Tell Me Again, My Love
261 Who can help replacing her in the show? 2
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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261 Who can help replacing her in the show? 2

Jeremy could not hold his nervousness and excitement when he saw her name on the screen. She called him! She called him on the day she returned from abroad!

It was obvious he was in her mind and heart all this time. And if only she could just stop being so stubborn and just accepted him.

\"Hello, Ryn?\"

She did not answer. He grinned. She must be nervous calling him all of a sudden.

\"What's wrong, Ryn? Do you miss me like I miss you?\" he asked with twinkled in his eyes.

\"Err…\" Ryn was speechless when he asked her suddenly with that teasing voice of his.

\"I love you and I miss you,\" he turned his chair so he would be facing the huge window of his office. He was in the middle of checking a tall collection of files from both companies. He was actually gathering his temper for some files but this call actually made the anger away.

Ryn was a cooling medicine to his temper.

\"Jeremy… stop…\" she choked out. Her heart was pounding hard just listening to his sexy voice. How could he make her feel this way just by talking in the phone?


\"Actually, I'm calling because I need your help,\" she said slowly, praying hard he would not stop her before she could ask him.

\"What do you need, my love? You know I'll do anything for you. We can even get married now if you want,\" he asked huskily. The smile never left his face.

\"Jeremy, please…\"


\"I need your help.\"

\"What do you need?\"

\"Dad…\" she paused. \"I need to go to my parents. Dad… he is diagnosed with high blood pressure and I need… I need to see him…\"

\"How is uncle now?\" there was no more tease or huskiness in his voice. He sounded calm and serious.

\"Mom said he's okay but… I don't know. I'm not sure…\"

\"I'll come pick you up and send you home,\" Jeremy decided. He ignored the files on his table and stood up.

\"No… no… no… that's not the reason why I call you. I need you to help me going to a show tomorrow's night. The 'A Day In My Busy Life' show…\" Ryn said hurriedly.

\"A show?\" Jeremy frowned. It took him several seconds to remember the show Ryn participated weeks ago. It seemed like it was finally ready to be shown in the television.

\"Yes. I couldn't go in the last minute so I hope you can help to replace me tomorrow,\" she asked… no, pleaded him to agree.

\"Why don't you just postpone it?\" he asked, unwilling to do it. He could do anything for her but to do that, he was a bit… well, if she asked him to accompany her, maybe he would be more than willing to do so but… watching, commenting and doing it without her. No. He did not want to.

\"It's a sudden decision. I'm worried about my dad and I don't think I can focus during the shooting. Please, help me,\" Ryn begged.

\"I'll get you back in ten minutes, okay?\" without waiting for Ryn's answer, Jeremy disconnected the call and called Mika.

However, just like Ryn, his call was not answered.

Jeremy frowned but did not try again. He simply called Jason, having the feeling his little sister was with her own fiancée. And there was a possibility for her to be asleep in Jason's arms. And compared to Mika who was tired from the journey, Jason would answer the call if the phone rang.

And he was right. Jason answered at the second ring.

\"Is Mika with you?\" Jeremy asked without any greeting.


\"Get her to the phone. I need to speak with her now,\" Jeremy did not even care how awkward Jason was.

\"But…. She's deep in her sleep. I don't want to disturb her sleep,\" Jason said slowly. He knew he had to speak carefully so that Jeremy did not get angry at him.

\"Just wake her up. I need to speak with her now. It's important,\" Jeremy said firmly. Who cared about his sister's feeling? Ryn's feeling was more important.



Jason gulped.

\"Wake her up now. I need to talk with her,\" Jeremy said firmly.

He could hear mumble from the other side and ignored it. He knew Jason was waking Mika up when he could hear a feminine voice from that side. He glanced at his clock and frowned. Time was getting away and Ryn was waiting for his decision.

\"Hello?\" Mika's voice was husky from sleepiness Jeremy had doubt she was even waking up completely.

\"I want you to help Ryn by attending the show,\" he said.

