Tell Me Again, My Love
270 Can we consider this our date?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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270 Can we consider this our date?

Ryn watched as Jeremy parked the car for their third break. It was getting late but they were no near the city. He really took his sweet time driving and Ryn lost count how many times she asked him to increase the speed a little bit. It was replied with a whistle from Jeremy and his husky words, "I am so happy today, my love. So happy."

Now they were on their third break because he said he was tired of driving and needed to stretch his long legs. Being someone who could not drive, even though Ryn was a bit frustrated, she had to allow him to do what he wanted. Silently she tried to remember when her driving class started. Oh yes, tomorrow. Her eyes glistered at the thought of finally able to drive.

He grinned when he saw her face. He shut off the engine and got out of the car. Then, he stretched his arms with a loud groan. He walked around the car to open the door for her.

"Why don't we have some rest at that café?" he suggested, pointing at a row of shops not far from them.

She mumbled her agreement, too lazy to argue. His car, his rule.

Jeremy grinned and quickly took her hand in his. It was as if he wanted everyone to know they were now a couple.

As they were walking toward the café he chose, her phone rang. She let her hand go and reached for her phone. The screen showed Harry's name.

"Excuse me," she murmured and tried to make a space between both of them.

Jeremy's face changed. He saw the name and wondered what the kid wanted from his woman. He quickly followed suit, wanting to hear what the boy wanted.


"Hey, Ryn. Are you busy?"

"Not really. Why?" Ryn asked. She tried to avoid Jeremy but this annoying man kept trying to hear her conversation with Harry.

"Ah…. It's like this. I have something to give you. Well, Angel has something to give you. So I'm thinking if we meet tomorrow if it's okay for you?" Harry almost stumbled with his words. He even winced when he realized how desperate he sounded just now.

"Something for me?" Ryn was puzzled. What could it be? It had been weeks since last she saw the eccentric aunt of Harry and could not figure out the thing Angel wanted to give her. All she remembered from Angel was her request to make a chocolate moist cake every single time they met. Had Angel learned to bake and wanted to gift her a chocolate moist cake as a thank you? Naa… it could not be. Angel hated cooking. And baking? She did not even know how to switch on the oven! All she cared about was her painting. Painting was Angel's life.

"Yeah. But without that, I do want to meet you. I want to treat you," Harry said quickly.

"Do you have something to tell me, Harry?" Ryn frowned. She felt something suspicious with the way Harry talking. It was as if the man was nervous. But why?

"Can we talk during lunch?" Harry asked. Maybe it was time for him to confess. It was getting harder to hide his feeling toward her lately and he felt suffocated from hiding it from everyone. Besides, it was time to show his mother and the little sister he has a normal preference. He was not gay!

"Hmm… the day after tomorrow? I do have to go to the agency to update my schedule," Ryn suggested.

"Why don't I pick you up and we can go together to the agency?" Harry suggested. The smile was so bright, if his mother and sister saw it, they would know he was talking with the owner of his heart.

"Okay. Remind me again tomorrow so I won't forget. Bye."

"Bye." Harry did not even mind with her wanting to end their conversation. He was happy to have a date with her.

Now all he could do was to plan the date carefully.

Ryn kept the phone into the pocket and pushed Jeremy's face away. This annoying man almost glued his head to her phone, trying hard to eavesdrop their conversation. She glared.

"What do you think you're doing?" she questioned.

"Are you going to meet him?" he asked. He tried not to control her much, knowing how she hated it. But his jealousy clouded his mind and he could not control himself. She already has him. Why would she want to meet another man?

"He has something to give to me," Ryn replied. She did not care about Harry's feeling. In her mind was full of what the item Angel wanted to give her. It could not be a cake, right?

"But why do you have to have a meal with him?" Jeremy heard clearly about the meal date and he was jealous. So jealous it felt like vinegar filling his whole body and even flowing out.

Ryn sighed. She had no idea why Jeremy being jealous of Harry. They were just friends and colleagues! Why would Jeremy be jealous?

Jeremy pulled her into his arms, burying her face against his broad chest. The cap still covering his face, even the mask helped too. He wished he could take them off so everyone could see but he knew she was not ready yet to announce their relationship.

Take things one at a time, he told himself repeatedly, but seeing her so easily making a date with that green boy, he could no longer hold it. He made a move to take off his cap and mask but as if sensing what was on his mind, she struggled to free herself and stopped him.

"No. Don't, she told him, holding to his hands tightly without breaking their closeness.


"No… not yet… please," she begged. Her big eyes looked into his eyes pleadingly.

He sighed and nodded slightly. He lowered his hands and hugged her even tighter, "What should I do? You want to keep our relationship a secret while I want to announce our relationship to the whole world?"

"I'm not ready… yet. Give me more time, please," she choked out.

"Fine. I'll do what you want," he lowered his head to drop a kiss on her lips. He was glad she let him kiss her now and he made use of the chance, stealing a few more kisses from her.

"I thought we're going to eat," she reminded in between the kisses. Her cheeks reddened, noticing there were people watching them while whispering. Why won't he stop after the first kiss? He was such a… erm…

He finally let her go after he saw her lips swollen. He grinned and pulled back from her. He loved seeing her eyes still had the daze from the kiss. Now, if only she would agree for them to live together. But he knew it was too early to suggest that.

"Let's go," he took her hand and walked toward the café. He ignored the look and whispers from the onlookers, too happy to have her by his side.

She shook her head, trying to gain her wit back. His kisses made her mind blank and she did not like it. He made her went weak. And she did not like it… too. She hated losing control.

He opened the door and let her walk in. Then, he looked around and smiled seeing there was an empty table at the corner of the shop. He pulled her to the counter first to see what the café offered.

Ryn's eyes glittered at the sight of pastries and small pieces of cakes. There was even a rack of buns with assorted fillings and shapes. Her attention was glued to the buns shaped in assorted animals. So cute.

"Take what you want," he told her, acting like a little devil. He told her to take whatever she wanted without worry. So what if she became fat? He had a lot of money to support her if she could no longer become a model. And he could also own her without worry other men would steal her from him. It would be better for her to be fat.

She did not need to wait for his encouragement. She already chose what she wanted. She used a tong to take a panda, a ladybug, a tiger and a goldfish onto the tray Jeremy held. Then, she went to the cake section and chose a slice of tiramisu for herself.

"What do you want, J?" she asked.

He simply took a small cup of mango and chocolate mousse. He was not that hungry. He came to the café to lengthen the time both of them together. And his sweet innocent Ryn did not even guess it when they stopped for the third time.

For drink, Jeremy chose Americano while Ryn chose Mocha. Jeremy quickly paid before Ryn could take out her wallet. She pursed her lips but did not say a word. She would not argue if it could save her money.

He brought her to the table and arranged everything neatly. Then, he put the empty tray aside and took his seat. Instead of eating the dessert, he rested his cheek on his palm and smiled at her roguishly.

"Why are you giving me that look?" she asked. Her hands were already holding the panda bun and tore it into two. The chocolate filling made her eyes shone brightly. She loved chocolate.

"Can we consider this our date?" he asked.

"Wh… what?" she chocked the bun. Her eyes widened.

He quickly handed the drink to her but it was too hot. He looked around and rushed to the counter to get a glass of water.

She sputtered and coughed. The bun stuck to her throat. Tears even filled her eyes as she struggled. Silently she cursed him for speaking without thinking. Jeremy, you're so stupid!


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