Tell Me Again, My Love
260 Who can help replacing her in the show? 1
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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260 Who can help replacing her in the show? 1

Ryn looked out of the window, trying not to look at the front. It was a long time coming for the engaged couple. Being separated for days felt like years for them.

Hence, the loving couple was exchanging sweet words and stealing kisses without any care who was watching them aka Ryn who was sitting behind.

Ryn uncrossed and crossed back her legs. Maybe it was a bad idea to follow this couple home.

\"Do you want to go home or follow me to the mansion?\" Mika asked suddenly.


Ryn did not try to call her mother again. She decided to call her once she reached home. She was worried, yes, but she also felt if it was an emergency, her mother would at least tell her by message when she could not contact her.

Maybe Jason was missing Mika too much until the car was slower than usual as if he was trying to prolong the time both of them together, even ignoring the honk coming from the drivers behind them.

It took them twice longer before the car stopped right in front of Ryn's apartment. Jason helped taking out the huge luggage for Ryn while the best friends hugging each other tightly.

\"Call me tomorrow,\" Mika reminded.

\"Yes… yes…\" Ryn murmured and pulled herself from the embrace. Then, she took the luggage Jason pulled toward the elevator and waved again at her best friend. She pressed the button and waited until the door slid open before she pulled the bag into the small area.

\"Let's go, babe. We should go home. Your mother must be missing you so much,\" Jason rested his hand on Mika's slim waist and pulled her slightly toward the car.

Mika let him do that, even let him helping to put the seat belt around her before gifted him a kiss on the lips.

\"Let's go home. I'm tired,\" she murmured and closed her eyes drowsily.

Jason stole another kiss on her hand before changed the gear and drove the car away. His mind was busy thinking about how to make the family agree for him to spend the time at the house with Mika. Even just to accompany her sleeping.

Ryn, on the other hand, pulled her heavy bag out of the elevator, heading to her own house. She was tired from the long flight and all she could think of was sleeping.

But first…

Once she dropped the bag at the door after she locked back the door, she took out her phone and looked for her mother's number.

She waited for several rings until finally, her mother answered the call.

\"Hello, mother?\"

\"Ryn darling, finally.\"

Ryn sat on the couch and rested her head on her hand. Her heart pounded.

\"What's wrong, mother? I found quite a lot of messages from you but I could understand nothing,\" Ryn asked hurriedly.

\"Oh, nothing. Your father and I are missing you,\" her mother laughed.

Ryn frowned. Despite the laughter, Ryn could feel something wrong in her voice.



\"Is there anything wrong? Don't hide anything from me,\" Ryn asked.

Her mother sighed a bit.

\"Mother, please.\"

Her mother mumbled something under her breath but Ryn could not hear even a word.


\"Fine. Your father was admitted to the hospital yesterday.\"

Ryn's face changed.

\"What? Why?\"

\"The doctor said his blood pressure was too high. It must be because of the stress from his work,\" her mother said.

\"How is he now, mother? Is he still in the hospital?\"

\"He's already at home, resting,\" her mother replied.

\"I'll go home tomorrow, is it okay for you?\" without thinking, Ryn decided to go to her parents. It has been months since they last met and truthfully, she missed them desperately. They were supposed to be away for three months, selling whatever caught their interest at the moment and then returned home. Who could guess her parents decided to stay at the countryside for so long and did not even have the plan to return and live with their only daughter like they should.

\"Oh, you don't have to. Your father is okay now. I've increased his vegetables intake and of course, have made him my special tofu cupcake to make him feel better,\" her mother said hurriedly.

\"Oh, mom,\" Ryn rubbed her temple. She had no doubt her father regretted getting sick when he was presented with the cupcakes.

\"Don't you worry, dear. We are all okay here,\" her mother insisted.

\"Are you sure, mother? You're not lying to me?\" Ryn asked worriedly.

\"It's okay. Don't worry too much. If anything I will inform you quickly. Don't you worry, dear. Focus on your study and your work,\" her mother said firmly.

