Tell Me Again, My Love
267 Why don“t you live with me?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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267 Why don“t you live with me?

That night, Jeremy sat on the wooden swing overlooking the garden. His eyes were on the sky, enjoying how bright the stars were, unlike the dark sky he saw in the city. Even at the mansion, it was a bit hard for him to see so many stars just like here.

No wonder her parents loved living here.

There was no rushing in living, no complicated life in here. Everything followed their own pace. Sometimes he even forgot to check the time, unlike when he was at the city. Every time was precious and he sometimes had to handle meeting upon meeting or business lunch or even dinner.

He sighed and closed his eyes, enjoying the fresh air. It made him wished he did not have to return back to the city with the polluted air and noisy living.

But of course, it was just a wish. He knew he could not do what he wanted. On his shoulders were the burden of being the heir of the family.

"Hot cocoa?"

He turned to look at her when her voice broke his thought. He smiled and thanked her for the drink. The hot drink made the chill away.

She sat beside him without asking. She held her own mug of hot cocoa.

"Are you tired?" he asked suddenly. "Why don't you go to sleep?"

She sipped her drink slowly and sighed. She looked up at the sky and smiled.

"I wonder how far those stars are," she murmured.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" he looked up as well.


Both kept quiet, just enjoying the beautiful stars and the fresh air. They stayed there for almost half an hour before Ryn started to yawn.

"It's getting late. Let's go to sleep," he took the empty mug from her hands and stood up. Then, he urged her into the house.

Her parents were long deep in slumber. After they got back from the hospital, her parents went out to their shop despite her cry. Even when they went back home, both were too tired to even talk with Ryn and only ate the dinner and quickly went into their room to sleep. Apparently their usual schedule was simple like that; having their breakfast, going to work, having dinner and lastly going to sleep.

He washed the mugs while Ryn went to brush her teeth. Then, he brushed his teeth once he saw her into her room. He walked to the living room, where it was turned into his 'bedroom' for these few days. There were only two bedrooms here; one for the parents and one for Ryn. That was why the parents were uncomfortable when they saw Jeremy came sending their daughter, but Jeremy assured them he did not mind sleeping in the living room. He even brought his sleeping bag here!

He set his phone for tomorrow's wake up call and adjusted the sleeping bag. Then, he closed his eyes with a smile.

"Good night, Ryn," he murmured and hoped the wind would bring his wish to her in the room.

"Good night, J," Ryn, in the room, murmured as she closed her eyes. She did not hear his wish. But she knew he would wish her goodnight and she did the same.

There was nothing wrong with that, right?


The next morning, Jeremy entered the kitchen at the sound of his Ryn nagging at her parents. Did not know what the topic that made her start her nag but both her parents were giving her a sulking look. There was no sign of meat or egg, unlike yesterday, which brought a frown on Jeremy's handsome face.

Was his Ryn going to eat her greens this morning? Seriously?

"If you two still keep anything from me, I am going to live here forever to watch over you two," Ryn said with a scowl.

"But you do have your job in the city and you… you haven't graduated yet, have you?" her mother pointed out.

"I can simply take my final exam and do my training here. I bet there is a company that can use a trainer like me in their office," Ryn replied.

Jeremy pursed his lips thoughtfully at the news. He narrowed his eyes at Ryn but did not say anything. Training, huh?

"When I'm not around, stop working so hard. Both of you are no longer young and I can support your life." Ryn frowned. "Why don't you just follow me back to the city. I can support our life."

Their face turned paler when they heard her suggestion. They shared a look and quickly looked back at their daughter, "No!"

"I think it's a good idea. Don't you think so, J?" it was like natural for her to ask Jeremy's thought. She looked at him with her big eyes questioningly.

Jeremy cleared his throat and looked at the elder couple. They were giving him a questioning look as well.

Although he was team Ryn all the way, these two were his future in-laws. He had to make sure to get their blessing as well.

He looked at Ryn uneasily. Her Ryn was giving him an expectant look.

Then his phone rang.

Silently he let out a relieved sigh. Saved by the ringing phone.

He excused himself and went to the living room to take the call.

Ryn looked back at her parents. Supposedly right now there would be a crying session because Ryn would return to the city with Jeremy. But no. When she woke up, she went to her parents and saw her father was still complaining about her 'evil' treatment toward him in front of the doctor.

"It's not that I don't respect you. You have to understand. I am so worried about you two. I can't see you as frequent as I like and you're too far away. I miss you so often but I couldn't see you whenever I want," she choked out. She did not want to be a nagging daughter but she was frustrated.

"But we are okay here. You can focus on your work without worry," her mother acted as the spokesperson of the duo and told her.


"Sorry to interrupt your discussion but Ryn, what time are we leaving?" Jeremy suddenly interrupted. The phone was against his chest. It was obvious he was still talking with the person on the other side.

"Erm… in another half an hour? We're going to have our breakfast first," Ryn decided after she checked the time. She could not leave later than that because she planned to meet with Mei Li.

"So I'll see you around five in the evening? Yes, at the Red Dragon Restaurant," Jeremy told the caller as he walked back to the living room. He had to call his assistant after this to book the room at the restaurant.

Ryn sighed as she looked at her parents. Her eyes were wet with tears but she managed not to cry. But then, she sniffed and went to hug her mother.

"I really am worried about you two. Why do you have to stay here instead of at our home? I even prepare the main room for you," she choked out.

"But we love living here. And we know you're relieved not having to eat organic vegetarian food, right? You can eat whatever you want without hearing any nag especially from me. And I know I don't have to worry about your health and safety because you are surrounded with people who love you," her mother said, trying to stay strong for her daughter.


Jeremy paused at the entrance of the kitchen when he saw Ryn in her mother's arms with her father looked uncomfortable. Jeremy hid a smile and went to the living room. He might as well wait for the family of three to settle their feeling.

Even when the four of them were having breakfast, Ryn and her parents were still talking. Ryn did not forget to remind them, especially her father, to eat medicine and vitamins. She also wanted them to go to the clinic or hospital whenever they felt sick. She even said she would increase the money she sent monthly, to the horror of her parents.

Jeremy tried hard to cover his chuckle watching them. He also enjoyed seeing Ryn forcing herself to eat whatever her mother cooked. Despite her hatred toward bunny food, she did swallow whatever her mother put on her plate.

Soon enough, he found himself watching them saying goodbyes. He already said his goodbye after bringing all the bags into the car. He started the engine and adjusted the temperature. Then, he opened the door and went back to them, without closing the door. He put a hand on Ryn's shoulder, signalling her that it was time for them to leave.

Ryn sniffed and let go of her mother. She looked at them with tears in her eyes. When would she meet them again? Her schedule was so full she had no idea when she could come again. Her plan of bringing them back to the city was vetoed by the two of them and they refused to hear any excuse.

The parents waved their hands as the car left them. Then, they turned toward each other and let out a heavy sigh.

"Finally she left," her father murmured.

"Next time remind me not to call her if the sickness is not that serious," her mother said as both walked back into the house.

Poor Ryn did not know her parents were not happy to have their nagging daughter spent the time she could nagging at them instead of them acting like real parents to her.


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