Tell Me Again, My Love
263 His private time
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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263 His private time

Along the way, both of them did not speak a word. He did try but she did not answer all the questions he asked, pretending to be asleep or just looking out of the window with a frown on her face.

Hence, he could only play a selection of songs, the songs he chose just for her. The car was then filled with romantic and soothing songs.

They were just entering the main road when Jeremy suddenly took a turn to the right. He did not say anything about their destination or why they detoured from the way to the countryside where her parents lived.

\"Where are we going?\" she asked finally, could not hold her patience anymore.

\"Can't you see what right in front?\" he nudged toward the front, at the tall signboard.

Ryn narrowed her eyes and shook her head in disbelief. How could she be so stupid asking a stupid question when the answer was so clearly right in front of her eyes?

He chuckled when he saw her reaction. He guessed she realized why he made a turn.

\"Coffee for you too or you want chocolate?\" he asked as they got closer to the drive-through of Starbucks.

\"Iced cappuccino? The biggest one,\" she replied but her eyes were busy staring at the menu for the food. She did not even realize how starving she was. She rubbed her growling stomach sadly.

He chuckled to see her like that. Without she even told him what she wanted, he started to order food, a lot of food for the both of them. Of course, it was only for their lunch. They would stop again for tea and dinner if they hadn't arrived at her parents' place.

Her eyes lit up when she heard his order. Of course, she did not have to say anything because he knew everything about her. He knew what she liked and what she disliked. She rubbed her hands in anticipation.

He handed the paper bags full of food to Ryn after he put their drinks at the drink slots. He smiled watching her impatiently opening one of the bags and took out a packet of cheesy sausages.

She stabbed one with a wooden skewer and opened her mouth to eat it. But before the food went through her mouth, she stopped and looked at him silently.

\"What's wrong? Why didn't you eat?\" he asked when he noticed her look.

\"Here, take the first bite,\" she said and tried to feed him.

He smiled and opened his mouth for her. His heart was blooming happily seeing her care of him. See, he knew she was still worried about his health and wellbeing. Just a little bit more before she would accept him back.

She took the second bite, forgetting the fact that they were sharing the same food and they were 'sharing a kiss'. But he did not. He could not stop smiling all the way, happy to see she did not mind at all.

Just a little bit more. All he could do right now was being patience.

It took her no time 'sharing' the food with Jeremy. Although she was devouring the food happily, she did not forget to feed him once in a while. She even helped to make sure the straw was rightfully at his lips whenever she felt he was thirsty or after he finished chewing and needed to drink. He did not even have to ask her.

Hence, he was so happy during the journey he even prayed they would never reach the destination. Of course, as the time passing by, their journey almost come to an end. But before that, they made another stop for another meal. This time they did not eat in the car but the premise instead.

He led the way and chose a table quite inside the restaurant, away from everyone. He put on a cap to disguise himself, which Ryn felt weird. With his height and his handsome face, nothing could block others from recognizing him.

It was useless.

Luckily for them, there was not many people enjoying the food there. So only the waiter who served them and a few more recognized him.

They were so excited but managed to control it. The woman who took their order tried not to stumble. Her eyes glowed so bright and the smile on her face, if she could she would smile from ear to ear. But she couldn't because of the botox she had during the short holiday with her best friends. So only her eyes showed her feeling. Nothing else moved.

Ryn tried hard to hide the shiver when she saw the waiter's face. The waiter looked just like a doll, a creepy doll.

Jeremy, being a guy, did not notice it at all. His focus was on the food. Driving such a long way really made him hungry. He only chose two for himself and waited for Ryn to finish ordering what she wanted. Of course, the amount she requested was double than Jeremy with nary of bunny food.

The waiter tried to pull Jeremy into a conversation with her but Jeremy smiled and apologized with the waiter gently. He explained that it was his private time and wished for them to respect it.

And he promised to take a photo with them, which make them feel better and leave the ex-couple alone. Instead of laughing at the misery Jeremy, Ryn just looked at her phone, frowning.

There was a message from Harry asking her whether she had returned. Without thinking, she replied back the message.

Soon enough her phone rang. It was a call from Harry.

\"Excuse me,\" Ryn said as she stood up and went to the door, planning to take the call.

Jeremy just watched her leaving silently, thinking who the caller was. He frowned. Even if it was from her parents, surely she would just talk here by his side instead of going outside to answer.

He watched her walking to their table, frowning. Their food just arrived but he did not start eating yet. He was waiting for her to eat their meal together.

\"Smells so good,\" she sighed heavily as she put her phone on the table and sat down. She took a sip of her iced carrot juice with extra milk in it and reached for a set of chopsticks.

\"Let me help you,\" he said as he helped cutting the steaks while she checked the gravy from another bowl. Apart from steak, she also chose a prawn dish to replace the vegetable dish. She also chose omelette which he helped cutting into smaller pieces.

It was clear how he was doting on her, even to the eyes of the restaurant workers. They were watching the ex-couple, wondering who the woman was.

Ryn ate happily, letting Jeremy to help cut her dishes into pieces easy to eat. They did not speak at all and once they were done, Jeremy went to pay for the meal. Of course, Ryn had to wait for Jeremy to be done taking pictures with his 'fans'. And he also asked them to keep the news him eating there for a few days at least and they all agreed.

\"Are you feeling full? Do you want to buy snacks?\" he asked once they got into the car.

She frowned. They were not far from her parents' house and she heard there was a small store selling delicious and cute snacks.

\"Where do you want to go? We need to buy fruits for your parents. I'll choose,\" he said, as he pulled the safety belt for her.

Again, the doting treatment but Ryn did not feel anything wrong with it because she was used with him treating her like this.

He drove the car again, following the instruction from the GPS. Of course, before they reached her parents' house, he would stop at a shop to buy souvenirs for her parents. It was just the right courtesy for him as their future son-in-law.

He grinned at his own thought.

Because it was an abrupt decision to come here with Ryn, he did not manage to buy anything for his future in-laws. Of course, if he planned this before, he would bring ginseng and bird nest. Although her parents were the hippy side but he had no doubt they still eat these.

They spent another hour in the car before they stopped again. This time Ryn told him she was too tired to get out and just do whatever he wanted. He chuckled and rubbed her hair tenderly. Then, he adjusted the air-conditioner and closed the door, leaving the engine still on. He walked into the small shop and smiled at the elder woman greeting him once he entered it.

\"I want to buy fruits in a basket,\" he told the woman politely.

\"For someone special?  My daughter also sells flowers next door,\" the woman said with a smile.

\"Ah… I'll go there later. Can you gather delicious fruits in a basket? And tie a ribbon too,\" he said. Then, he looked at the shop next door and smiled at the younger woman who was busy arranging flowers in buckets.

\"Excuse me,\" he called.

\"Yes?\" the woman lifted up her head and her jaw dropped seeing who was in her shop.

He grinned as he took off his cap. He realized it was pointless for him to try hiding himself. At the time like right now, he envied Ryn who was still enjoying her anonymous. How he wished he could be like her.

It took him almost half an hour to return back to the car with a basket of fruits and a bouquet of flowers. Of course, the flowers were for Ryn and the fruits were for her parents. He felt weird not buying anything for her when he was trying to win her heart again.

He tried to open the door after he put the basket on the roof of his car. But it was locked. His face changed. He looked inside through the window and saw Ryn deep in her sleep, undisturbed from the sound of him trying to open the door. He knocked the door for a few times but failed. He tried to call her but there was no movement from inside.

She slept like a pig. A cute pig.


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