Tell Me Again, My Love
271 Tell me again why I love you?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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271 Tell me again why I love you?

Jeremy quickly handed the glass of water to Ryn. He winced receiving the glare but not daring to say anything. He patted her back gently, trying to make her feel better.

"Are you feeling better?" he asked when she no longer made a noise.

She put down the glass and wiped her lips with a paper towel. She turned and glared at him. He was the reason for all of this!

"Why don't I order you a strawberry sundae?" he asked, trying to stop the anger in her toward him. It was not his intention to make her chock from her bun with his question. He really did want this to be their date, well, unofficial date.

"I want chocolate," she mumbled and took the other half of the panda bun and chewed it slowly. She did not want to have another incident!

He smiled watching her no longer angry. He went back to the counter to order her chocolate sundae. He put the sundae right next to the plate of buns and smiled at her. He loved watching her enjoying her food.

He only started eating his mousse when she finished all the buns and the sundae. She turned her attention to her drink. It was getting cool but still delicious.

She rested her head on her hand and looked at the still untouched tiramisu.

"Are you full? Do you want to pack it?" he asked when she did not make a move to eat her cake.

"I wonder if Mika is waiting for us impatiently at home," she said slowly.

"Mika?" he frowned. Why would his Ryn think about his little sister all of a sudden? Ryn should be thinking about him and them! Not about someone else!

"She must be worried. Hmm…" Ryn checked her phone and saw all the missing messages and calls. She frowned. Why didn't she notice all the calls and messages? She checked the time and lifted up her head to look at him.

"You didn't wake me up when you heard the calls," she cried, accusing him. During those times Mika was calling her, she was deep in her sleep. But Jeremy was not sleeping at that time. He was driving the car!

"What calls?" he pretended not to understand what she meant.

She narrowed her eyes suspiciously. But she knew she could not win with this 'argument' when he determined not to own it. She groaned and took her drink. She used the drink to express her frustration.

"Tell me again why I love you?" she murmured.

"Because my heart belongs to you," he answered huskily, his eyes shone romantically as he grasped her hands.

"You…" her cheeks reddened. How could he say that in public?

He grinned.

He put back the mask and adjusted the cap when they were done with their dessert. Then, they headed back to the car hand in hand. He put a pink paper bag full of buns and cakes. Ryn put the drinks in the cup holders; Chocolate Latte for her and another Americano for him.

He started the engine with his lips pursed a bit. He lost the chance to help to put her seatbelt. She was too quick to his taste. He played the radio before changed the gear and drove the car away.

She glanced at him while he was driving.

"Why are you looking at me?" he asked with a grin. He always knew each time she glanced at him. And it made him so happy.

"Nothing," she quickly turned to look away from him. Her face all red.

He did not ask more. Being shy was good. It meant the wall around her heart was getting thinner and thinner. Good. Very good.

Another two hours and the car finally entering the edge of the city. He gripped the steering wheel tighter and glanced at the sleeping Ryn.

During the journey, she did try calling Mika but there was no answer. She tried three times before gave up. She sighed and kept the phone back, mumbling under her breath as she glared at him. He just grinned but did not say much less she got mad at him again.

Then, as she grumbled about Mika calling and messaging her but when Ryn called, did not even answer it, Ryn fell asleep. The journey was a long one and even though Ryn was not on the driver seat, she was getting exhausted just by sitting.

He even lowered the music volume when he noticed her deep in her slumber.

Instead of sending her back to the apartment, well, her apartment, he wanted to bring her back to his apartment. He did not think he could sleep peacefully tonight, worried that it was just a dream.

As the car entering the city, the frequency of the glances he threw at her increased until he could not hold it anymore and reached for her hand.

"Hmm… J?" she woke up slowly when she felt his caress. She blinked her eyes sleepily and tried to stretch her arms but they were too long. She had to make do by stretching her arms by bending them to the back a bit. She yawned loudly and covered it with one hand.

"Wake up, Sleeping Beauty," he took her hand and kissed it gently.

"Hmm… where are we?" she asked sleepily. She looked around, trying to recognize where they were.

"We're close," he said with a smile, turning into the road heading to his apartment without telling her first.

Maybe she was still drowsy, she did not notice their destination. She nodded dumbly and leaned her head against the cold window. She was still sleepy!

He grinned seeing her drifting back into the dreamland. He tried not to whistle and drove even faster toward his home.

The sky was getting darker when they reached the underground parking lot. He parked at his designed place. He did not shut off the engine immediately. Instead, he leaned toward her, enjoying the look on her sleeping face.

She looked so innocent and sweet, without the frown and poker face she always wore lately. He loved this side of her more and he wished he could make her look like this again, even when she was awake.

And he vowed to himself, he would do everything in his power to bring the smile on her face… always.

He kissed her lips gently, waking her up for the second time. Even when she was blinking her eyes, he still had not pulled himself from her, just enjoying dropping light kisses on her lips.

"Hmm… get off me," she grumbled, pushing his face away annoyingly. Why was he so close to her all of a sudden? Where were they anyway? Had they arrived?

"Where are we? Are we at the apartment?" she asked, pushing his head away but he turned his attention to attack her white neck.

"J, what… what are you doing?" she asked breathlessly.

He rubbed his nose with hers, his eyes closed tight. He was breathless himself and he tried not to show how excited he was even though his pants were a tad tight right now.

"I need to… move," she murmured against his lips, telling herself to stay strong.

"Move where? With me?" he asked huskily.

She did not notice what he said, busy telling herself to stay awake… no… no… to stay alert. Something was wrong but her mind was too muddled to realize.

"People wi…will see…" she tried to tell him to stop. She did not want others to see them like this. Not only she wanted to keep their new relationship a secret but… but this PDA was too much to show to everyone. Didn't he have any shame?

Jeremy finally pulled back to sit on his seat. He rubbed the corner of his own lips, grinning devilishly. So delicious, just like how he remembered.

He looked at her still blinking her eyes. He was happy to see her like this. It was clear how much his kisses affecting her. He finally shut off the engine and got out of the car. While she was still clearing her mind from his kisses, he opened the door and offered his hand.

"My lady?" he winked.

Maybe she was still sleepy and maybe she was still dumbfounded from the kisses, she automatically accepted his hand and got out of the car.

He wrapped his arm around her slim waist while another hand clicked the remote to lock the door of the car. Then, he brought her to the entrance and into the elevator, heading straight to his apartment. He grinned seeing her still unaware of their destination.

He could not wait to see the moment she realized where they were. Of course, he would do his best to coax her and then lured her to spend the night here, at his place.

And in order not to be disturbed by anyone, once they entered the residence, he would grab her phone and switch it off. He would switch off his phone too.

He grinned at his plan. She would not be able to resist the temptation aka him, her sweetheart.


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