Although Ryn tried to make her mother agreed for her to return but her mother did not change her mind at all. After half an hour talking, Ryn finally disconnected the call and went to her room. She laid her body on the bed and sighed heavily.

She was worried. Her parents, both her mother and father rarely got sick so when she heard about her father having high blood pressure, of course, she would get worried. Besides, she was worried that her parents would try to solve it themselves first until when they did not know what to do then they would go to see the specialist.

It took her another half an hour to make a decision. Although it was a quite drastic decision for her especially when she had another work to do tomorrow but her heart was uneasy at the thought of her father's condition.

She quickly packed her backpack, just enough for three days, throwing the dirty clothes into the basket. Then, she reached her phone again.

\"Hello, Mei Li,\" she called once the call connected to her manager.

\"Ryn? What's up? You've arrived? Aren't you going to sleep? Or are you still at the airport and need me to pick you up?\" Question upon question was asked by her puzzled manager, making Ryn smiled slightly.

\"Mei Li.\"

\"Are you okay?\" somehow Mei Li could feel something wrong when Ryn simply called her name.

Ryn sighed. How could she explain her decision without making Mei Li worried?

\"About tomorrow…\" Ryn started.

\"The filming of 'A Day In My Busy Life' at the studio?\" Mei Li was informed with the schedule. In fact, she was the one scheduling the shooting for tomorrow's night as it was the only day she could squeeze in between Ryn's busy days.

\"Yes, that one.\"

\"What about it? Are you going alone?\"

Ryn took a deep breath to calm herself. It was important for her to stay calm in order for Mei Li not to freak out.


\"I have an emergency,\" Ryn said shortly.

\"You… you can't come?\"

\"I need to go back to my parents. It's an emergency.\"

\"Are your parents okay?\" Mei Li did not focus on the schedule anymore but on Ryn's parents' health.

\"Dad had high blood pressure so I want to check on him. I'm worried mom will start giving him weird food she thought good for his health.\"

\"How many days do you need to go?\" Mei Li asked, already taking out her planner for Ryn.

\"Right now I plan to go for three days but then again, I'm not sure yet,\" Ryn sighed.

\"So… what do you suggest for tomorrow. It's quite an abrupt decision not to go,\" Mei Li asked carefully. She was trying not to tell the production they could not come. This was the first time Ryn participated in a show and she was hoping it would be the first step for this girl into the entertainment world. She planned to make Ryn a regular in the show, which was quite rare but she was optimistic Ryn could make it. Especially after the producer asked her about Ryn's favourite of steak. And she told him a little bit of Ryn's ability to eat.

\"I'll ask Mika to help me,\" Ryn decided. She believed Mika would help her asking Jeremy to replace her. Being an artist would not make it weird for him to go there. Oh, she hoped he would agree.

\"Mika?\" Mei Li choked out.

\"I'll ask her to ask Jeremy to replace me. If anything I will inform you back, okay?\" Ryn asked worriedly. Her decision was a bit 'crazy' but hopefully, it would go well.

Mei Li quickly checked the other models' schedule, just in case she needed to ask help from the other models to replace Ryn. But then again, remembering how Jeremy was so anxious for Ryn to accept him back, he would do anything for her, even representing her in a show.

Then, she saw Harry's profile. Her eyes narrowed. Harry was quite close to Ryn so he might help her if she asked, right?


Ryn quickly called Mika once she finished talking with Mei Li. She waited for several minutes but still no answer from Mika. She frowned and checked her time. It was just an hour or two after Jason and Mika sent her. Err… had she interrupted anything?

Ryn cancelled her plan to call Mika. She took a deep breath before called Jeremy instead. It would be better not to use a middle (wo)man to help her. She should just ask him directly.

She did that after five minutes. She wasted five minutes just to gather her courage and postponed her trip to her parents.

Compared to the ringing accompanying her for several minutes, Jeremy answered her call almost immediately.

\"Hello, Ryn?\"

She gulped nervously.


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