Tell Me Again, My Love
266 How many steaks can a model eat for a day?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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266 How many steaks can a model eat for a day?

Jeremy sat on the chair while Ryn and her father entered the room to see the doctor. He crossed his arms and whistled a bit, happy seeing the duo. They were so close and kept bickering like children. He enjoyed seeing their interaction.

"Ex… excuse me…"

He lifted his head and looked at two girls. They were trying not to squeal when they saw his face clearly. They were right.

This was Jeremy, their idol, Jeremy Long!

"Yes?" Jeremy asked with a smile. He could guess the reason behind the interruption. They must be his fans.

"Are… are you Jeremy?" the second girl asked, her eyes shone brightly.

He smiled. He was right.

"Yes. Do you want to take a picture with me?" Jeremy asked.

"Really? You don't mind?" their eyes could not shine even brighter when their own idol wanted to take pictures with them.

Jeremy took off his cap and adjusted his hair. Then, he stood up and went to them with a smile.

The girls quickly took pictures with him. They were so excited to meet face-to-face with their idol.

"Hey, can I ask a favour from both of you?" he asked with his eyes twinkled.

"Anything. Anything you want," the girls cried happily. The still could not believe their luck. They came to the hospital to visit their friends but when on the way to the café, they bumped into Jeremy.

"Hmm… can you hold the pictures for several days before you post to your social media? I don't want the reporters to come running here and ruining my off days, please?" he gave them puppy-eyes look.

"Of course… of course… how many do you want us to keep this?" they asked.

"Until… this Saturday? Don't tell your friends too. Let this be our secret until Saturday?" he asked with a wink.

Their cheeks reddened to receive the wink from him. So handsome. So devilish. So… so Jeremy.

"Do you… do you have any plan for a new single?" one of them asked hurriedly.

"The group is preparing for tour. It's around the end of the year if I'm not mistaken."

"Really? You're not lying? A concert?" they cried. Their eyes widened with excitement. They could go to a concert of their favourite artist."

"Of course. I won't lie to my Little Angels," he winked again. "Will you two be coming to the concert to see me… I mean… us?"

"Of course. We will come."

"And…. You two are the first to know about the tour so… if you want to tell this to your friends, can you wait until Saturday too?"

"Of course. You can believe in us. We, your Little Angels, will do whatever you want."

They waved as they walked toward the café. They were unwilling to leave their idol but they could not hold their hunger anymore and even their idol, Jeremy, told them not to risk their health because of him.

Hence, they had to leave him and walked toward the café. They turned their head to look at him a few times and saw him sitting back on the chair. They looked at each other and nodded. They would go and buy a pack of sandwich and a carton of milk for their idol. And in order for them to meet him again, they agreed to buy the same for them. They would eat quickly and then rushed back to meet him.

"Are you done?" Jeremy asked once the door in front of him was opened and both Ryn and her father walked through it. Ryn was glaring at her father while her father was pouting unhappily.

"Hmm…" Ryn replied shortly, still glaring at her sulking father. She could not believe how much her father and mother lied to her.

"Then, do you want me to retrieve the medicine? Is there any prescription? Or do we need to buy in the pharmacy?" he asked.

"You two wait at the car. I will go get the medicine. And father, don't run away," Ryn gave a warning look at her father.

"Let's go, uncle," with a chuckle, Jeremy pulled her father toward the exit. He knew the older man who complained about the abuse he received from his daughter.

And truthfully, Jeremy was happy to hear everything and anything about Ryn. He wanted to know more about Ryn in order to woo her to his side.

Both the men walked to the parking lot and Jeremy even started the engine so the elder man would feel comfortable.

He looked through his phone and played a jazz music to fill in the time.

And waited.

And he did not have to wait long before he heard the elder man grumbling under his breath.

"Yes, uncle?" Jeremy asked with a grin.

"Do you know that young lady dares to scold me in front of the doctor?" Ryn's father scowled at the thought of his daughter scolding him in front of the elder doctor after the doctor explained about his health.

Of course, he was not as healthy as a young man. He was almost 58 years old. Of course, there would be a sickness or two but it was not that dangerous. He still maintained his healthy life. He ate whatever his wife fed him and did a little bit of exercise by gardening around their house if they were not out doing their job.

"She's worried about you. She loves you and Aunty," Jeremy said before frowned. He did say the same thing before, didn't he? A deja vu?

"Hmph… You're too blind with love to see how ridiculous she is. She doesn't even care I am her father," he said.

"I do know her bad parts, uncle, and that's what makes me love her more," Jeremy said with a grin.

"You can even utter those gross words. I guess you are an idol," the elder man muttered as he shuddered. He even got goosebumps hearing those mushy words.

"It's not because I am an idol, uncle. I love her since we were still young and I always speak that way with her. You can ask her and yeah, Mika if you don't believe me," Jeremy replied without ashamed. When working in the company he was serious, firm and has a poker face, just like his little sister. But when with Ryn, he showed his loves through his words and actions.

His friends did comment about this, even teasing him when they heard him confessing his love at her without ashamed. But they did help him when he was in puzzle choosing gift for her. He did not want to ask Mika, his silly sister, because he knew she would ask a second one for herself. Mika was crazy of having the same thing as Ryn and knew Jeremy could pay for it.

They were still chatting, well, more like Jeremy telling her father what he liked in Ryn and wanted the elder man to help winning Ryn's heart when Ryn returned with a bag of medicine.

"Are you done?" Jeremy asked her when she got into the car, this time sitting beside the driver seat.

"I even bought vitamins for him," Ryn murmured as she glared at her father.

Her father replied with a cheeky tongue out from his mouth.

Ryn replied by sticking her tongue out to him as well.

Jeremy chuckled seeing the childish behaviour.


Mika entered the studio once she received the signal. She blinked her eyes and smiled widely when everyone cheered. It was a weird experience as this was the first time she was in a studio for a reality show. She was not here to promote her products but to represent her best friend, Ryn. Once everyone was calmed down, she took the seat provided.

"I say… I thought today's video is about the life of a supermodel. I didn't know you have the time what's with handling your jewellery brand and clothing brand," one of the panels commented.

She knew this woman was popular with her 'spicy' and 'witty' comment and she was prepared for it. Mei Li already briefed her about the panels and what she should expect for today's shooting.

"I am here as Catherine's best friend. First of all, Catherine is truly sorry for unable to come here. She really wants to come but there is an emergency that she couldn't avoid," Mika started.

"Then, can you introduce yourself for our viewers?" another panel asked with a friendly smile.

"Hello, everyone. My name is Mika Long. I am Catherine's best friend," Mika introduced herself shortly.

Everyone was speechless when she did not elaborate more.

Mika rubbed her nape sheepishly. She was used being serious in front of others but only with her family and best friends, she was talkative.

"I… see. Anyway, how about we go straight to watch the clip," the third person, this time a man said quickly with a forced laugh.

Everyone looked at the screen. Mika followed suit, excited to see what Ryn was doing that day. She tried to remember what they did and Mei Li kindly reminded her that it was during the housewarming party at Ryn's house.

"How many steaks can a model eat for a day?" the first panel read the title out loud. Her voice was full of puzzle. This was, in fact, the first weird question they had seen since the series started.

Immediately, every pair of eyes looked at Mika questioningly.

"How many did she eat? Didn't she eat only…." Mika frowned, trying to remember that day but couldn't.

Did she lie to her that day?


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