickly ran her eyes from looking at the smiling Ryn. Hmph.

\"Baby, I've arrived at the airport. Where are you?\" Jason asked worriedly, his eyes looking around wildly.

\"Starbucks,\" she wanted so much to scold him but hearing the worry in his voice made the anger disappear quickly.

\"I'll be right there. Don't go anywhere. Remember, don't go anywhere.\"

\"Are you feeling better now?\" Ryn asked calmly once Mika disconnected the call.

\"Hmph,\" Mika crossed her arms but Ryn could see the blush on her face. Ryn grinned knowingly.


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