\"Hmm… what show?\" Mika asked, rubbing her sleepy eyes as she leaned into Jason's embrace. She lifted up her head a bit and pursed her lips expectedly.

Jason obeyed and gave her a quick kiss on her lips.

\"Focus, Mika. I want you to go to the shooting of 'A Day In My Busy Life' tomorrow's night. Ryn and I had something to do and we cannot postpone it,\" Jeremy said with not a hint of accepting 'no' from Mika.

\"Why?\" Mika cried. Ryn did not say anything when they were still together earlier. \"Is something wrong with Ryn?\"

\"Nothing is wrong with Ryn,\" Jeremy denied quickly.


\"Mika, stop questioning me. Just do what I told you to do,\" he muttered.

\"Okay, fine. But I want to bring something for the crews so they won't get mad at me and Ryn.\"

\"Just buy whatever you need for everyone. It's on me,\" Jeremy said.

\"So what should I say if they ask?\" Mika asked.

\"Just say Ryn has an emergency to attend to and cannot come. Just whatever as long as they don't blame Ryn.\"

\"Hmm… I got it. I'll contact Mei Li to ask the exact time to go,\" Mika yawned loudly.

\"Remember, Mika. Don't you dare to forget about it,\" he reminded.

\"Yes… yes…\" Mika mumbled with her heavy eyes closing.

\"Give the phone to Jason,\" Jeremy ordered.

\"Why?\" Mika asked sleepily.

\"Just give it to him,\" he raised his voice a bit, his temper flared at her questions. Why couldn't she just give the stupid phone to her fiancé instead of asking the question?

\"Shh… it's okay…\" Jason pressed a kiss on top of Mika's head to soothe her wounded feeling after being scolded by Jeremy. Then, he took the phone from her hand. \"Hello, Jeremy. What is it? And stop scolding Mika.\"

\"And you stop defending her or she won't learn her mistake,\" Jeremy snarled.

\"Right now I'm deciding whether to talk with you or spend the time with my lovely fiancée,\" Jason muttered.

\"Fine. I'm sorry for raising my voice at the two of you. Are you satisfied now?\"

\"Hmm… just barely,\" Jason pressed another kiss at the sulking Mika. It was his job to be her knight in armour. And he would do a good job defending her.

\"Fine. Tell her I'd let you two borrow my countryside house at Switzerland. But it must be after I bring Ryn there,\" Jeremy reminded after the promise.

\"Hmm… we will find time for that. Maybe we will go there for our honeymoon,\" Jason said without thinking.

Mika lifted up her head and looked at Jason wonderingly, thinking the location Jason meant for their honeymoon. So far they planned to spend their honeymoon at the beach. It might be at the island or anywhere there is a beach.

Her hand touched Jason's cheek silently asking him where he was planning to bring them for the honeymoon, only for her fiancé to bring one finger into his mouth and sucked it playfully. Her cheeks went red almost immediately.

Even though they had been together for years, she still felt shy whenever they 'showed' their love. And this shyness made Jason fell in love with her even more. He just could not picture being without her and the days they were separated spent with him counting the moment they would reunite back.

\"Listen, Jason. I'm not sure whether Mika would remember in her condition right now and I hope you will. Mika will help Ryn tomorrow's night by going to the screening of her episode in 'A Day In MY Busy Life'. I will talk with Mei Li about the schedule and she will contact Mika for the next instruction. Also, tomorrow please help Mika buying something for the crews. Everything is on me.\"

\"Hmm… okay… Mika is going to the station. Mika and I will go shopping tomorrow with your card,\" Jason rubbed Mika's hair gently.

\"Not my card. I'm going to the countryside with Ryn for these few days so I need you to watch over my little sister,\" Jeremy said.

\"How many days will you two be away? Does it mean Mika have to cover for you in the company?\" Jason frowned. He hated seeing her under stress.

Jeremy sighed heavily. Of course, he did not want his little sister to be under too much pressure with her depression still under observation from the specialist. But Ryn needed him.

What should he do now?

\"Jeremy?\" Jason wanted to know about who was going to take the responsibility for the companies.


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